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  1. So I just started my download through this weird way of doing it. Tried if you can just search for halo 5 on the marketplace, but that results in 2x MCC + "The Littlest Angel". I hope they don't seriously expect people to dl it this way?
  2. Shadowrun Anniversary in 2017 has been a joke in my circle of friends for a very long time now. That game done as f2p + skins + weapon skins would do so well.
  3. It obviously wasn't, I was simply stating that a 3-4 month pre-release beta 7 YEARS AGO worked better than the latest game they shipped and now we are getting a pre-release version. 343 doesn't get to play the "it's a beta so it's buggy" card when their latest game feels like a alpha 6 weeks after release. But if you want to be that kinda guy: Starcraft WOL and HOTS + LoL + Dota 2 + CSGO all had betas way over 1 year before release that all worked way way way way better than MCC.
  4. The halo 3 beta worked better than MCC. I did not have to restart it once. I could join my friends easily. It had even teams + skill based matchmaking. Even though it was not intended, you could even play customs and they worked better than MCC's. I honestly don't think "it's a beta" is a legitimate excuse.
  5. So given MCC's current state and the fact that this is the night before the beta, I'd say we should all start praying that it actually works. I'm not a men of faith in any way shape or form, and I know that we all have our own opinions on sprint, smartscope, spartan abilities, weapons, maps etc. pp. but I think we can all agree that we want the beta to actually work. I never thought I'd say this, but right now I seriously just want h5 to work. Let me get even games with people on a similar skill level, allow me to play with my friends, have a working ingame chat, decent hit registration and most important of all: I don't want to restart it after every other game. Before MCC came out, I thought I wouldn't spent much time with the beta given that I could play CE/H2C online with the sickest ranking system on dedicated servers. Given how frustrating MCC is to use, I just wanna have a playable Halo game. I fear that even that might be too much to ask for now.
  6. Yea I've had exactly two of those. Was pretty damn awesome when it happened though. I'd say lucky you for your h3 success rate, but I don't even wanna play that game.
  7. Halo 3 has been doing that 90% of the time for me since release week. It did get slightly better a couple patches ago, but that last one made it worse again. If adding Spartan Ops fucks this much up, I'm scared to see what will happen when they add ODST.
  8. Well Bravo said to go to Xbox Support about it, even though it only affects MCC, so I tweeted them. If someone with good internet that has this problem as well would be so kind as to reinstall the game to see if that works we'd highly appreciate it. Well it's listed on the xbox live status page now http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status so I'd imagine they'll fix it soon. Good news for the many people affected. There is a thread about it on the xbox forums and there are even people who got an Xbox for Christmas and can't launch any of the games they got.
  9. A friend of mine has the same issue. I tweetet at bravo and he responded quickly. Will post here when he comes up with a solution. Also just told my friend to try what @@imSabbath suggested. And it didn't work.
  10. H2A has upload usage spikes for some reason. You need >1MB upload to play it atm. Not sure whether 343 has said anything about that yet, I think not.
  11. This game is getting worse by the day: A good friend of mine can't even start it now. Tells him to check is connection. He is online, dashboard works and other games work as well. He had this since yesterday evening when lizard squad struck again. Googling only lead to 1 thread with 0 responses where someone else had the same problem. Good shit 343.
  12. I never had a problem with it when I used it to watch terminals. H2 campaign did not give me the H5 Locke epilogue so I went to the Halo Channel to watch it. I also used it to watch Nightfall + The Sprint both on my 8.1 PC and my Xbone and I never had any problems with it. It did not unlock the armor you get for watching Episode 4 of Nightfall, but I don't care about that anyway. I'd really like to know when we'll see the "spectator" style thingy they hyped it up with.
  13. Way better for commercial to broadcast ratio. Also default Halo gametypes have been 12 mins since h2, so I'd imagine they simply want to make it the same for comp play. I miss the times when settings were made for the purpose of being the most competitive ones rather than being as close to default as possible. No penalty for betray/suicide is a joke same goes for 12 min ball games.
  14. Really? That's bloody awesome. You just saved the evening of 3 people. Thanks!
  15. I can't play halo 3, it crashes almost every time it loads the map lol. But it's not just MCC, ingame chat has been laggy for me in every single XBO games. Reconnecting my Headset adapter has worked though. But since 343 made it so that you can't even hear your teammates in post-game loading screen + stat-screen I really liked party chat. It also allows you to re-invite your teammates quiet easily. Plus since you have to wait for everyone to be able to press B before you can back out of the stat-screen in a party since the last patch, you literally need party chat to play in a party. 343 can be glad that most games nowadays are just shit to me. I can't enjoy Destiny/CoD and even CS GO is no fun to me and Quake is almost dead, while I SC2 is only fun if you play alone. So I'll stick with this broken mess. @T3D Pacifist: Party chat is the only thing that has been working consistently for me on this console. And since today even that is broken. One of my teammates says it doesn't switch his chat to party so he keeps talking in lobby despite being in a party. Guess it's time for us to use Skype on the PC for chat.
