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  1. "We got dedis we swear" Yea sucks for you that 99% of games have people quit so you get "host migration" when they were host. Most of my games are certainly not played on dedis. Some of the other fixes sound pretty good though. Still no H2 respawn bug, h3 reticle, h3 forge fix, loading screen disconnect/crash and many more. Really happy about the splitscreen voting one though, I played with 4 players on 2 boxes a while ago and it was sooo annoying that we only had 2 votes.
  2. So I just checked the 360 marketplace and Spartan Ops 6-10 is 2.21 GB alone. This might not contain much besides SO.
  3. Well I think there is a difference. He gets a 4v4 in the game he wants and then quits out as he realizes that his team is about to loose. Notice how he wasn't necessarily complaining about 1 sided games (if that was he issue he should quit games where his team is dominating as well) but rather about loosing 1 sided games. Whereas people literally had no other option to play the game they want. Fundamentally, it is the same issue: Quitting because you didn't get what you want. But at least to me, there is a difference between quitting because you didn't get the game you want vs quitting because you don't like loosing. When I soloque I expect to get awful teammates, that's how it's always been in matchmaking. That's what teamque is for. Also got the update, let's hope it's more than just spartan ops.
  4. Well I quit out of the lobby, which usually leads to the game going back to finding more players. I agree though that was pretty hypocritical of me, didn't even think of that.
  5. People like you are ruining the culture of this game. The only situation in which it is fine to quit is when you are down 1v4. What's so bad about staying in a game that you know you are probably going to loose? Making that comeback happen has lead to some of the best Halo games I have ever played. Why are people so scared of loosing, quitting is admitting your failure, staying till the end means that you at least tried everything you could. I honestly don't mind loosing. Like it's a freaking team vs team game, one side is gonna loose no matter what and you are gonna be on that side from time to time (if the mm system is really good 50% of the time).
  6. Just fyi Christmas eve is when you get your presents in some parts of the world.
  7. We'll see a patch this week which will include Spartan Ops. Probably other bug fixes as well.
  8. That's not what I meant. I just thought the reason for both bugs (it ending early + it not ending when 1 team quits) might come from the same source and it might be a p2p issue.
  9. I tweeted this to Brav and they'll change it to TO3 "soon": I think the game randomly ending might have something to do with the game not ending when 1 team quits. It might just be p2p issues, since both MCC CE and CE PC are meant to run on dedicated servers. I think the game not ending one is just a leftover from PC since people can always join the server when 1 team quits.
  10. Oh it is? That's pretty sick, I wasn't able to play and didn't watch a lot. I just figured it wasn't since I saw so many pros accidentally ground pounding while watching streams. Btw does anyone know what time the beta will go live on Monday?
  11. It seems to be gone in the beta, but apparently 343 said it will work in the final.
  12. They did say that they also wanna test DMR start, so I'll imagine that'll be week 3. I think breakout will just be a separate playlist. Also beta has 7 maps. Week 1 is truth and empire. Week 2 is regret and eden. Week 3 will probably be 2 "normal" maps + breakout on crossfire.
  13. Why do you say that with so much anger? For me, that makes h5 and it's beta so much more chill. We get a beta one year in advance, so we should use that chance to give them our feedback. If they discard it or don't change the game into something that I wanna play, well kinda sucks but I'll just keep playing MCC then. Having the backup option of being able to play pretty much every halo online is great. Usually, I'd be really worried right now, but knowing that I'll be able to just play some CE if h5 sucks next year is pretty damn sweet. I know it sucks for the competitive future of this game, but given how dead that part of Halo has been over the past few years, I'm just happy that I'll be able to play some good Halo. I honestly haven't watched many streams, mainly because I need to play it myself to truly judge. From what I have watched, it didn't really change how I feel about this game. Somethings are super awesome (static timers, nading weapons, I honestly don't mind the strafe (thruster), pistol looks viable) while other things scare me a lot (sprint, smart scope/link, zoom on automatic weapons). I'll have to spent 3 weeks with the beta and probably another month with the release version to truly judge, but it looks decent enough for me to want to invest that time into it. They did remove a lot of shit that made me quit Reach/H4 and they added some new crap that I really despise (for example I have never been able to enjoy any game with ADS, I really don't like the aesthetics, I also loved halo zoom for being so clean, but at least it's only cosmetic in this game). I look forward to the beta and the ranking system looks pretty dope (I LOVE sc2's ranking system). Seems like AR needs a huge nerf though, which might turn me off during the first week, however the other two will feature better spawning weapons. I also just watched the latest sprint episode, I won't give as much feedback on it as I did on the other one, but Kevin Franklin being so directly involved in map making felt kinda scary. The changes they made to Crossfire felt so random and creating high ground positions solely for the purpose of ground pounding felt kinda off, high ground is always powerful in Halo even without Ground Pound and it felt like that aspect wasn't even taken into account at all. I also don't get why Art gets to implement almost game breaking features into maps (like that shit top car that shows you whether someone is top car), while I haven't seen any art involvement in crossfire. I honestly would prefer if they'd just make all competitive maps in the style of crossfire (clean geometry) and have the art team go crazy on btb maps. Breakout looks fun as shit though, I could see myself playing that for hours and hours.
