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  1. Hey all, Myself and a few other players are as excited as everyone else with the news of the Halo 2 release on the One in November and are currently playing Halo 2 via www.xbconnect.com as well as LAN at my house. I am located in the Little Rock area as well as the three other current friends of mine. They are seasoned Halo players where as I have mainly been a competitive LAN COD player and have converted to Halo, and I must say I have been missing out and I was quickly hooked. We are grinding it out daily to prepare a competitive LAN tournament/online tournament team. We will play as many local LAN tournaments as possible but for now we are just looking for other local players. We are all in mid twenties, so feel free to hit myself up on here, my XBConnect.com is Mutiny10, Gamebattles is Mutinyondeck, and my gamertag is Mutiny On DecK. The other player that has established his account is Czechmate on XBConnect and his GT is Czechmate dC. Hope to hear from others soon! We will be reserving our spot in the next week or so for the 10K Halo 2 tournament in Saint Louis so all teams interested in scrimming please let us know. All inquiries will be replied quickest on twitter. Twitter: @MutinyOnDecK, @T_Kvetko

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