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  1. it's going to feel so good to get away from XBC connections and shooting blanks on H2V. should be way better.
  2. thank god we can turn off those medals tho, don't really need 8 medals for a double kill with a rocket. looks silky smooth otherwise.
  3. Absolutely embarrassing that 343 didn't fix the Carbine. Don't tie a weapon speed to the FPS. It's that simple. Gotta wonder what else is still broken then.
  4. Audio issue is happening for me as well.
  5. Besides the obvious bugs like seeing names through walls, the sound is shit. 343 needs a new sound department for all of their games. Halo 4 placeholder medals suck, as well as the announcer. The grenade screen shake effect is really stupid as well. Grenade markers and shot directional markers. Hit markers, too.
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