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  1. can anyone edit the text out of that splash screen for a wallpaper?
  2. Tobes

    NBA Thread

    kyrie is a god brad stevens for president
  3. Tobes

    NBA Thread

    so? steph curry averages just as many steals as kawhi. is he just as good of a defender? spg and rpg are pretty bad indicators of player quality. i watched wade get regularly blown by all year and give up on plays early. bulls had better offensive and defensive efficiency ratings with wade off the floor. especially so when he was injured. remember this grade A effort?
  4. Tobes

    NBA Thread

    on 43/31/80 while being a bad defender. can't shoot and can't defend.
  5. Tobes

    NBA Thread

    wade doesn't move the needle anymore.
  6. this is actually better than any of hopsin's actual songs
  7. damn, game 7 had me nervous af. That was a good watch.
  8. shoutout to The Simms, his casting makes this even more fun. He's done a great job.
  9. just played a halo 5 arena game for the first time in 7 months and when i look around i randomly get stuck into "slow turn" wtf. i know it's not my controller.
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