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  1. dude. I know this is random as hell, but when did the community start calling headshots with a snipe a blaine/blainer? whats the origin story? It's one of the small cool little things we came up with but nobody talks about how it came about.
  2. Because without a big audience the game dies. Are we forgetting Esports is first and foremost supposed to be spectator sports here? If nobody is watching then there is no competition. Why do you think MLG dropped the fucker 8 years ago. Which is insane it's been that long. None the less. Popularity is all that matters in esports. you need fans and Halo has NONE Halo needs to be fun and competitive again. Halo's fun factor has not be around since H3 for the casual fans that made Halo an esport
  3. This is actually the best news we could have asked for tbh
  4. It's shit like this that really makes me question if I either have a way higher IQ than 99% of the population or if most humans are just this dumb. Like I really cannot understand this mindset and what is firing off in their brain that makes them believe puzzle pieces that don't actually fit together will be a great fit.
  5. The only way to get old Halo back is to not put money in their pockets. Should have been done after Halo 4.
  6. I hope to god somehow they have brains and Arena is classic style Halo but I am not even going to try to get my hopes up
  8. Input based MM is going to save this game. Can't wait.
  9. Imagine being a PC player right now. Infinite is garbo so there is no reason to bother and you can't play MCC because it's plagued with controllers. Shit sucks
  10. Its in arena. Even it there is a "Classic playlist" that defeats the purpose because the base game should be what comp/classic settings are and you know the nerds who only play Halo for a week then put it down will like. Don't get any hope up. Just play MCC
  11. Here's what is going to happen 100k online first night "OmG ThIS GAmE iS So GoOD eVErYBOdy" 1 week in 50k 1 month in 20k 2 months in 12k 6 months in 3k players online. Tournaments will have 5k viewers. Games dead. Halo's done for good GG ya'll Thank god we do have MCC on PC. It's all we have at this point and we should really start hosting some LANS for our own sake.
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