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  1. pretty exciting day. Props to RNG for their EG series. Did not see that coming.
  2. Whoever was appointed to produce these hype videos understands how to produce quality content and generate viewer engagement. Great stuff.
  3. watching Lethul spectate Allegiance last night was pure comedy.
  4. I highly enjoyed the H1 tourny rhat was run a while ago. I voted yes.
  5. warzone farming is like the new hack-a-shaq. not cheating but a lot of people groan when it happens. people getting reports over it is ******** until 343 does something about it.
  6. Brand new? Nah. For 250 max off craigslist with the game included? Sure.
  7. who wrote this statement? the language and overall writing quality of this makes it seem like these orgs are being run by your average forum kid.
  8. Hats off to Denial. They're the real fkn deal. Excited to watch them again. On another note, I don't see EG ever beating CLG in a tournament series again.
  9. nv lost for a half a dozen other reasons but I do eye roll every time at those kills. so stupid.
  10. is there a better chat than the main twitch one? I'm getting brain cancer from this.
  11. can any of you dudes hook me up with a FB Tshirt? I'll paypal for cost of T and shipping. PM me.
  12. I'm gutted over this man. Fuck. Also it's an absolute fucking joke that teams from other regions who wouldn't take a game from nV will be playing whole they're at home.
  13. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/w8Z7zy mulling on it still
  14. pulling the trigger with a cart full of components for a new rig is the hardest part
  15. lethul looking away, snip3down alpha as fuck commonly just fkn destroyed Royal 2
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