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  1. When you get confused because you thought it was a team for Halo infinite but its not out yet ....derp Btw its dead af in here. Somebody call out somebody else for god sake
  2. What we need is an entire yearly calendar of events so people can actually plan for them in advance.
  3. Isnt this guy on the score Esports? They should post this there!
  4. It's 4 words to finish this post but I just wrote a paragraph and I need to write a manifesto later.....I really want to write for a living
  5. its 408 bucks for a flight and hotel but I just spent 700 on a PC and my car needs fixing.......I really want to go to dreamhack
  6. Looks like dr.bravo really did help Eric and tj settle their differences. What a guy
  7. At least I get stomped at events and not just a forum kid
  8. That's like asking rock paper scissors stats. It really means nothing.
  9. 2k on YouTube too with over 40k views on YouTube. Not sure how yt streaming works but I think that's the total unique viewers which isn't bad at all

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