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  1. Wait a sec. If 343 hit up summit.....you know they knocked down ninjas door. They absolutely had too, and if that's the case I wonder what that conversation was like
  2. Meh. Not that hard.....not very easy.....but not that impressive.....moving on to #4 tho......
  3. Can anybody confirm the the tag "Victory is Back" is Victory x. If so ive been matching him a lot. Made it my mission to shut him out every game lol. He floating down here in the 20s as of yesterday. Dude was dropping 35 bombs on my team just pooping on them.
  4. Hmu on Xbox. Need teammates anyway. Probably not you. Running solo is always brutal
  5. You foolz crazy. Modern aim is the best thing that's happened to this game
  6. We're a team of 2. Hmu. GT: Humpflung
  7. So. This event was amazing. But here I am, once again leaving an event, watching finals vod......and once again, crowd noise is dead from lack of crowd mics.....I just. I'm so done with tournament orgs dude. It's such a simple detail and this weekend was the most hype since 2010. Stream quality really does lose 20 points without the crowd

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