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  1. And they all have the same avatar so it feels like talking to someone's split personality.
  2. Forgive my wording. Anyways, how does it become effectively random when the engagement distance that leading becomes important is always the same for a given projectile speed? That makes it predictable and your fault when you don't predict it.
  3. I haven't seen anyone explain how projectile becomes random from close to medium range, maybe I missed it. Can someone fill me in because I don't think that claim makes any sense.
  4. Clearly projectile isn't any more skillful than hitscan at very close range where travel time is minimized and the effect of a projectile system is indistinguishable. This isn't a useful factor at all in determining which system to use. You have to ask what happens at that range (it isn't very far in CE where strafing becomes a huge factor to account for when aiming) where projectiles are differentiable from hitscan in how they impact your target. You invoke "guess work" as a perjorative in your argument when it is easily evident that better players "guess" better than others when leading is required to land shots. I would argue that it's a fun element to the game where sometimes you guess wrong and have to make the proper adjustments. I always know when I miss that the fault is on me because the information is in front of my face the entire time on where to aim. It's a built-up intuition that everyone can have with every skill they learn. I'm pretty decent at judging long distances in CE so sure maybe some people can't do it very well, that's fine, but it doesn't mean you immediately remove projectiles from the game when it's a well-known skill people can develop. If people couldn't learn it then nobody could become a quarterback or soccer player. I don't know enough about H3 to comment on it specifically but hopefully I addressed your questions. My question for you is what uncontrolled factor do projectiles introduce at close range where they function identically to hitscan?
  5. I wasn't trying to sound cool, I was making a point which up until now you still haven't addressed.
  6. Leading shots takes more skill the further away your target is from you. This is evident in games and in real life applications of firearms, where just putting a target in the center of your reticule in most cases is not sufficent to score hits. It takes more skill because distance and target movement are factors that don't play as strong of a role in a hitscan environment (distance requires negligible consideration). So, that's why.
  7. I wasn't actually challenging you, I was saying that even if I was able to beat you, it wouldn't change your stance on the topic. The fact that you didn't respond to the rest of my post tells me a lot about you.
  8. If I could make you look unskilled and inexperienced at H1, would that force you to resign your stance on projectile vs hitscan? No? That's what I thought. You're demanding evidence of a correlation that fundamentally has nothing to do with whether or not projectile is better, from a guy who actually works on designing fps games. He's BEEN able to explain the workings behind different implementations of these systems. Whether or not he can compete at the highest level doesn't affect the legitimacy of those explanations or conclusions. It isn't his fault that you are choosing to default to "you must not be good" to do your heavy lifting for you because arguing mechanics isn't working in your favor.
  9. Ah, the real beast comes back out after he doesn't get what he wants. Projectile is better for Halo.
  10. From Hardy Lebel's blog: "Jason Jones had designed the Human pistol to be the weapon of choice for players at medium/long range. The accuracy, high damage and the limited sniper zoom on the pistol made it a powerful choice for dropping enemies right at the edge of their “AI awareness” bubble, enabling players to pick off one or two targets as the enemies startled into their alert state and then came charging into battle. Frankly, it was too strong for multiplayer. I toyed with damage settings that made the multiplayer pistol weaker than it’s single player counterpart. But to be honest, once it was “nerfed” it became a pale shadow of it’s single player cousin and using the pistol became a lot less fun. Still, I felt that turning the full power of the pistol loose on the Halo multiplayer “sandbox” unaltered would be opening the door to endless criticism, so I decided to made a subtle change. The single player version of the pistol is “autofire” – meaning that if you hold the trigger down the weapon will repeatedly fire at the precise point you’re aiming at. But… that’s not true with the multiplayer version of the pistol. I wanted to at least challenge the skill level of players a little more. So the multiplayer version of the Pistol has shot spread. What that means is that, if you simply hold the trigger down and let the pistol automatically fire over and over, each bullet will deviate from the point that you’re aiming at. And the amount of deviation will increase with every bullet. I wanted to make it so that players could still use the pistol and it could retain the fun feeling that it had in single the single player game, but only if the player could master the technique of actually pulling the trigger with each individual shot. I still believe that this was a “righteous fix” – meaning that it was justified and the solution was elegant within the restrictions of the established game play. Unfortunately, I lost my nerve a little bit. After all, this was a huge change from the behavior of the single player version of the Pistol. I was worried that players might have to re-train themselves to use the multiplayer version of the gun, which again might lead to huge volumes of outrage from players. So I didn’t make the pistol deviate enough while auto-firing. The shots will spread if you hold the trigger down but not so much that you won't get the head shot that you were aiming at. To this day, not adjusting the spread rate of auto-fire on the multiplayer pistol is one of my regrets. I wasn’t aggressive enough!" I couldn't find anything about successive single shots being tweaked from SP to MP though.
  11. High-level CE 4's is a blast but if money was on the line it would probably be a nightmare. Breaking setups with the spawn system is a pain to deal with because there are too many spawns to cover and effectively run certain maps like hangem (blue pistol spawns from red floor below right before a low camo spawn come to mind). There's more precise control over watching spawns when there are half the players in the game (slower respawn rate of opponents). Initial spawns can be rough on maps like pris/hangem/dere because it is so expensive score-wise so early in the game to obtain map control when the starting conditions favored the other team. Magnum starts would be excellent as mentioned above. CTF games are nearly out of the question on dammy/hangem because green room and blue base respectively are far superior to the opponent's. Giving randoms is still a viable albeit lower percentage strategy but it's hard for me to determine what the game favors when dishing them out. It would be more fair to maybe balance poor control points by placing intentional random spawns in them. If I knew H1 back in the day like I do now, these are the types of things I would have hoped for when H2 was under development. Sensible additions to existing mechanics to improve the player experience. Instead we got dual-wielding and inferior weaponry. There are a lot of interesting changes that could have been explored with H1's meta but it was all thrown out with no explanation.

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