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  1. Someone asked in his stream yesterday or the day before and he said he wasn't sure if he was playing in fall pro league. Best we got.
  2. Except the game could possibly only store the previous played gametype and avoid that, which means that upon playing your second fathom ctf the first is forgotten therefore giving you a possibility of getting 2 fathom ctfs again. Repeating this cycle would mean we can get infinite fathom ctf.
  3. I don't have any inside knowledge for the series, but I was under the impression they started actually using hitscan (as in using traces in the game) with Halo Reach since bungie made the point that only covenant weapons used projectiles (which would mean human weapons don't just use super fast projectiles). However, "hitscan" weapons actually can have better hit registration over a network because it is cheaper on bandwidth to use a simple trace than it is to actually replicate an actor.
  4. To be fair, they just tried to make GoW more like Halo with Judgement so his heart was in the right place.
  5. I would hope that you would have done that even if it was the greatest halo stream of all time though........
  6. Halo 3 beta art style is the best. Gritty enough that we had battle damaged spartans, but cartoony enough that they still kinda looked like toy soldiers.
  7. It is actually incredibly easy to go bottom mid and not die. All you have to do is get two dead and it is pretty safe to go for. Really though, I think the point of it being on the map is to increase the lethality of camo and the camo guy can go bottom mid whenever he pleases pretty much.
  8. The Tac-Mag is actually super good though? It doesn't give the same range benefit as a BR/Carbine but it has better range than the default pistol and allows players to be sneaky.
  9. Dear god no. Just learn to spring jump if you wanna make those jumps and not appear on radar.
  10. Blink twice if they have your family and are forcing you to say this.
  11. Reach didn't even have thrust. (And don't you dare hate on evade, that shit was lit)
  12. Just wait until Halo 8 buddy, then you'll be the old guy on here crying that nobody likes the game. It is the circle of life.
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