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  1. Mixer > Twitch as far as streamer and viewer features goes. Co-Streaming alone is a badass feature
  2. 100 bucks says they're going to pay him a large chunk to come back to play Halo when infinite drops. I bet that's why they did this early to get him back home into the Microsoft corner
  3. Anybody going to NJ hit me up tonight if you need scrims
  4. You better go to UGC. I need all the homies back together again, and this time I have a sponsor so I am trying to put a team together. You mofuckas better have my back. lol
  5. @Silos @Commander Eagle @Squatting Bear @Sandman @Hard Way WHERE U AT?
  6. LET'S GO! UGC IS STEPPING UP!!! https://ugcevents.gg/haloclassic/
  7. I love Halo drama. Gives me the biggest smile
  8. Watching a stream and these kids are playing custom 4s with vanilla settings. I asked why and he said Arena settings take more skill. I can't stop laughing
  9. Nothing like two AMP games back to back with both games ending with a teammate quitting with 1 kill. This map is the biggest pile of garbage. Why is it still in here?
  10. So how long til we riot to get AMP TS out of this game? I'd much rather play citadel TS or even Assembly king would work I think. ANYTHING ELSE
  11. Not surprised. This game is underground as hell but boy is it a hell of a good time with good players
  12. It's absolutely AWESOME! I'm telling you. Just prepare to start dunking quarters into the thing. I don't even want to know what this company has made because here at the local barcade in Charlotte, there are crowds and lines around the fucker just getting dumped with quarters.
  13. I just couldn't care less. The past decade and a half I can list every game I have played. All Halos. All Zeldas. CS Sea of thieves PUBG Mario 3d world murder minors Friday the 13th a few cods Give or take a few that's all I have played in the past 2/3 of my life so far. I just don't care for most modern games and half the games, as you can see, are by independent devs. They just make better games because there is more love put into them. All AAA games are now days ( AS FAR AS SINGLE PLAYER) seem to be interactive movies rather than video games where you actually play them. That's why IMHO playstation is hot poop right now and I havent touched a PS controller since PS2. Cyber punk does nothing for me. 99% of the game just look boring. But I saw killer queen in the line up and that game is actually amazing. It's a 5v5 arcade game that is actually really competitive. It has a huge competitive scene look it up. Very few cabinets exist
  14. Halo and zelda. All I needed this E3. Don't care for the rest
  16. im in halo discord and i have never laughed harder in my life

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