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  1. I'm way more upset about MLG forcing them to replay the game. These kind of decisions obviously break one teams mind (in this case TD). TD was obviously gonna win and should have gotten the win. Similar things happened in other eSports as well: Brood War: Jaedong vs Flash, Jaedong up 2-0. They play the third game. Power outage in the entire stadium. Flash goes on to win 3-2. Starcraft 2: Startale vs Prime Teamleague finals: Parting (best ST player) is about to beat MKP (best Prime player) disconnect into regame -> MKP wins and proceeds to rape the rest of Startale. Whatever party was about to win the game pretty much always looses the regame as they are mentally broken. Also 99% sure it was nationals 09.
  2. Are customs broken for anyone else? Just tried for the first time since launch week and boy is it fucked up. First no one is able to change teams, then we tried to let someone else host and then we just gave up and went back to MM as joining was no longer possible.
  3. a) I don't enjoy playing h2a b ) it doesn't even match you with people of the same rank. For now we all have to endure raping people or getting raped.
  4. Oh so that's why it actually works. I was wondering why people didn't shoot me while I was camoed lol. I had gotten so used to it being pretty meh.
  5. So counter-strike kk. Thanks guys. Always felt a gametype like that was more suited towards games with shorter kill times. I do like the 1 live only with buffed dps concept of breakout though. Sounds more fun than all of the gametypes they have added since h2.
  6. T.T that kinda sucks, Though I hope that they'll add the three he mentioned all at once. Cross-game doubles would be so sick. And hardcore is something that is just need so badly. I was lucky enough to play like 10 games of hardcore before it was removed and holy shit it was sooooo much fun. Can't wait for it to be back.
  7. Could anyone enlighten those of us who haven't played cod (or in my case not since 3) what snd is? Is that the one that plays like counter-strike bomb?
  8. I have had it happen like twice in h2c and that was a couple patches ago so I just figured it was fixed. CE has become by far the most enjoyable game in this collection. Doesn't crash, has good netcode, has it's own playlist, good settings, good maps etc. Just wish they'd add a 4v4 playlist for objective and make the "2v2" playlist TS only.
  9. Just out of curiosity as I haven't played since the patch: Is the map loading one still h2a and h3? I used to only play CE and H2C and now I'm only playing CE and I have never encountered it in those two games.
  10. I tweeted him about it as well but never got a responds. Good to see that they are aware.
  11. As in people don't quit anymore or people don't rank up anymore by quitting? Both would be sick. Can't wait for them to add ranks to playlists I actually wanna play.
  12. No offense but that guy is good at best, I met him quiet often both in TS and the CE playlist. Maybe he just had a bad connection to the host when I met him or something.
  13. So I just watched the latest Sprint episode and it's honestly the worst one yet. I was so excited to finally hear from the Sandbox team and all they showed was how they modeled the new rocket launcher. I would have loved to hear them talk about why they implemented which Spartan Ability, why they chose to add a new kind of Rocket, what changes they made to existing Halo weapons, how they came up with melee lunge ranges etc. pp.
  14. Yea I almost always play with at least 1 teammate so that's no problem. Just sent me message saying that you wanna run 2s when you see me online.
  15. Well I played CE PC like 9-10 years ago so I don't know any of the people who still play. I only used XBC for H2 as I don't have NTSC CE and there usually was only 1 US game being hosted anyway. Also I keep running into a guy called OGRE 1 PL. While it's obviously not the real one, he is pretty damn good. A friend of mine joked, saying that they shipped ogre 1 from Australia to Poland so he could play CE lol.
  16. Yea I think I got matched with him, not to sure how good/bad he was though I think I only met him once. I also played with someone called Uncle Sam with the Clantag EU who was pretty good. Talking about EU players (since I think we all keep running into the same people anyway) do you know who Tulashock is? I met him the other day in CE (though the game never loaded T.T) and me and my mate thought the name sounded really familiar. I don't know if we remember him from a montage or from XBC. I think he might be part of a team that played at Gamescom as I remember them practicing h2c on my XBC server. tbh I spent so much time practicing h2 on vista/xbc and practicing double shot before MCC came out and now I can't help but play CE only. Not only has it become the best CE online experience I have ever had, h2c is also pretty meh atm. Respawn bug + hit registration + lack of team hardcore + more smg spawns in h2c (thanks waypoint) leave me with no desire to play h2c. I guess all my friends were right afterall and CE is what it's all about.
  17. Vode is actually one of the 10 competent players I talked about, we played a really nice Damnation koth game. He is already on my friendslist, but I'll add you too. I play MM with a set group of 2-3 friends most of the time though, so hit me up with a message if you wanna run customs as I generally just ignore random invites.
  18. So no DMR start after all? Also would have been nice to get the exact Beta launch time and closing time with their schedule. I really hope it comes out at 00:01 US time so I can start playing on Sunday.
  19. To me, the only real issue with smartlink is that it introduces the concept of ADS to Halo. And just how Sprint was only a AA in Reach and was then turned into something everyone always has, I could see 343 going for full cod style ADS later down the road. However, zooming has always tightened your spread in Halo so the only issue with H5 is that you can zoom in with every weapon. I personally hate the look of ADS as it takes up so much of your screen and I have always appreciated Halo's clean zoom system, but h5's version of ads is way way better than it is in any other fps. I'll have to play the beta myself, but maybe they should just remove it from smg/ar, speed up the zooming animation and give us a option to toggle between classic zoom and ads look. Make ads look default so the cod kids that seem to be more important than actual Halo fans get what they want, while the rest of us can stick to standard halo zoom.
  20. How do you get it to do that? I keep playing EU people only in CE and it's really frustrating. I have met like 10 competent people in that playlist since it launched and most of my games are just one sided stomps. Would be nice to have the chance to meet a pro/good us player. I played CE PC with 150+ ping every game back in the day and had to lead a solid 5 spartan lengths for my pistol to hit anything so I don't really mind. I'd imagine a lot of people have kept their MCCs/re-bought it so they can play the H5 Beta. If 343 manages to fix all major flaws by the time the beta ends (afterall if halo is taken from you you try to play another halo game) I think we could retain more than 10% of initial population. I'm really happy for you and all, but why do you think anyone here cares about your level of education? We are all here because we share a love for competitive Halo, not because we are interested in each others education. For all I care you could be rich as fuck or a homeless person, this is about Halo and Halo only.
  21. Since they added SWAT and CE on a Tuesday, I'd imagine we'll see a playlist update tomorrow. Hopefully some change to CE (either party 3 or max players 4) and Hardcore.
  22. Well that does seem to be a bit extreme. I guess if all his wins were vs Silver 3 and all his losses were vs onyx and higher it might make sense. Probably just the beta being a beta and the playerbase being extremely small for the early access weekend.
  23. If it is anything like Starcraft, it is not only determined by number of wins but also who you won vs. For example, in Starcraft you play 5 placement matches. If you go 4w 1l but all your wins are vs bronze/silver, it will only put you in gold. If those 4 wins were vs gold/platinum it would put you into diamond. I sure hope kills and death both don't matter at all. I'd imagine this ranking is also going to be used for objective and I'd hate to see it rank players high that only slay. Win/loss and who you play against should be all that matters.
  24. This. I had one time while queing h2c when it said "connecting to a dedicated server" before the game started and holy shit it was heaven. I could 4 shot with across beaver creek and all my melee's connected, you can't even do that when you are on host.
  25. Custom game options for CE are really easy to change and the CE playlist pretty much uses the correct gametypes. So if you are too lazy to simply create them yourself, you can just play the CE playlist and then save them as they'll show up as "recent gametypes".
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