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  1. This isn't a craft beer but the first time I've seen it around. It is delicious and pretty cheap, less than $8 for a six pack. Recommend giving it a try.
  2. just a stones throw away. feel free to send me a FR
  3. I just can't classify ADTR as a pop punk band. They're just too heavy. I love them but they're no Blink 182. As for being out of the loop the only important information you may have missed is that Blink is working on a new album.
  4. Naptiva had a weekend LAN in 2009 where about 30-40 people crammed inside a 1 bedroom apartment. It was a shit ton of fun. I also went to columbus 2009 which was also pretty sick.
  5. Had one of these last night. One of the best beers I've had and it's brewed in Indianapolis.
  6. Distinctly Usually on mornings from 7-noonish then nights
  7. My skill level wasn't top 32. Even at that time I was honest and could only see myself making it out of the open bracket, at best. The most people I played with were people who had made it out of the open bracket or hung with those who could. Trying to get back into it and learning a lot more than I ever did in the past. When I was playing I was just a run and gun kid had a good BR but never had a smart game. Now I have a terrible shot but my gameplay feels much smarter. Problem I'm running into is the people I did play with either don't play or I have no clue what their gamertag could possibly be 4 years later. So I usually just run the playlist solo, it's pretty boring but good practice.
  8. Destiny beta was sick. Surprisingly my play in that was nothing like the current state of my halo game. I can't even imagine trying to play H4. I played it for about a week before I gave it up and went to 3.
  9. Has anyone else recently started playing Halo again? I quit playing video games right before I went to college in 2010 and I just bought an 360 so I can play H3. I'm so damn bad and it's seriously the most frustrating thing to just have the worst BR and playing habits in general now. Anyone else going through this?
  11. Finally was able to get mine working. If anyone has had problems setting up with virtual box via mac feel free to let me know.
  12. Distinct

    Monitor vs TVs?

    It's all preference. Personally I play better on the my old MLG 22" Viewsonic TV compared to my newer 32" TV. I'm just wanting to upgrade to a newer 1080p monitor.
  13. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm on a mac that I had so much trouble with XBC but I gave Xlink a try and it worked without any effort at all.
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