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  1. Mixer > Twitch as far as streamer and viewer features goes. Co-Streaming alone is a badass feature
  2. 100 bucks says they're going to pay him a large chunk to come back to play Halo when infinite drops. I bet that's why they did this early to get him back home into the Microsoft corner
  3. Anybody going to NJ hit me up tonight if you need scrims
  4. You better go to UGC. I need all the homies back together again, and this time I have a sponsor so I am trying to put a team together. You mofuckas better have my back. lol
  5. @Silos @Commander Eagle @Squatting Bear @Sandman @Hard Way WHERE U AT?
  6. LET'S GO! UGC IS STEPPING UP!!! https://ugcevents.gg/haloclassic/
  7. I love Halo drama. Gives me the biggest smile
  8. Watching a stream and these kids are playing custom 4s with vanilla settings. I asked why and he said Arena settings take more skill. I can't stop laughing

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