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  1. I guess these tournaments dying off is worse for me then because I can't stand battle royale games. It's a waste of your life gathering items for 10 minutes to just get ambushed and die before firing a shot. Now all the halo streamers play it instead. I'm just a perpetually bitter man lol.
  2. Agreed. I think if ogres start playing in halo 1 tournaments that a lot of the fanbase will follow, but who knows what it takes to get them competing again.
  3. Not a lotta talk about that H3 tourney last weekend, was it a dud?
  4. Your analytical prowess is on par with vox or buzzfeed.
  5. People have been recommending fixes on The Classic Halo Movement discord since it was made over a year ago, and 343 employees are staff/members there. Postums has a ton of replies on what they're doing and what he passed to the dev team. You're arrogantly incorrect about H2 feedback. The lack of results has helped kill the H2 population off. Stop blaming the community when you aren't aware of the effort we've put into communication with 343. Members have been very cordial in their requests for the most part and Postums is very responsive. Updates just haven't been coming out fast enough. Please lay your argument to rest where it belongs.
  6. Oh yeah you're right, it's totally our fault they ported the inferior vista version instead of the original. We dumb.

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