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  1. Game developers finish games about 2 months in advance, which is about the time we have left till it's released. I bet they are playing Halo 2 and Halo 1 every single day at the office, in fact i bet they are playing Rite Now! :maven:
  2. lol it's cool brotha idc about the rep
  3. When MCC comes out I'm gonna need to find some players to play with, i haven't played since Halo 3. Any takers? Preferably Age 20+
  4. Sounds like you got really bad Yay... or Granulated K, that shit sucks, you want Powder. And its not supposed to bring you up like coffee, its supposed to make you feel like your walking on the edge of a building with weights strapped to you.
  5. Is Walking Dead-Season 5 on Netflix yet? Or is it even finished, i can't remember the last season i saw on Netflix, last thing i remember was the brother turning into a Zombie.
  6. No Armor Abilities but we can use our body as a Rocket if we jump from s2 to s1
  7. Natural

    OT Thread of OT

    Who buys small Pizza's anyways…little bitches
  8. Anyone know how to make Gifs?
  9. Flamboyant Satanic Experimental Band…that's a new one (not bad)
  10. Eat A lot! (Healthy Food of course) If you don't notice results, KEEP EATING! EAT! EAT! EAT! Steaks, Beans, Chicken, Rice, Fruit, Vegetables! EVERYTHING! Just keep eating like Goku! Get good sleep as well, and do lots of work outs
  11. I have a couple Map Pack Discs. I live in LA, Inglewood area. If anyone wants some you can go to CaliGames on Hawthorn BLVD (I also sold them some copies), they have a bunch of Halo 2 copies and Map Discs for like 5 bucks each.
  12. Strafing is the last thing you need to worry about, your map movement and wether you have the first shot or not is what really matters. If i had to compare strafing to something else it would be a Power Weapon. Power Weapons give you an advantage if you know how to use them but they don't really matter if the person can out play you. To have a good strafe in Halo 3 though, you have to predict what direction the opponent is leading their shots on you, thats pretty much it.
  13. I can't wait anymore, i'm breaking into Microsoft tonight
  14. I feel like we're coming back and bigger than we used to be! This is gonna be good
  15. I hope Zune gets shut down and all the usernames get free. I bet Zune has all the good GT's
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