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  1. As many others have said before, tough choice. Gotta go with map design though. Coming from one game (starcraft 2) where a feature fucks map design hard (forcefields), I'm just sick of getting maps fucked by features that were awfully designed. And just like SC2, the developer is too fucking stubborn to take it out despite the majority of the community wanting them to do so.
  2. Just let me tell you this: Your final H2 montage from 2010 has got to be my most watched Halo Montage of all time. I'm not sure whether it's my favorite one as their are other amazing tages like itwasluck's 6th, Gunshot M2, walshy M2, Talent under the Influence and many more. But your final h2 montage, at least to me, was the ultimate form of saying goodbye to Halo 2. Every song and even the clips just gave me this feeling of "good damn it you magnificent son of a bitch of a game why does it have to be over now!?" and I have kept watching it over the years partially to remind myself of the great times I have had in h2 but mainly to be sad that it's gone. Word, before I had XBL and knew about XBC I used to spent entire weekends playing nothing but 1v1 Lockout with my best friend. There is just something about it that makes you wanna play it over and over and over again. I'm not a fan of the music used, but all your montages (including the XBC ones you talked about) just give me this certain feeling of "holy fuck do I love halo 2" and I always have a great time watching them. H2's hit registration and especially the fucking respawn glitch combined with 343 removing Hardcore have killed most of my desire to play h2 so I have been spending pretty much all of my MCC time in CE lately, but you really make me wanna play some halo 2 right now. And for that I truly thank you and also for giving me so many amazing montages over the years. Keep up the good work!
  3. What really confuses me is why does sprint have to be in every gamemode when they separate "Arena" from BTB? If BTB truly has loadouts, class abilities and other stuff it'll play differently from other modes anyway. Why does Sprint (and other SAs) have to be the same across all modes, when other things aren't? You have acknowledged that Halo has a very diverse fan base with different needs, you even split MP into "Arena" and "BTB", please also acknowledged that a mix of competitive features (weapon nading, static timers, equal starts, low aim assist) and "modern fps features" (ads, sprint) is not enough. Split this shit up. Put all the stuff that BTB players want in their gamemode. Give them all their sprint. Hell for all I care you could even make a "casual arena" that is not btb but still includes sprint, ads and if Keven Franklin wants even fucking ordnance. But make a true Arena FPS if you are serious about eSports. Make that CE2 that we have been asking for for so long. If you're gonna separate, you might as well go full separation mode.
  4. I totally agree with the promo series thing, but the second part of your post made me smile. Both Warcraft 3 and Bloodline Champions had ingame tournament systems. So you could literally play a tournament from the comfort of your home through the game itself.
  5. Literally nothing besides bug fixing + polishing + balancing happens during the final year of development. Beta pretty much means that most things are set in stone. They have been using the very core set of abilities since over 1 year ago (source: the sprint). They won't remove/add much of anything. We'll only see tweaks.
  6. I do agree that it should not be an option to go for the body shot (unless you know a teammate is very near by as it simply promotes teamwork in that case), but don't you think that this should be forced by quick kill times rather than the fucking weapon taking forever to finish it's animation? While it does take a while for the CE pistol to get ready, from my experience the fact that the pistol kills so quickly is the main reason why snipe body shot + pistol headshot isn't viable in CE. Whereas in h5, the issue is that switching from Snipe to BR takes like two seconds. In general, I feel like animations are really weird in h5. The pistol has the sickest switching animation and it's pretty much instantly ready, while the BR and especially the snipe take forever. I think a player should be limited by his reaction time, hand-eye coordination, aim etc. but not by the length of animations. You obviously need some sort of penalty for switching weapons, but nothing that takes more than half a second.
