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  1. got it finally jeesh, don't recall having to do this with 2k13 mixamp.
  2. usb to PC and PC mode on mixamp, optical from mixamp to Xbox
  3. anyone have a40 TRs and use them to get xbox game audio and skype on PC? can't get it to work.
  4. view the thread he linked and you'll see they're on the way.
  5. meh, the total population of people who play these over the current games on Xbox is a tiny amount.
  6. Tobes

    NBA Thread

    Vogel firing just makes me think why...He is a good coach.
  7. your post reeks of not liking someone disagreeing with your tastes. it's not a political view, it's you know um, critical discussion of music. if that's not your thing that's cool, but "you don't need to go further into detail" is not for you to decide and pretty intellectually lazy.
  8. there's more on Snakebite's youtube of mixed games too. I think those are the only two all pro vs. xbc gameplays on the channel. also random: this was the intended original CLG roster but they thought Naded and to3 didn't mesh they way they wanted. I completely agree with you on a lot of your points. My post was more of "what happened" more than a definitive final result. I absolutely agree that the best players from XBC got bottle necked because the competition was so small on XBC until MCC was announced, and there's really no way to advance past it without playing people that are better. The results would definitely narrow if some of the XBC players had better access to competition.
  9. 2gre, royal 2, snakebite, and naded played xbc scrims against the kids who never stopped playing h2 just before MCC came out and donged on them. It was never close.
  10. this review LMAO. it's so accurate. “U With Me” samples two DMX songs, then opens, “On some DMX shit, I group DM my exes,” which is absolutely not “DMX shit” in any way, shape or form. Maybe Drake got insecure about the ghostwriting revelations and tackled most of this thing himself. Maybe he just has poor taste in whatever PartyNextDoor cooks up while Majid Jordan try to start a fire with a piece of wood and their “Hold On, We’re Going Home” plaque. However this 82 minutes (no, really, 82 minutes) of Aubrey made it to the world, it’s packed with more groaners than any of his work to this point.
  11. mom, my friend is coming over and he's a pro gamer! don't come downstairs! nah but for real that's cool someone is helping him out with his situation.
  12. Tobes

    NBA Thread

    are they TRYING to lose Durant?
  13. I love this new Optic. Halo benefits from a good Optic team. Been a long time Naded fan and love seeing him play well. His objective game is top tier. Also love seeing 2gre front another duo of young guns + Arkanum. 2gre played well today.
  14. wish pro/member interactions didn't go so badly sometimes. Criticizing things without understanding it is stupid, but so is being condescending about knowing something that others don't. Especially when these things aren't super complicated and could be understood if they were just revealed and discussed. Pros aren't game engineers either so I'm sure some of their criticisms are eye roll including to 343 too. Lots of frustration probably stems from the pros PROBABLY not being able to discuss what they talk about in calls with 343. A good portion of us agree h5 needs some tuneups but at this point it feels like talking to a brick wall. I'm pretty sure in the gameplay thread BRs was not a popular starting weapon choice.
  15. he's definitely not cured but he's made steps in the right direction. Ninja's chat tends to be a lot of both sides of extreme. He has a lot of die hard fans that will defend him to death but a lot of haters go in there too. I think playing with Victory helps him. But he's still pretty chaotic at times.
  16. you just described the general opinion on Ninja. Snakebite was talking about RNG and basically his assessment was their play style is hectic; high risk/high reward.
  17. obviously asian triadz and chaosdaninja
  18. Tobes

    NBA Thread

    piss off. Stevens for president.
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