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  1. kinda funny considering how salty cloud has been towards 2gre over being dropped.
  2. does anyone find Qunn Delhoyo's constant sarcasm and trolling when responding to a criticism really tiring? On top of giving off his really cringe worthy feeling of trying to fit in way too hard, he always seems to dodge actually responding to the issues. it's really like Frankie acting like a douche on forums. Pretty unprofessional.
  3. anything with 2gre and Victory is going to need additional slaying power beyond Ninja
  4. taking it with a grain of salt. prob just trolling but hey, thirst for #intel
  5. APG just straight up said Naded is on Optic in Ninja's chat.
  6. lol you guys are reading way too much in to the FIS thing. 2gre and Ninja had just lost two games in MM to some to4 so FIS just popped in to stream asking if they needed help. 100% vibe of just friends playing.
  7. good tip, i'll try to remember to do this. if i play it again haha.
  8. so i've only been ranked in arena twice, but last night was probably my last. went 8-2 on my placements solo, top of my team every single game. had plats and lower on my team almost every game it seemed like, almost always against higher ranked teams. got placed in to plat 4. okay a little low I thought to myself, but I can get out of this quickly with how I'm playing. next 4 games in a row I match the same fucking onyx to4 while I got a grand total of of one diamond player those 4 games. lost all of them. nah, fuck grinding out of that with how it's rigged against solo players. i know this is probably beating a dead horse to a ton of you, but this i really haven't played too much ranked on h5.
  9. agreed. it's the new phrase that's become meaningless through constant incorrect/overuse
  10. agreed 1000% on the use of the word rape. it's 2016, the pro scene's average age is easily 20+. it's time to grow up when it comes to that.
  11. just curious of where everyone thinks Snipedown sits in this game. I see the obvious criticism of Commonly, and a bit about LBX. Roy has stood out and went insane a few games at worlds but I really haven't heard much about Snipedown.
  12. Does anyone have a list on Twitter to view all of the pro tweets in one place?
  13. it'll take every team blowing up but there is a combo of players that can beat CLG.
  14. insanely popular OG youtube trickshot dude, then went to be a multiple event winner with Optic. his following alone is bigger than optic's probably.
  15. also, PSA: FB hoodies and T's are in stock in the MLG store http://store.majorleaguegaming.com/search?q=final+boss
  16. Nadeshot just talking in to a mic is about to pull the same amount of viewers as HWC finals
  17. I think 2gre has been grooming/getting on dubu's good side for a few weeks now. I really think he's going to form another young gun squad.
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