  7. So if I want to play a console arena fps I should play mobas, an rts or a card game (or maybe a raped version of a great tactic fps)? I'm not denying the fact that PC devs generally care more about eSports & their communities than AAA console devs. But that doesn't really change the fact that Arena FPS fans (and especially Console Arena fps fans) have nothing to play. MCC is the only arena fps on the One. On the PC side UT is making a comeback and 2GD might eventually release Reborn. I think despite it's flaws and pointless features from Military FPS, h5 is still more Console Arena FPS than anything that has come out since Shadowrun.
  8. I just don't see how that'll lead to more then "well that's because of the controller + 60 fps". Maybe take every OG version and compare it to the MCC version in the same way to show that it's only an issue with h3?
  9. I guess I agree that it feels different from OG h3 other MCC games. I have been playing on 5 since CE (and did so in every 360 Halo and every game in MCC) and as I said I changed from 5 to 3 in MCC H3. I just don't see how you'd wanna show that. Take OG h3 and mcc h3 with same sens, do a 180 and count frames?
  10. Why would you ever judge a ranking system based on placement games? I totally agree that the way placement games work are completely broken right now, but that's such a small part of the system. Placement games simply determine your starting point within the system. So rather than starting at the lowest possible point (like h2/h3), you start where the game things you might belong after 10 games (again this is really fucked up atm). After that your entire progression is based on winning and loosing. Now imagine they would have set searching parameters really close, so if you are say Gold 2 you can only get matched up vs other Gold 2s and High Gold 1/Low Gold 3. Throw in some time and and you should get 95% close games if you are where you belong. I'm fairly sure this is how it'll be in the final. If this system works correctly you will eventually reach a point where your rank doesn't really change anymore. If this system gets working placement games + matchmaking with small search parameters + everyone plays 100+ games in each playlist, you will see things like Gold 3 being significantly better than Gold 2. And you will be "stuck" at a certain rank as your w/l ratio will get very close to 50/50. This system is meant to put you where you belong, not allow you to grind from min rank to max rank.
  11. I got placed into pro after going 9-1 in Breakout placements. I think placement games are utterly broken atm. Once you hit Semi-Pro you see your "MMR" (matchmaking rating). 1500 is the minimum to be semi-pro. You increase your MMR by winning and it decreases by loosing. The 200 people with the highest MMR get placed into Pro. So what you need to get Pro depends on what rating the lowest pro has.
  12. Holy shit that sounds really awesome. I'd imagine the other 9 players it matches you with also have to be in promo for the same league?
  13. Seasons are a must with this kind of ranking system, though I hope they do it like starcraft where it doesn't reset your MMR so you only have to play 1 placement game at the start of the season where it puts you in a league based on your performance from the previous season. Would you care to explain what exactly the promo series is? I played like 3 games of LoL.
  14. I could honestly see them deliberately fucking it up with the pre-christmas patch (xbl was down anyway, and it was known beforehand that it would be) and then waiting till the end of the beta to give us the sickest 10 GB fix that actually makes it decently playable. /conspiracy So I have only played a couple games of h3 in MCC, maybe like 10 or less, as the game keeps crashing for me since the 2nd or 3rd patch whenever it comes up in MM. I did notice that the sticks felt way way more sensitive in a way so I had to go from 5 to 3 sens. Not sure if I can get you what you want, but what would I be looking for?
  15. I think this is for several reasons that might be fixed in the final, as well as you maybe not understanding what a system like h5's is supposed to do: First of all, this system is to find out where you belong in this ranking system. Unlike h2/h3, you are not meant to grind from 1 to 50 and then create a new account. This system is meant to get you to a point where you go 50/50 or at least something very close to that. It's only purpose is to make sure that you consistently play very, very close games. Ideally you'd eventually reach a certain rank and not really move around all that much. As the beta seems to have very high priority on getting you in a game no matter what, this doesn't work all that well atm. I'd imagine they'll tighten the search range in the final so you'll play people that are in the same league as you are. Another issue is, that placement games feel broken. You should never ever be able to get anything above Onyx 1 from placements alone, and even that should only be possible if you win all 10 games. And even besides that, K/D seems to be all that matters during placements, while movement within the ranking system is mainly determined by win/loose and how hard you stomp your opponents. I think the fact that you can see your MMR once you hit semi-pro is enough motivation. Trust me, a couple months after launch (if this game keeps it's population) there'll be a huge difference between 1500 semi-pro, 1700 semi-pro etc. pp.
