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  1. idk if this has been mentioned but they finally fixed in game emblems.
  2. Pretty sure I have it saved on an old drive along with the Halo fragvid collection. I'll look around for it when I get time.
  3. playing the beta on xbox/pc atm. aiming feels like complete shit on xbox, picking it up on pc for sure.
  4. I LOVE breakout but mixing it with normal gametypes is a huge mistake.
  5. if no one steps into the field its sticks around for quite a bit, great for setting them up around corners where people will sprint through.
  6. It sets up a little AoE field, if someone runs through it they die. from what I've played its very strong.
  7. rocks to blue I think B Sik's old video might still be on youtube, snipe to green I can chuck a nade to lower snipe, itll bounce the snipe to top green IMO rocks over everything
  8. My favorite has got to be punching powerups on H1 theres about a 50/50 chance of crashing the game.
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