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  1. Because you have to figure out the perfect moment to activate Armor Lock.
  2. I wonder, if CE had a Doubles playlist, would it be possible to play "online split screen" where you could always see your teammate's screen even when he wasn't playing with you locally? Edit: I agree with whoever brought this idea up first.
  3. I don't blame cheeser players for sound whoring. I blame short sighted devs who think spawn noise is a good thing.
  4. Not this. This. Any asymmetric game type like Invasion or Infection would benefit from playable Elites. Any turn based game types, like 1-Flag or 1-Bomb, could support them too.
  5. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2kyv2a/only_10_to_go_here_are_a_4_free_activation_codes/ H2V activation codes
  6. I would guess that they are aware that H4 was not well received but will insist on "fixing" these new "features" instead of going back to Halo's roots/core and then innovating from there.
  7. I have never heard of replacing the coaxial cables in your house every two years. All I was told when I rewired was that my place had RG5, which was the old standard before broadband internet, and I needed RG6 for optimal performance. Just make sure all connections are tight and there are no sharp bends in the wire.
  8. Forge Switches Good: They exist Bad: You have to lower your weapon to when you use them
  9. If you are buying physical but want to pre install the game plus the patch: http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2kllxu/psa_those_of_you_who_bought_the_physical_theres/
  10. It would be a real missed opportunity because the map line up seems purposely picked for popular custom games. Tower of Power on Ascension and Lockout. Tremors on Coag. Were there any popular games on Warlock, Zanzibar or Sanctuary?
  11. I want someone to forge a half scale Pit for Doubles.
  12. If they wanted us to create a Beaver Creek remake they would have to give us a prefabricated Rocket Arch. It just doesn't work well enought when you try to build it out of smaller rocks.
  13. Shows first piece, "Rock - Flat, Large"...obviously not flat.
  14. I am excited for H2A's improved Forge mode and all the new maps that will come from it.
  15. I would argue that melee is the "dumbest" part of the golden triangle. Players need to account for grenade drop when throwing. Not so with melee. Players need to make sure they have the correct grenade type for the situation equipped. Not so with melee. Players need to know how to bounce grenades around corners. No so with melee. The Golden Triangle is not over simplified or just there to be aesthetically pleasing. It exists to show that even though they are three simple mechanics on their own, as a whole they combine to provide deep meaningful gameplay. If you want to see how gameplay begins breaking down when you over complicate the Golden Triangle, take a look at Destiny's Crucible.
  16. I didn't realize going up levels in MCC would be so easy.
  17. I hope you reported that abuse via pm like a good little waypoint boy. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f9237adeaf1742c09de144d7bf3f7507/topics/abuse-via-pms---rules-queries/75a943cf-1ec1-4298-a089-4f0303620d1c/posts?page=1
  18. Havok is just the physics engine though right, not the full game engine? @@RyanW
  19. I get that it's a Highly Modified™ halo 4 engine but who made the modifications, 343 or CA?
  20. That's what I thought. So 343 build the H2A engine, not Certain Affinity?
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