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  1. Options include: Strafe speed Strafe acceleration Sprint (on/off) Time to max sprint speed Max sprint speed Slide speed Max slide distance Thruster pack recharge duration Thruster pack recharge delay Spartan charge damage Spartan charge knockback Ground pound damage Ground pound fall speed Clamber speed
  2. Nokyard says there wasn't when the community went to 343, but they put in a feature request.
  3. You can make an entire ball pit of space whales.
  4. Here's video of the Halo 4 butterfingers/fumble glitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMcgCBQVIRg 343 is aware of it.
  5. Little known fact: They removed Ricochet from HCS but replaced it with Grifball.
  6. Finish with $12,435. This is going to be one heck of a Grifball booth.
  7. Boom. The Halo community is freakin' awesome. Now we are working on stretch goals for the final 24 hours: A cash prize for the RTX Grifball tournament, more GAEMS cases and consoles at the booth, and Internet access for live-streaming games from RTX. Just 24 hours left!
  8. We're now 2/3rds funded and have raised almost $8000! We have one week left to hit our $11,750 goal. This booth might be the only Halo booth at RTX this year. If you want to support the Halo community, please donate what you can.
  9. GrifballHub has been exhibiting at RTX, the Rooster Teeth convention in Austin, for the past few years. Thanks to successful Kickstarters funded by the Halo community, we raised $4500 in 2013 and $9200 in 2014. This allowed us to have a big 400 square foot booth on the showfloor last year, with 16 Grifball gaming stations. We also hosted the RTX Grifball Championship, with help from Iron Gaming and This year we are aiming even higher. We want to repeat the success we had last year, and also build on it with a cash prize for the tournament. It would be the second time Grifball LAN events had a cash prize, after the $1500 in cash we gave away to the winners of our IG Columbus Grifball tournaments last December. GamesCom is the same time as RTX this year, so it's likely that 343's attention will be focused away from Austin that weekend. Because of that, it's possible that GrifballHub will be on the only pure Halo presence at RTX. Our Kickstarter's been up for less than 24 hours and we're already 25% funded. Donation levels start at $1.00. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions. (And thanks to Cyren for letting me spread the word here!)
  10. We've been streaming Grifball league matches at Twitch.tv/GrifballHub for a few years now. I'm pretty proud of our channel; We've got expert commentary, scoreboards, and instant replay. Our main show is Wednesday Night Grifbrawl, broadcast every week. The pre-game show starts at 8:30, followed by matches at 9:00 and 10:00. From now through May, we'll be streaming matches from our competitive Grifball league, which has a $500 cash prize waiting at the end for our champions. It's a different kind of Halo, but our players take it no less seriously than players who use guns. The last two weeks we were the #1 MCC stream during our broadcast. I'm also one of the reletively few people who stream using a Mac, so if any other Mac users need any tips, feel free to hit me up. If anyone is looking to stream but doesn't have a capture device or solid enough computer, consider using the XB1 app. It works remarkably well. It takes just a few minutes to set up initially, and after that streaming is always just a few button presses away. The XB1 mic audio is also surprisingly good on stream.
  11. Given that the Grifball leagues have been running continuously for eight years through Halo 3, Reach, Halo 4, and MCC and competitive Grifball tournamets are being held with $1000+ cash prizes, I'm looking forward to 343 focusing on the Grifballer's needs in Halo 5.
  12. What do you mean by "stick with the game?" If you're talking about people who are most invested in Halo and its success, I'd argue that Grifballers, lore fans, and others are the most devoted to the series. A Grifballer isn't going to leave for Call of Duty. A Halo lore fan isn't going to jump completely to Destiny. Should 343 focus on their needs the most? (I'm being rhetorical here. I think Halo is at its best when 343 gives every community the tools it wants,)
  13. For a good Twitch chat, it might be a good idea to have a Team Beyond channel /host the Halo channel. Then everyone who wants to have a good chat experience can watch the stream together without spam and idiots.
  14. Half of Halo 3 Forge is still missing, and other bugs impacting the Grifball community: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auEVz6FmmHY
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