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  1. Give em a chance, they are great. Their website is currently different than it was just yesterday, it's new and they're still working on it.
  2. I can see why this is getting loved and praised but honesty speaking I was yawning and bored all throughout. I was expecting more of a recap gameplay and results wise on the events themselves rather than the game so that kind of left me disappointed. It's a 'good' angle I guess to go for the emotional stuff of "the game brings people together" and whatnot but it's also extremely cheesy and was boring to me. Maybe if better people were interviewed such as Sundance and Sepso themselves, (that would have been really interesting!) or pro players of different backgrounds, someone from CbN, someone from Str8, some top 16'ers, etc.. Really the only part I found interesting was Puckett's And that guy ^ Anyone knows who the French guy is by the way? He definitely won a follow out of me on Twitter or something haha.
  3. If this was Halo 2 (or Halo 2 Classic) I'd pick The Agency but since this is on the bs Halo 4 reskin, have to go with Optic. And on the two posts above, 343i is supporting ESL, ESL will be in charge of alll the online tournaments, ladders and stuff. Download the ESL app on Xbox One and go to http://play.eslgaming.com/home for more info.
  4. #4 Round 1 1. Burton 2. Myself 3. LOF 5. Mimo Some dude named XLEK couldnt load the map, blame him for the delay lol
  5. I'm done, never giving Bungie another chance. Will not pay for DLC, will not get sequel. Pure trash. I knew it was going to suck, but God damn I wasn't expecting to beat the game in 3 measly sittings. I hate the video game industry so much.. Fuck all the major studios.
  6. Changed my gamertag from By Eiite to RhinoKeys Elite but yeah that's me.
  7. This is fuckin hilarious http://youtu.be/-9zhZ0xvYKM
  8. Halo isn't going anywhere without a league like MLG to promote it and keep the community interested. If leagues back it hard it can maybe get back to the glory days of late Halo 2 early Halo 3 but I doubt it will ever get bigger than that. We were on TV both in the states and in Canada, we had ESPN.. And look where it all went..
  9. Good news. But if it's already sold out, isn't it going to be just a bunch of random Gamescon attendees?
  10. If any to4 wants to play, Rain's lobby is where it's at. @me if it's full.
  11. All of these controllers discussion and the fact that there won't be a original/default button config is seriously making me reconsider my pre-order.. It changes EVERYTHING, especially for players like me who have been clawing since freakin Nintendo 64 and always used default/recon button configs.
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