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  1. The competitive CE community still LANs to this day, I was invited to a LAN just last month down in TX and it was the 4th or 5th in that city this year that I'd heard of. I don't think any other halo game comes close to this level of fan investment or ever will. This is the only thing I hold onto halo for. So yea, I'm with you on not discussing hate for new halos, they're not worth the effort and 343 doesn't deserve the attention to begin with.
  2. I'm okay with clamber as long as it's at the end of a grapple to get you where you're going, unfortunately I'm not okay with the grappling hook so both are out of the question.
  3. I've seen orders of magnitude more attempts to offend 343 rather than defend them, in every place where comments are allowed and halo infinite is the topic. Not sure where you're getting this idea.
  4. xbox one can barely run the mcc main menu
  5. When I saw those mountains for the first time today I thought chief was gonna start his mission by punching a tree.
  6. How about a sprint button that doesn't change your speed (since you're moving full speed if your joystick is mashed forwards all the way), it just lowers your weapon. Technically that's how a spartan would sprint if they didn't need to engage in combat. That'll satisfy the sprint crowd while preserving proper map design and flow of combat...lmao
  7. Lol, now imagine it's sixteen years ago in november and you'd been playing CE for 3 years strong, mastering the depths of is game play. How do you react when the sequel is H2 and those depths have suddenly become a shallow pond, plus every subsequent release moving further and further away from the precedent of the original?
  8. If you don't like abilities, you won't like infinite.
  9. You'll have to wait for the sequel to infinite to have a prayer.

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