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  1. And you are basing your statements on something 343 has not said: That what we saw in the trailer represents the SA's ingame. So you are cirtizing someone for actually believing our only reliable source while basing your arguments on something implied by said source but never explictely stated?
  2. Then I honestly have no idea why it even matters. That means someone double shoting you with a scuff is about the same as someone double shoting you while clawing with the small difference that the clawing is harder on your hands. I mean if you complain about people being able to use their fingers for what most people use their thumb for you might as well start complaing about bumper jumper being a loadout in halo 3. Double shoting will still be hard to learn and a hard timing to master, and like 90% of the population have never been able to double shot or are so rusty that they are having a hard time doing it. Being able to use different fingers won't magically confront us with thousands of double shooting 12-year-olds like modded controllers would do. It does make it easier to pull of in combat (just like clawing does) but I mean I don't see much of an issue in kid's parents spending 150 bucks on a controller where anyone else can just hold their controller differently if they feel like they are at an disadvantage. And for all we know there will be universal control schemes (or free maping) and I'd bet cash that there is one with reloading on a bumper which would pretty much achieve the same thing (atleast for dub shoting).
  3. So I quit Halo at like the start of Reach and afaik Scufs didn't exist back then or atleast I wasn't aware of their existence. From what I understand after looking at the website, you can only map individual buttons to the back side, right? So you could have abxy on the back. Which obviously removes all of claws advantages and makes any button glitch easier, obviously. But from what I'm reading here it sounds like you could get yourself hole combos on the back so e.g. double shoting with only pressing one button. If that is actually possible with a scuff., why the fuck are pro teams partnering with them? It's obviously cheating. If they work as I understand they do from their website I don't see all the fuzz about them. Yea they make things easier but it doesn't sound like a free everyone can dub shot card. Also if they actually allow you to map sequences to one button: Don't buy that shit we should in fact pray that that company has to file for bankcruptcy soon and any tournament should ban their controllers asap.
  4. You mean the 40kish who still play reach/4? Halo 2 had a higher XBL population a few weeks before H3 came out than those two combined. I think it's safe to assume that AA free Halo is more popular than Halo with AAs. Honestly, I think we are overinterpreting a CGI trailer. I think they wanted to show that Multiplayer is Arena and competitive. They explained SAs by comparing them to Dualwielding and Boarding so I hope that they are closer to that and father away from jetpack/sprint. And I mean Shadowrun has certainly proved that you can do abilities without having an awful game. Plus worst case we'll just keep playing h1/h2 in MCC. I'd atleast wait until we see some actual inengine footage showing crap like the ground pound before we freak out. And again they are giving us H1/H2 on dedicated servers and as much as I want H5 to do with Halo what CSGO did with CS I feel a lot less stressed out about Halo 5 being good than I was before reach/h4 as I can just go back and play some good Halo if I don't like 5.
  5. This really really really sucks. I already felt like waiting 1 day when H3 came out was tough to bear, but 3!? This is almost as bad as waiting for about a week until Halo 3 Beta and watching stats on Bungie.net while some people were already playing. Thanfully though, MS has not yet implemented any kind of IP region lock on downloading content from other marketplaces so I'll just buy this from the US marketplace on the 11th.
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