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  1. Yea that usually lasts a solid month or so if the game isn't too awful. I legitimately enjoyed the Reach beta for the full period. We'll only be able to tell whether h5 has any potential to be good during the beta. It'll take a couple weeks into the release version to find out whether it's crap or not.
  2. I just read that the beta has no splitscreen and the final only 2 player splitscreen. As someone who has been playing splitscreen on a weekly basis since 04: That is unacceptable. I was looking forward to play some h5 beta with my buddies on New Years eve, guess we'll stick to MCC.
  3. Nope you can't. I haven't used theater since checking it out on release day. It's pretty much useless imo. Game DVR is great and all, but it sucks that you can't save full games.
  4. I really wanna disagree with you and all, but unfortunately you are correct. And I don't think it's gonna get any better from here. When I switched from Halo to Starcraft 2, I kept playing because I lost my first 20 games in a row to bronze league players (lowest league in that game) and I seriously thought to myself that coming from being pretty damn good at Halo I would not accept loosing to the worst of the worst in that game. So I kept practicing and practicing and eventually made it to Masters (top 2% of each servers population). As awesome as that experience was to me, SC2 has been in decline and that is largely because people just don't enjoy that kind of experience these days. From my point of view sc2 is a down dumbed version of SC1, but for your average players nowadays, sc2 is just way too hard of a game to play. And I honestly don't think we'll ever see a game like sc2 again. Kids wanna hear how awesome they are and they are not willing to put in any time to learn/improve. If they don't have fun/feel good about themselves during their first couple games they will just quit. That's why FPS have moved to CoDish games that constantly tell you "fuck yea dude you are the shit holy fuck I can't believe how good you are" and also dumb their mechanics down to a point where it's not that hard to not be awful. I also think that the success of the MOBA genre is largely due to this. You get gold for killing NPCs and that alone makes you feel good about yourself. You are playing multiplayer and you don't even interact with any other player and yet you get the feel of having accomplished something. Throwing in 4 other teammates that you can blame everything on and the fact that even 1 sided games can take 40 minutes make it so that you don't feel bad about loosing anymore. All of that being said, thank god that publishers have realized that they can make easy money by re-releasing games. I'm not even being sarcastic here. I'd much rather pay another 60 bucks to get an updated version of a really, really good game than deal with all those crappy games that they keep producing nowadays. Most of us are no longer the target audience and even though that sucks and all, at least we are given the chance to replay those old classics from the days when we were the target audience. MCC will be playable online until the Xbox One servers are shut down and as awful as launch was, I'd much rather play those games than waste my time on Titanfall/CoD/battlefield etc. pp.
  5. I guess ODST and Relic were planned as DLC. Kinda feel bad for everyone who will get MCC at Christmas and not any form of compensation. The game has improved a ton since launch, but you don't even play on dedis 99% of the time yet and I don't think that they'll be able to fix it by Christmas. I like the 1 month of gold since mine runs out on the 1st of January, but everything else is pretty meh to me. ODST campaign was kinda fun and I'll play it again, but I absolutely have 0 use for Relic. I never had a problem with playing on it (or you know for the most part get standbyed on it), but they run a freaking competitive league that is in serious needs of more maps. Why not release a couple competitive maps? At least give us Ivory or Middy or BC. The Avatar/Nameplate stuff also means nothing to me. tbh I just want them to fix MCC so I can play CE + H2C on dedis with a good ranking system. If I get some free stuff in the process that's fine, but please 343 fix the game and don't just stop patching once major issues are fixed.
  6. Oh fuck me. Why do they make it so hard for me to enjoy their game? Sometimes it feels like they try to hype you up so you care (static timers) and then they just throw shit at you to make you feel bad about the game (ads, sprint, this shit). I just wanna enjoy a new halo game ffs. From what I have been watching/reading I honestly don't mind not being able to play atm.
  7. Afaik 343 haven't commented on that. I did hear two things though: One being that they weren't able to add new emblems to h2 (if that's the case I don't know why we can't just pick emblems for each game). The other was that they simply didn't have enough time to implement them yet and the targets are just placeholders.
  8. I just hope split won't have the ugly bars on the left and right like every halo since 3. On the 360 you could put your resolution down to 480p to avoid them, on the xone you just have to deal with them.
  9. I play Quake on 105 so for me CE splitscreen is the only pleasing one. It does seem a lot better than h4 though.
  10. Well that's at least something, I didn't know about it. I still want to use CE/H2 style default, though given that hasn't been featured since 3 I won't hold my breath. Would still be nice to see all available schemes. I don't get why they can't just allow us to create our own layout. POV slider would also be sick.
  11. Could someone please take screenshots of all the different control layouts? I really really really don't wanna zoom on LT.
  12. Luckily, you can download patches while it installs so that speeds it up. One of my mates bought an Xbone + MCC when it came out and I think install + downloading the 15 gb patch took a good 3-4 hours. However, you can play campaign while it installs.
  13. Apparently there are two codes: One for downloading the beta and one for unlocking early access. Just search Halo 5 Beta early access on ebay Sadly I was only able to find US only offers and tbh I don't really feel like paying for 3 days.
  14. To those lucky bastards who will be able to play it today: Please don't just grind through games mindlessly. Figure out how many shots it takes to get a perfect kill with each gun. Try changing some of the toggles and see how it affects gameplay. Use all guns and don't just run around with the BR all day. Figure out the length of animations like reload, weapon switching, weapon readiness after using abilities etc. Also if it has the same awful voting system as reach/h4/mcc check if it's always the same gametype in each slot, whether you can change your vote and what happens in ties. Also try to vote for a different gametype/map each time, we should try everything we can to make sure that h5 won't end with the same voting culture as h4 where you play haven all day.
  15. I remember hearing that they were looking to release 3 patches between last Monday and Christmas. 1 of them is out so that leaves us with 2 patches for 5ish days. Somehow I think that won't happen. We should get at least one next week though.
  16. You can download the Halo Channel for Windows 8.1. Other than that nope. It'll probably be on youtube soon though.
  17. Thank god there is no booting for betrayal in CE, makes TS games where your opponents quit fun. This also makes me happy about objective being in the playlist, you can just chill in the hill/with the ball or capture the flag to end the game.
  18. Implying you can play with parties when it launches lmao
  19. Well you do see more of your screen than you do when using BR/DMR
  20. Let's hope this'll be the first halo beta that's not better than the finished product. I still don't understand how Bungie could fuck up Reach so much between beta and release. Also dat h3 beta carbine + br + needler + bxr/bxb.
  21. @@Ascendants @@EonXII I agree with both of you. However, I feel like if their compensation has anything to do with the beta it'll be a week added at the end of the beta or (less likely) a second beta in summer.
  22. Ask 343 if it's ok to raffle it away. Just think of all that sexy traffic.
  23. I felt the same way for like the first 3-4 weeks. Now I just embrace the music :P A decent workaround if you are using the headset adapter is to simply put it on max voice while you que and turn game sound up as your game loads.
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