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  1. Averaged more steals and rebounds last year than he did in the previous two seasons with Miami. 

    so? steph curry averages just as many steals as kawhi. is he just as good of a defender? spg and rpg are pretty bad indicators of player quality. i watched wade get regularly blown by all year and give up on plays early. bulls had better offensive and defensive efficiency ratings with wade off the floor. especially so when he was injured.


    remember this grade A effort?


  2. Never heard of Run The Jewels. I will say though, if I'm gonna listen to rap, it's gonna be old gangsta rap like NWA, Tupac, Biggie, etc. Just my personal preference. Just like it was Snip3down and Hastings' preference to use Rock in their montage. Who the fuck are you to come in here bitching about their music choice? There is still a lot of people out there who listen to rock and get pumped up by it, and you're dead wrong if you think otherwise.


    Here you go dude. Get your self pumped up.

    this is actually better than any of hopsin's actual songs

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