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  1. Name: Devin Gamertag: Ronin dV Games Played: Halos 1-3 Area in California: Santa Barbara Future Gaming Plan: Find Competitive West Coast Players to compete online in MCC Feel free to send me an FR
  2. GT: Ronin4Prez Feel free to send me a message or FR if you want to run some customs to get ready for MCC in November. I need more active halo players on my list. Event History: 7th Place Houston 2005 6th Place St. Louis 2005 No placement San Diego 2008 Halo 3 (as Shadow) Multiple local tournaments in the Southern California area. Other info: Usually free after 6pm evenings PST I am only looking for online tournaments/GB because I am working and going to school and wouldn't have time to travel at the moment
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