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  1. Paradise...Racist? Making a fake twitter? Are you on something right now? I've know him long enough to know he would never do that. Please back this up..show us these tweets. You have a huge mix up. DM
  2. Ohio native here. Sure do miss playing at Escape Gaming Center in Bedford Heights and Cold Fusion Lan Center in Mentor. Not to mention being able to tell 3 people you wanted to LAN and have 30 people show up.
  3. You know back in the MLG days players were saving there lunch money, pitching in together for gas money, sleeping in the hotel lobby floors and in cars. Players gotta put some effort into this....
  4. Hey all, Ive been looking into the Pro Battle League. Looks like there are currently two teams in Houston, basically an A team and B team. Im more interested in Dallas. There Isnt a team yet, so I shot an email off to the league asking about potentially starting the Dallas team up. I received a reply from Tom, head of business development at PBL and they would like to get things rolling in Dallas. From what I understand there can be more then one team per city. At the monthly tournament, local teams play each other first (If there is more than one team) for a city then winner plays the other top PBL teams online. They do these at Microsoft stores. Long story short I have a T03 and we are looking for 1 local to Dallas who can attend there monthly tourneys at a selected Microsoft store. And of course scrim other PBL teams 2-3 times a week. Looking for someone familiar with HCS and can hold there own. Not sure when Dallas would even start but wanted to get feelers out there. Thanks all GT: II DORK II
  5. I believe most of your points of view are coming from your inexperience of competitive FFA. Start by watching players like Kampy and Hoaxfactor. Watch how they move around the map and put themselves in the best position for stealing kills. Stealing kills is part of being a skilled FFA player. You also need to be able to control positions and move around the map. Winning 1v1's certainly helps. BR's allows for entire map interaction and an equal playing field. It forces players to move and work the map. Having only 6 players on the map would slow the game down way to much. I dont even like being in 7 player lobby's. Most games are barely making it to 30-35 kills as it is in 10 minutes anyways As for feedback id like to see the overtime setting looked into. In the early rounds at least being in first/second doesn't matter. Maybe for the finals have an overtime but even then they were being played with 15 mins so in my opinion overtime can be tossed. Secondly, how to report the scores wasn't entirely clear.
  6. Loser Bracket Round 3 Chicago 2007. Up 1-0 in a series against Lil Talents team. We are winning 49-48 TS lockout. Opposing team was trapped Br 1/sword area. We are collapsing Br3 and Br2 with sword in our hands and waiting for snipe to respawn. I start pushing top mid and have a teammate on BR3 who has the sword. I remember thinking he has got this easy. Suddenly score shows 48-48, he falls off the map from BR3 not getting shot at or anything, he was just walking and jumping looking down. They get a kill, we get a kill and the game ends at 49-49. Long story short they end up winning the series...
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