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  1. Play Metal Gear Solid through 1-4. Games are magical.
  2. Hey guys! Had an interview recently on HCS Weekly. Would be cool if you guy's checked it out and supported ShyWay's content.
  3. My question is why this is getting changed but H5 ball time stayed at 150 the entire time it was played competitively? Either way, cool that they are listening.
  4. I like it when my gun goes pew pew (preferably in a straight line with no spread)
  5. I think they have been working on the engine a lot instead of actually working on the game for the first two years. I don't think it will be nearly as advanced as H5 but I am not getting my hopes up 100%. (Sorry for the double post LUL)
  6. Just wanted to congratulate @Hard Way on his casting over this weekend in the H1 2v2 Classic. You did a really, REALLY good job my man. Commentary was soothing, you let Ghandi speak and do his thing well and you complimented him and he did the same to you. I think you guys bonded rather well and are a power duo casting wise. @Knighty Knight also did a good job! Was happy with your performance. H1 stream so far has had the best quality which has been surprising. Super excited for H3 this Sunday though, got TOX to win it all after how dominating their series was against GMS. Anyways, congratulations again Zach. Was a standout performance and an excellent showing on the big stage.
  7. They will probably be doing invite only tourneys (hopefully. pls.) until it launches. I will make sure to show 343 Ice Princess' posts on power weapons if I get into the flights and tell them not to do that, ever.
  8. Infinite will be played a lot earlier than 2 years if the 2020 release date is happening. It will be flighted of course as 343 have stated several times. This will in turn provide (hopefully) constructive criticism of what needs to be changed and what is good and should stick. It will of course produce pointless negativity and debate, but some people never change.
  9. The difference between Bungie era and 343 era is that Bungie started with something amazing and ran it into the ground. 343 may have made several mistakes and had some growing pains to say the least, but they (in my opinion) are on the other side of the spectrum. They are definitely on the upwards. You may think I am biased because I have been flown out to several events, spoken to several members of 343 and etc, but I think Chris Lee has a good head on his shoulders and will do a good job with the Infinite project. Of course it could still absolutely suck, but I would be personally shocked considering all the good things they have done so far, such as their new stance on social media/content creation.
  10. It will be better than H5, but how much so is yet to be seen.
  11. I need information on this game sooner rather than later. I feel me slowly losing my sanity the more I play H3 on West Coast host.
  12. Halo's sandbox is in a dire need of being refurbished. Lots of redundancy in the air. To echo Lemon, Power Weapons are at their best when they are difficult but strong in their niche. You can also add lots of variables to weapons, like melee distance, or gimmicks like the stun the PR does in H1. It is rather upsetting that such thing have been overlooked since H3 onwards as they offer lots of situational awareness. (Going to attempt to post more on the site. Missed interacting with you guys.)
  13. The new site looks incredible. Might need to start posting more again Major props guys.
  14. @@Supermelee24 stop talking straight ignorance and just gave H1 a chance. It is quite obvious that you have hardly any game time in a 2v2 setting. I used to be just as ignorant as you about the game, but it taught me not to talk on something that you know nothing about. The game is fantastic.
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