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  1. I would imagine that there hasn't been any update on this situation? I still own several 360 copies so I don't need the PC version to play, but since shadowrun doesn't have splitscreen it'd be super awesome if I could just install it on a few pcs to play it when friends are over. Wouldn't it be possible to upload some game files from someone who's game is registered and put those into my game folder to make the game think I activated it?
  2. They pretty much have to do that at this point. Or at least offer it for free for a weekend like Sunset Overdrive. Population is really small atm and you need some sort of way to let everyone know that it's fixed to get them back playing. Thank god we are back to written updates, I prefer them over those ******** videos that don't really do anything.
  3. I still believe that MCC will eventually get fixed. I enjoy CE and H2C more than pretty much any other fps so to me the wait is worth it. I also recently discovered JRPGs as a genre that I really enjoy, so I'm spending some of my gaming time with games like Lost Odyssey and classics like Chrono Trigger and FF VII. I'm also a huge fan of Starcraft so I recently got back into laddering it up in that game. It just sucks that I don't really have any nice games to play with my friends atm, so for the most part we try to que MCC. Sadly, that mainly leads to few games and most of them being frustrating for several reasons. We do have some nice conversations in the process though so I'm not even mad. I have played Halo since 04 when I started of on the PC. I eventually saved up for an Xbox to play Halo 2 and then for a 360 to play it over XBL rather than XBC (credit cards weren't as common in Germany back then and they were mandatory for XBL on the original xbox). I played a shit ton till like mid 09 when I got sick of h3. I tried to come back for Reach but eventually couldn't stand playing it anymore and my enjoyment of h4 lasted for about 2 weeks. I have been offered the chance to play two of my favorite games of all time again, and two months of a broken game are simply not enough to kill my desire to play them. I'll wait till it's fixed. Halo has always been my favorite game to play with my group of friends and I kinda regret quitting it, despite the games becoming more and more shitty. We were never able to find another game that we enjoy playing together as much as Halo and now that I/we get a second chance of enjoying the Halo we love, I won't give up on it that easily.
  4. But but but Message is so fast that the human eye can't see it
  5. Is anyone here familiar with how these kind of surveys are evaluated? I would love to know more details on how these kind of things are utilized. I highly doubt that there is someone at 343 dedicated to reading through all of them. I'd imagine they'd use some sort of median for all of these rate from 1-5 questions. Would be interesting to know whether they read all of the parts that include writing some form of text. Either way, I really enjoy doing these and I hope that 343 will do a lot more.
  6. You can literally say that about every game besides Quake. UT is a joke compared to Quake. CS is a joke compared to UT. CoD is a joke compared to CS. Warcraft 3 is a joke compared to Brood War. SC2 is total crap compared to BW. And don't even get me started on what the whole MOBA Genre is compared to War3/BW/SC2. I just wish they'd make some form of Shadowrun Anniversary. That game was one of the very few games that moved in a different direction. While games and genres in general become more and more dumbed down, Shadowrun is far superior to H2 and H3 and all other console fps of it's time.
  7. Pretty much all PC games that have survived for a very long time (1.6, brood war, quake) saw very little changes to the actual game. BW received it's last balance patch in like '01 and was then balanced via maps created by tournament organizers. There is a reason 1.6 is called 1.6 and that game didn't even receive many new maps for comp play. Quake Live is pretty much Quake 3 with a bunch of minor balance changes. Dev support was never needed to begin with. Halo was at it's peak without dev support. SC2 was arguably bigger before Blizzard became heavily involved. BW never really got any dev support and before the current age of eSports, it was arguably the most developed scene. With tons of team houses with dedicated coaching staffs + management, huge companies involved and 2 TV channels almost solely dedicated to broadcasting the game. All of that without any support by Blizzard, in fact they eventually got sued by Blizzard. Riot has managed to create a scene by throwing enough incentives at players to watch tournaments and also throwing a shit ton of money at it. The fact that their game is down dumbed to a point that my grandma could play it also helps a lot. While eSports is moving more and more towards dev run crap, you DO NOT need dev support ever with any game. Hell Smash even had Nintendo shut down streams and they are doing far better than Halo. It seems to me like you always have an excuse when comparisons are made. Smash is different since it's Nintendo, other games since they are run on PC. We have all 3 top Halo games on a disc. IMO that's all we ever needed. Yes it will be small as fuck at first, hell it'd even be competition to HCS and share viewership with that. But if the scene is dedicated enough we could grow it to become huge again. Before 343 became involved, the plan was to use H2C as the main game and maybe run some CE for 2s on the side. Let's go back to that plan. Hell we could even start of by being 95% online first and having rather small tournaments with like 2-5 LANs per year. That's something that can grow. And it won't get fucked whenever a new game comes out that is inferior. But it seems like the community has gotten used to adapting to the new game (just go back a few months and check the threads about using h2a as the tourney game simply because of dev support and it being new).
