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  1. I doubt this game even existed a year ago, as far as I'm concerned when they announced it this year it was still on post-it notes or a whiteboard somewhere.
  2. Did you see those double melee's from that Bonesaw kid? I mean, damn! No seriously, amazing work on this (and your older vids) Jeenyus.
  3. 3 of the 4 accounts had Gold, one was a guest account iirc.
  4. Except the grifball guys already posted on reddit talking about missing settings in forge, they can't even create the gametype. Edit: here's the link to the post. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2m0ixn/grifball_inhibited_because_of_mcc_forge_bugs_and/
  5. We did the first night, offhost literally feels like you're online still with all the bugs that come with it. Phantom spawns, poor hit detection etc. etc. Not to mention our 2v2 Dammy straight up froze both consoles less than halfway into the game. We gave up, theres no point in "Lanning" this game if you even wanna call it LAN, because it isn't at all.
  6. Yea, the flamethrower does appear without classic weapon set. Same as HPC.
  7. It's a bug carried over from HaloPC. Along with the entirety of CE multiplayer.
  8. Beta would imply that it has functional matchmaking.
  9. That's as "lan" as it gets with this system.
  10. Don't let this reddit thread die guys, we need upvotes and retweets! http://redd.it/2lpo4f
  11. Upvoted, commented and thank you again for your efforts. Edit: Have we confirmed 100% that the timers are fixed or only slightly? I would like to comment on that as well but don't want to be redundant by bringing up issues that have already been fixed.
  12. Was BL1, not 2. Every LAN I've ever attended people have been polite, fun, and are more than willing to help you improve.
  13. Bump! Everyone that intends to play h1 on the MC:CE come Nov. needs to watch these. Thanks so much MissingNo!
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