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  1. why would I be trolling? Halo will never grow if people take it as a joke.
  2. and one of the defining things that makes PC what it is, is M&K FPS and people who use the platform gravitate to that. They will not gravitate to controllers. Ever. Never. It will not happen and it's going to put any chance Halo had on the platform into a premature grave
  3. There are controller players because they're already Halo players. It's pretty obvious. There is literally no reason to jump to PC, as a Halo player, unless you wanted mouse and keyboard and that is exactly why I personally switched. To bring legitimacy to Halo.
  4. Why even have it when people coming to the platform, for the most part, are wanting the M&K experience? We don't need an option. There are 2 different platforms that are perfectly capable of catering to the needs of specific players. If you want to learn one or the other, you have to do so by putting in the time. I find it completely ludicrous that people in Summits chat, just for the sake of argument, feel the need to tell him to try controller simply because he wanted Halo to be his go to comp game. He shouldn't have to adapt or change the way he plays just because the pros will not change their input, and the fact comp Halo players and pros think coming to the PC platform, the beholden of successful Esports titles, and think the game is going to grow with controllers at the top is such a joke. What then will you say when it comes to Major events in 2020? Separate M&K and Controller events? How will that work? What's the benifit? If not then M&K and controller events together? Well the controllers will take the helm because the M&K players won't have any practice against them. Everything you speak about just grows bigger and bigger roots of problems outwards, and it will continue to grow and will never stop until the community comes to an agreement on What platform should be used What input should be sanctioned What are the benefits to M&K or controller. What will events look like to the average Esports fans (not just Halo fans) What will help the scene grow and appeal to Halo heads and people new to the game And I honestly think, in my humble opinion, M&K only events are the only way to grow the audience for Halo. I think there is way more to benefit from on PC vs console, and in order to do that the game must be presented properly to the proper audience, and current Halo heads are not enough to sustain our scene going into 2020 and into Infinite. So again I say, this really is the ONE LEGITIMATE time that adapt is the proper answer, and if we do not, Halo will die faster than it did before.
  5. No. People are being turned away because there are controllers on their platform
  6. It's completely redundant because if you want to play a certain demographic of players, the option is already there. We do not need arbitrary filters. If you want to play PC you must learn the mouse and keyboard. If you want to stick to what you know, xbox has got you covered. The choice is simple. Let the ecosystem of both platforms develop naturally. Giving people an option turns into exactly the problem we have now, which is turning people away from Halo, rather than letting the game grow and prosper on both platforms by their own merits.

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