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  1. http://www.twinge.tv/halo/streams/#/19205379760 There is a fancy graph of the viewcount.
  2. That throw back to the Walshy quote was amazing. Can't believe it brought back so many memories.
  3. Im still having war-style flashbacks to Roy telling everybody to push.
  4. We are collectively called the cum dumpster, please show us respect.
  5. I feel like I would be the villain if I ever rooted against a team like Team Randa
  6. I played the beta all day yesterday, here is my feedback that has probably been said by others: Sprint: Shields not recharging is a step in the right direction, but infinite sprint is still not cutting it. In my experience the only time I see people sprint is as soon as they spawn to get to a weapon and then after that only to run away. Why keep it in and thruster if its only use is running away? Zoom delay is really really frustrating Maps are pretty good Callouts for spawn on weapons is cool, but a bit overdone. When sniper is coming up I think there are 6 things announced if you pick it up immediately Clamber is pretty cool Lack of autoaim is really good. Ranks are addicting Probably more feedback after I play all night. These are my initial feelings though.
  7. The same thing happens on Pit Slayer, Construct Slayer and Guardian slayer when it was still in the circuit. Its an issue of Slayer on maps with sides that are easily defendable. I also dont really consider it an issue. Close matches are the most entertaining, even if there is a bit of down time.
  8. That BTH push was incredible. Somebody on str8 suicided or betrayed. I wish we could get a replay on that.
  9. I wonder if Purple Rain is going to break up after this unexpected placing.
  10. Anybody got an updated graphic for the bracket? Even a crude one in paint will do
  11. I wouldnt be opposed to it if it was an option. But without more community support, I dont think any H2 is an option.
  12. Yes, but it was only readded because of a lot of community backing. Hopefully we can get a similar response this year!
  13. You guys could go make civil posts on the SDA forum if you would like to voice your opinion. https://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/agdq_2015_game_submissions__due_date_is_september_3rd_1159_edt_156.html I really thought it had a pretty good chance with MCC and the hype to community has gotten.
  14. My teammate and I were also hit off by godzly in gamebattles. Who even cares about GB that much in 2014?
  15. If they didnt include the patch that fixed sword flying, then BXB and BXR wouldnt be possible. Trust me, I want swordflying more than anybody else, but its just not going to happen.
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