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  1. In the past few weeks, I've privately messaged a few people here about the Destiny gaming group I started. Everything has gone well with the people we've added, like Moa, Moa's RL friends, Vortex, etc. I'd like to open the group now and have a few more people join. We play solely on Xbox One. All of us play both crucible (competitively & casually) and PvE. I'd say over half of the group has already beaten King's Fall on Hard 3 times today since its release. If anyone is interested, download the "GroupMe" app on your phone, sign up with your email address and PM it to me. I'll add you to the group and you'll be able to hop in and message us whenever you're looking for a group for any activity.
  2. They still haven't figure out how to make our emblems appear in game? What the fuck is wrong with 343i? I still stand by my original theory: Microsoft had a bunch of "Developers in Training" (Read: College students) in for internships and all of them told the developers, "Yeah, go to lunch, we can code this game for you!" (Trying to get a job at Microsoft.) Ended up fucking the game. There's no way that actual paid developers made this game.
  3. My girlfriend is a flight attendant so she works weekends and that's about the only time I get to play. I've managed to get all three of my characters to 303+, my main is 307, but I think I'll want to get one of my characters to 310, I still need the Touch of Malice and I want to do hard mode oryx. But Bungie has also said that they're not done with this DLC yet. We still have all sorts of stuff coming out.
  4. You say this, but you don't know what all is coming out next.
  5. Does anybody have a fully charged agonarch rune?!
  6. Got all three characters to 302+ this weekend. That's progress.
  7. I'll have all three characters over 300 this weekend. I can't fucking wait to raid with my Hunter.
  8. Can I now convert all of my ascendent shards, radiant shards, ascendent energy and radiant energy into motes of light? Or do we know if the new VoG gear will need them?
  9. Jesus Christ I'm glad I'm not the only one saying this. I'm sick and fucking tired of being one-hit killed by a shotgun from two years away. Nolan is fucking horrible. Terrible, terrible choice on Bungie's part and unless the internet rages so hard they make Nolan quit then we're stuck with him for 10 years. I've been thinking about trying it but I still haven't pulled it out yet. I'll have to see how it does. I've been using Suros, the omolon test sniper and tomorrows answer. Also, I thought Mayhem was the stupidest shit I had ever heard of... until I played it. It's wonderful.
  10. No, they won't ever be in. Bungie literally said they don't care about this game being competitive. On another note, I have an 80mbps connection, using Google's DNS servers, I've been downloading for 3 hours, 30 minutes and it's at 81%.
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