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  1. which makes a bigger case for why waiting till the last minute is dumb with a roster lock. if a shitty org wanted to capitalize on that couldn't they lowball because the alternative is not playing at all? especially if the player cant afford to self finance.
  2. str8 sick is really good at this game but serious contender might be jumping the gun a bit...
  3. ok? better than what we're dealing with now and he'd be most likely to improve.
  4. inb4 cloud gets dropped and he's salty for 6 months again
  5. yep that's me. i played in MM with you a whiiiile ago but just recently I made a secondary again to play it all the way through again.
  6. state of h2c playlist is hilariously sad. from 1-50 playing with a to4 we had maybe half a dozen quality games, all from the usual suspects who still stream MCC h2 on twitch. every other game we matched randoms that were below level 25 95% the time.
  7. from what I saw of the RNG/CLG scrim CLG remains miles ahead of anyone in objective. They had a close Strongholds game but other than that they are too strong at obj. Slayers is where they potentially drop games.
  8. increasing frequencies of 5 second game freezes when using a req i haven't used before in warzone. random crashes to dashboards. sound cuts in and out now in loading screens of games. choppy intros in warzone that play at weird speeds. increased amount of server crashes to main menu (whole lobby gets kicked, not just me). the weirdest one was when i was waiting to join a fireteam that was in game, after 5 mins of waiting the game just started loading a campaign level. wtf.
  9. this game becomes more and more unstable with every update they release. it's got some MCC level shit in some ways plaguing it now.
  10. lol @ people only showing as online in the company tab if they're already on your friends list
  11. if the SAW being in HCS doesn't scream that control over settings needs to be passed to the competitive community I don't know what does.
  12. Snakebite was just talking about Huke being dropped on stream. Not sure if he's speculating or it's a fact though.
  13. it's crazy. CLG were consistent second place guys with heinz/cloud. wonder how everything would have turned out if he accepted. more likely they could have beat EG?
  14. the thing is, it's very possible Lethul was the reason that the rest of EG also clicked. Lethul was the glue seemingly, and maybe a combo of Snipedown and Roybox won't work as a to3 without him. They'll discover this the hard way if they keep going through 4ths without improved results.
  15. exactly. he always manages to not actually respond to what is being said.
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