  16. Well fuck Lizardsquad jesus fucking kids. Even though XBL is working again, I can't get party chat to work. Ingame chat stops working after 1 game. This fucking console.
  17. 1 week after they announced that he tweeted that he was currently at Rare. I think he spent a couple days at 343 max. Hopefully he left some of those "top MS programmers" behind that they were talking about.
  18. https://twitter.com/JoshingtonState/status/547807812588302336 I like the preload, especially for a friend of mine with an awful connection. What I don't like is it starting at 6 p.m. EU time. I don't have anything to do that day and was looking forward to playing it all day. Oh well all night is also fine.
  19. So we can blame h4 on Reach's "momentum"? Cool. Also got standbyed into lag booted for the first time last night. Now it's exactly as I remember it.
  20. I have had issues with ingame chat with every single Xbox One game I have played with friends (Titanfall, Destiny, MCC). Party chat is the only thing that "works" on this console. @everyone being as frustrated about party play as I am since this last patch: You can ensure that you stay with your party + actually get into a game without having to restart: Just have your entire party wait in the stat screen until everyone is able to press b (it usually takes like a minute or two for the party leader). If everyone presses b at the same time you stay with your party and you can find a game again. Also restart your build every time it gives you the joining session... into nothing happens bug. From my experience once you get that you'll never find a game again. I was really frustrated yesterday, but by following these two rules we have been able to play for 5 hours straight right now.
  21. Well those 7 GB might replace existing code which would mean that the beta is still 10 GB. I just hope having a patch this big means that the bloody thing will actually work. Preload for those of us who weren't in preview would also be nice.
  22. Yea about that... Destiny doesn't even have splitscreen.
  23. If it works like the h3 beta did with crackdown I might throw my one out of the window if I have to restart it as much as MCC. I really don't feel like closing h5 -> launching mcc -> launching h5. If only this damn console could play two games at once like they advertised...
  24. So does anyone know the exact time when we'll be able to start downloading the beta? I honestly don't care about sprint/ads/spartan abilities anymore, I just wanna play a Halo game that works.
  25. I think I have finally reached my breaking point with this game. I have stayed positive ever since it came out and I have played at least a couple of hours every day. I even tried to find games during the darkest of times, I even kept trying to make it work with a party when it was almost impossible to find a game with a party. But this last patch is just way too depressing. Before the patch everything was fine. CE worked consistently, even on shitty hosts, we would stay in a party game after game and we only had to restart our build once every other hour. It started to actually be a lot of fun. Yes it would sometimes get stuck joining/creating teams/loading and ingame voice chat was still a joke, but I could legitimately sit down in the evening and play some Halo with my friends and have a good time. Every other game besides CE was still shit, whether that's awful shot registration (h2c) or 95% chance of failing to load the map (h3/h2a). But I could sit down and play CE online and it almost felt like rediscovering a game I fell in love with oh so long ago. But this last patch fucked the game up so hard. CE is in this weird state where within the same game sometimes I have really nice shot registration (and I do actually appreciate that they added more leading) and then from one second to the next even my grenades and rockets don't register. Party leader changes after every game and whoever is leader has to wait a solid 2 minutes to "upload statistics". You can choose to bring your party back when quitting matchmaking and yet anyone who is off host will keep searching while the host sees them in their lobby. This leads to everyone having to restart their build. Every other game it lags 1 person out of MM as it finds a game, it still gets stuck joining session/creating teams and what not. And when we tried to play custom games no one was able to change their team. Even custom games worked when the fucking game launched. Why didn't they simply fix h2c hit code + respawn bug and made some stability + roster improvements? Why do you have to add Spartan Ops when everything else is still fucked? Why do you have to touch CE netcode again when it worked so nicely? Me and my friends will try again tonight, but if it's as fucked as yesterday I'll come back after the beta (if that even works). I spent 7 weeks trying to stay positive and I tried to play this game every day, but enough is enough. It actually got way way way worse with this last patch. I played 3 games of Starcraft 2 yesterday and I had such a great time because the fucking game actually worked. I am so used to analyzing the shit out of games and criticizing them down to the length of animations that I never imagined that the game not working would ever be a problem. No other console game has ever crashed on me, the fucking halo 3 beta worked 100 times better than MCC does now. I didn't even expect them to fix it by Christmas, but apparently even expecting a new patch to not make things worse was too much to ask for.
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