  16. Well I think we kinda do agree then, I just want them to do all the things you listed + keep spread same when zooming. I just don't see them doing all of that.
  17. They would have to nerf the AR way more than they will for AR + Pistol to be fine with me across the board. Remove the zoom, or at least have it actually spread while zoomed in and why the fuck does an automatic weapon have a headshot bonus? If they nerf the AR to a point where it's a close - mid range spray and pray weapon like it's supposed to be then it's fine with me. It worked in CE because you could outskill a assault rifle with a pistol at any point in the game and the AR was actually useful for quick camo and meleeing. Neither of the latter two matter in h5. Obviously AR fans want their gun to be viable vs pistol/br so as I said, we should just have gametypes like we had in previous halos. This is all just for random MM. Competitive play should either be pistol spawn, DMR + Pistol or BR only (if they reduce BR bullet magnetism/aim assist). In Starcraft 2 (which this system is highly based off) you can only get up to Diamond (Onyx) from placement and even that is only possible if you win all of them. I played all my 10 breakout placement games with my gf and I got 1790 Pro while she got gold 1, that shit is fucked up. Once you have a ranking it seems like winning/loosing is the only thing that really matters and your personal game performance only affect points by 2-3 max, while how hard you rape them as a team determines points way more. However, during placements it almost seems like K/D is all that matters (I was main BR guy during the games and even got a killing frenzy during one of the games). You should never ever get semi-pro or better after placements and your league should be determined the same way the amount of points you gain/loose is determined, not purely through K/D/A.
  18. Oh boy do I pray that they keep BR gametype = BR + Pistol spawn. tbh I don't even see why we still fight over this (we being the Halo community in general). Obviously there are plenty people who prefer either way so let's keep it the same way we have always kept it: Have TS include Team Slayer and Team Slayer BRs. The only thing that should be changed from previous games is that objective and BTB should be 100% BR start. 343 could just buff pistol damage + zoom range and have us spawn with pistol only, though. Kinda related to this: Am I the only one who misses Human Slayer, Rifle Slayer etc. from h2?
  19. You are underestimating how many people are playing halo outside the states. However, you would have to be allowed to pick your region (or have it be like dota 2 where you can choose which regions to include when you search). In MCC I get 90% EU and while I appreciate the lag-free experience, I'd love to have the option to search for Americans to play vs better players. Whenever the game has 20k or less population you'd also need to choose regions. I'd love to have this, by far my favorite thing about Titanfall.
  20. Early access was 10G. Then they patched 7 GB, though those replace existing stuff. Final beta is still 10G total. I'm not sure whether I should be looking forward to it working since they release such a huge patch, or if I should be scared that they had to replace 3/4th of the game.
  21. Pretty much every dere game I play. Can someone explain to me why noobs keep voting for it? Every time it comes up I try really hard to make any other map happen as I know they'll just quit at around 30 when they get sick of getting spawn killed. Yet they keep voting dere like it's lockout.
  22. They are trying pretty hard. If the beta is really good I'll buy it digitally on release day, if not I'll wait to see how people feel about the final. Either way I won't preorder another Halo game after the last few were so disappointing (and in MCC's case not even working).
  23. 67% and counting. You can pin it to home so I'd imagine that you can launch it without launching MCC, like the early access version. Just in case you have to restart it as often as MCC I was really scared that I'd have to start MCC every fucking time. Would really suck going: Quit the build -> Start MCC -> Start H5 Beta.
  24. Easily best fps on 360. Sucks that what is left of the population has decided that body clearing is so bm that you get kicked for it. I remember playing it a ton during the Halo 3 days until shortly before Reach came out.
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