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  1. We're a team of 2. Hmu. GT: Humpflung
  2. So. This event was amazing. But here I am, once again leaving an event, watching finals vod......and once again, crowd noise is dead from lack of crowd mics.....I just. I'm so done with tournament orgs dude. It's such a simple detail and this weekend was the most hype since 2010. Stream quality really does lose 20 points without the crowd
  3. Don't worry about pro team. I sure they got this after what I low-key heard listening to tashis conversation with 343 guys about infinite... Too bad I don't want to get sued so I'll keep what I heard to myself..
  4. I'm so ready, I'm literally the only one in the venue right now. Lmao
  5. Yup. He's here. But from what I have been told from Gandhi and other smite guys, he's not AGL Brad anymore. Not sure how to trust that lmao
  6. I'm in the venue. I'll come out, where you at?
  7. At the venue. I'm almost going to cry. This may be one of the best weekends of my life
  8. I payed 45 bucks for a Lyft. Shits rough my dude
  9. Yo. They have diy waffle irons at my hotel. I'm so hyped on it lmfao
  10. Wait, where you at? Need to meet the beyond fam. I'm Daisy chaining the setups
  11. The venue is sick. Won't post pics but it's a big setup my dudes.

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