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  1. Hey what's up everyone! My name is Cole and I go by SmithZz(LSmithZz). I'm 20 years old and I just got an Xbox One and bought Halo 5 just yesterday so I'm pretty new to it. I used to play Halo back when Halo 3 and Reach came out but stopped after Halo 4 so i'm not that good anymore. I'm looking for friends to play with and just to talk to! I'm working on getting a mic cable for an xbox one but I do have teamspeak! Thanks for reading!
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    Hello everybody, my name is ****! I'm a guy who enjoys play Halo/CoD/any other game you can probably think of. My favorite thing to do is probably edit montages, and other things. But of course I enjoy playing the games too! I've been out of the gaming community for a good year and a half, just because I don't really have the motivation to get on and play anymore. Mainly I don't have anyone to play with. ;-; So I was wanting to give this another shot, and try to get some friends to play with. I'm not very good anymore so yeah. Anyways I also made a new youtube, to give that a shot too. So yeah! - ****
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