  14. Not me, but a friend of mine has the same problem. However, we only play CE/H2C and very rarely a bit of h2a (mainly because it's almost unplayable for him). So I can't say whether h3/h4 lag for him. His connection is 6016 kbit/s down and 576 kbit/s up, so we just blame it on that. Is yours any better?
  15. Starcraft 2 is faced with the same problem as the top 200 spots are Grandmaster. A week or two after the start of each season it put's the top 200 players into GM. The only way for others to get into GM after that is for one of those 200 players to drop out. This can only happen if a player is not active enough over a certain time period. I think this is pretty much the best way to deal with it. Have it be something like 10/20 games per week to stay Pro.
  16. That highly depends on Activision. If they pull another World at War and release a game that is not a clone of AW, H5 is pretty good to go. I honestly think that H4 died due to the game being what it was rather than CoD. H3 competed with MW, arguably the most popular CoD of all time, and did fine.
  17. It depends on what you want from your player base. Excellent map design will have people wanting to play on those maps for forever (see CE). Art will give you a lot of purchases on day 1. I just figured since Reach/H4's biggest problem was retaining players, they'd be focusing a bit more on design over art. Though from what I was able to tell usually the two don't talk that much to each other, so it's good to see that they keep having these meeting to discuss changes that might impact gameplay. It just feels like Art has more to say than Design, which should be the other way around.
  18. So I just watched Episode 3 of "The Sprint": I'm really starting to appreciate Quinn and it honestly seems like the Pros are taken seriously and their feedback is heavily taken into account (see shield thingies top mid on Midship remake or that jump on the other midship remake). However, during these meetings with the art team it feels like they can almost do whatever they want. Like those little things that tell you whether someone is car3. That is not ok from a gameplay perspective. That is a huge nerf to that location as you'll always be able to tell whether someone is there or not. I feel like they need some sort of Senior Pro Player Tester that also attends these Art + Design meetings to further ensure that the art team doesn't ruin anything. I really feel for Design + Testers as they come up and present a good map and are then forced to make compromises with the art team. CE's map maker(s) must have been one of the happiest devs of all time. Also I'm not looking to hate on a guy that is already hated on heavily, but am I the only one who feels like Kevin Franklin would be better suited for a different job? Like put him in charge of BTB map design or have him come up with new "fun" gametypes like Infection. He is obviously out of place when it comes to competitive game design. Other than that I'm really loving these. The little MLG flashbacks always make me smile and it's nice to get some insight. I just wish it wouldn't be solely Design + Playtest + Art. Would love to hear from the sandbox designers. It really feels like at least Quinn and his crew are heavily interested in feedback and actually implementing it, so even though it doesn't look all that good to me atm, I will try to play as much H5 beta as possible and make a huge feedback post at the end of it in the feedback thread.
  19. H5 MP Spartans are Spartan IV's so they are just marines who got promoted.
  20. It'll be huge in size for sure. I'd imagine they'll release 1 patch next week which will include spartan ops. I just hope it'll also include a shit ton of fixes. Halo 2 respawn bug and H3 crosshair might be a huge turn off to many who'll get it on Christmas.
  21. Sounds like MCC matchmaking. I was about to write something similar to that in my responds. Both LoL and CoD have shown that if you throw enough money at a game you can make it huge as an eSport, though given IG's viewership numbers I'm not sure whether MS would be willing to invest so much. Especially given that even though h4's population disappeared really fast, the game still sold well. If we are to use CoD players to push Halo, I agree that convincing them to switch would be the way to go. I honestly think though, that without MS pumping a shit tone of money into tournaments, we can only really hope for one thing: People finally start to get sick of CoD and playerbase + viewership decline. H5 is actually a really good game and a shit ton of people love playing it, which would lead to an increase in halo viewership. In that scenario, I could see many CoD pros switching to Halo. If anything, it's based on SC2. Don't insult Menke and Halo by comparing it to LoL. Even h4 has a bigger skill gap than lol.
  22. Well to be fair, that's the requirements for me to even consider purchasing it. I miss the days when I thought h3 was about as bad as halo would ever get. @overuled: I think the idea certainly has potential, though I have one major issue with it: What kind of CoD fans would tune in to that? Those that care more about the players/teams than the game itself. I don't think many of them would return to h5 when their favorite teams/pros would go back to CoD.
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