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  1. It's shit like this that really makes me question if I either have a way higher IQ than 99% of the population or if most humans are just this dumb. Like I really cannot understand this mindset and what is firing off in their brain that makes them believe puzzle pieces that don't actually fit together will be a great fit.
  2. The only way to get old Halo back is to not put money in their pockets. Should have been done after Halo 4.
  3. I hope to god somehow they have brains and Arena is classic style Halo but I am not even going to try to get my hopes up
  5. Input based MM is going to save this game. Can't wait.
  6. Imagine being a PC player right now. Infinite is garbo so there is no reason to bother and you can't play MCC because it's plagued with controllers. Shit sucks
  7. 100% stealing and using this quote.
  8. Its in arena. Even it there is a "Classic playlist" that defeats the purpose because the base game should be what comp/classic settings are and you know the nerds who only play Halo for a week then put it down will like. Don't get any hope up. Just play MCC
  9. I've been waiting 20 years.......
  10. Here's what is going to happen 100k online first night "OmG ThIS GAmE iS So GoOD eVErYBOdy" 1 week in 50k 1 month in 20k 2 months in 12k 6 months in 3k players online. Tournaments will have 5k viewers. Games dead. Halo's done for good GG ya'll Thank god we do have MCC on PC. It's all we have at this point and we should really start hosting some LANS for our own sake.
  11. Really it should be uncapped because nobody plays on consoles anymore and the new xbox shouldn't even be a thing along with all consoles
  12. Idk. It is a demo version. Maybe I'm just being hopeful but there is no way the final product looks like that. This cannot POSSIBLY be the final look of this game. There's no way.
  13. So. I'm sitting here after 5 hours of cool down to my initial anger. After going through the trailer with fine comb here's what I do like. It does look like Halo. Does it look the best? No. But I am getting Halo 2/3 vibes from the art-style and I hope somebody comes out and confirms this demo build was just for demonstration purposes and will look NOTHING like what we got here. Second. The gun mechanics do look solid. Some are redundant sure, but if there is one thing Halo 4/5 did right it was shots actually registered and felt crisp. Safe to say the only 343 brings to the table is solid gun mechanics so I can at least know the game, shit or not, it will feel good. Now. If the rumors are true that PVP is going to be nothing like this and have no sprint and a focus on a classic experience, I'm in. If not......oof. That is the only thing that will save this for me and maybe get me ed
  14. I dont know any friend who would want to sit down and play this hot garbage
  15. You know when the waypoint nerds are disappointed, you have a REALLY BIG ISSUE
  16. YOOOO STOP! Brute memes are going to kill me! HAHAHAHAHAHHAA
  17. 343 is trolling Halo fans and they do not care.
  18. I was hoping, BEGGING to have my expectations blown away. Nope. Didn't happen. I know my favorite FPS and community that I once loved is going to be dead forever, and I can at least know it is for sure this time. GGs bois. We aint back
  19. dude. I went in to this KNOWING it was going to be shit and STILL got pissed off and turned off the stream.
  20. Doesn't even matter. Games dead. Xbox series X is going to fail, and the series remains dead. Who cares at this point? Also people can't let controllers go either so. Everything about Halo is trash in the modern age.
  21. To be fair there are 2 things here. 1. If it is open world then the graphics are not going to be as hardcore as a standard Halo title. 2. It is a demo So that's all I will give them there. But sprint is already all I need to know to stick with MCC and enjoy MW.
  22. Halo sprintfinite. I'm fucking dead

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