  8. Melee is actually not the only example. Starcraft Brood War was a game that pretty much died down to a very small scene once Warcraft 3 was released. Except for South Korea where the game continued to grow and eventually peaked around this point: In 2012, Blizzard released Starcraft 2. Kespa (Korean organization in control of professional brood war) was sued by Blizzard around that time for never paying them anything for using their game. As a result, Kespa and the three major leagues in Korea (two individual leagues run by cable companies and a team league run by both) stuck with BW. Blizzard partnered with GOMtv (online tv channel) to create a Starcraft 2 league. Blizzard eventually managed to persuade Kespa to switch from Brood War to Starcraft 2 in 2012. The final Ongamenet Starleague (OSL) for Brood War had this kind of viewership for its' finals: A GSL finals held around the same time looked like this: While both of them had nice crowds, it is obvious that Brood War was still far bigger. MBCGame (the channel running the MSL and part of Proleague) was shut down in 2011 as the parent company MBC wanted to replace it with a Music channel. Ongamenet decided to drop Starcraft 2 after 2 OSL's and one season of proleague, as viewership was abysmal and League of Legends started to really grow in Korea. During all of that, Brood War became an underground game that was mainly run in online leagues with retired pros playing. But one man, known as Sonic, had a dream to revive Brood War in Korea. Now let's take a look at the average viewership at OGN who decided to pick Sonic's Starleague (this is only for the studio part, usually at around 7 p.m. local time on work days): Point is, it is always possible to return to an older game, especially if it was more popular. Smash is not the only scene, and I truly believe that halo could do the same. Yes we won't get 343 support, but so what? HCS viewership has actually been going down and I think that we could grow the scene from a very small one to something huge (50k+ peak viewers). Yes I'd probably take a while. And yes the debate over which game to play would be huge. I have personally always liked the concept of using CE-H3 in the same series ever since MCC was announced. However, I highly agree with someone who said that the halo meta itself is becoming an issue. I don't know why that is, but people seem to love playing stalemates. Quicker timers might help, but I think that there is a problem in the competitive meta itself. I don't quite get why people are so contend with just setting up on one half of the map and shooting people no shield over and over again, but that is probably one of our biggest issues. It applies to all Halo games besides CE. I complained a lot on here about 343 dictating h2a, but people were always telling me how important dev support was and that we couldn't attract new viewers with older games. Well, dev support didn't help much and we are actually loosing existing viewership atm. Let's ignore 343, get some polls going and choose a game. We have all the games we need in MCC.
  9. So? We can all agree that a full price game gets 90+% of it's population within the first few weeks after release. Win 10 is to come out in autumn. Let's assume that h5 will actually come out on Win 10 and that they won't wait more than a year after the One release. That pretty much means that H5 for Win10 would come out within the 1 year upgrade period. H2V came out soon after Vista at a point where no one could upgrade for free and very few were willing to move away from XP. You also do realize that you can have more than one OS installed? Why would any gamer not install Win 10 within the 1 year period? And even if it's only to get DX 12 which is likely to be 10 exclusive. To me that seems like the situation will be better than it was with H2V and that was all I was saying.
  10. Not disagreeing with TSM being a pretty big org in eSports, but that list has to be BS. It has TSL at 5 and that team didn't even have it's players under contract, let alone on salary. It's reputation is solely based on being founded by an amazing Starcraft 1 coach who unfortunately sucked at handling a business. The team survived for about 2-3 years and eventually shut down.
  11. With one very significant difference: Win 10 will be free for all Win 7+8 users. H2V's biggest fault was Vista being an awful OS and a lot of people wanting to stick with XP back then. Throw in that it is a shitty port that is almost unplayable with M/K and the result shouldn't shock anyone.
  12. I don't know, to me that sounded more like "and these are the things we'll fix in the near future". I honestly don't get this company. Before an update comes out we never really know what it's going to fix. Then they give us patch notes, but those never include all the things they change. How hard can it be to code a patch + release actual patch notes? I'm just glad that I'll be able to run Hardcore again. I know that CE is 3v3 (now with 3 ppl party size), but that should get fixed soonish and it sucks to only play Team Slayer when queing with a party of 3/4. Between h3 almost never loading for me, h2a being unplayable for a friend of mine and poor H2 settings, it's just a frustrating experience. I agree that they should fix h2c hit reg asap (and the fucking respawn glitch), but I really really wanna play hardcore with my friends so I'm glad it's coming back so soon (can't believe I used the word soon).
  13. @OG Xbox Controller on XB1 discussion: I got myself the Chronus with an amazon giftcard I got for christmas. I'll solder myself an USB cable into my Xbox S Controller when I have time. Will post in this thread to share results. It should work given that there are drivers to use it on the PC and the Chronus handles the rest.
  14. Acutally it's Multiplayer achievements, not fixes today. Next week is UI + "a variety of other areas".
  15. Jep. I haven't played ranked in like a month as I have no desire to play h2a. I went into MCC yesterday briefly to see if they changed CE party size to three and my rank was reset to 1 (4 before). Besides some slow downs during cutscenes, during the first two levels and the fact that a lot of things in CE are locked to 30 fps, mine runs pretty smoothly @60fps.
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