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  1. I started playing while snapping an app about a month ago and havent gone back to full. not as good as splitscreen, but it helps I think
  2. 100% agree with this The best feeling is making that come back and there's been games where both my teammates quit and I keep playing 3v1, you never know...
  3. This is what I've been feeling post-patch. I get 3d a lot and I feel like I'm stuck in mud and can't react quick enough. I have a pretty bad internet speed so it could have to do with that. Its like strafing for me is useless
  4. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I picked up camo and it didn't show up. xboxdvr.com/FunkeeFigure/ab49b01f-9299-4f0c-8320-7784b6fdaeb7 This happened to my friend as well in a different game...
  5. What?? H1 feels terrible and I would rather have an xbc version than what we have now. I guess some people don't remember how H1 used to play...
  6. tbh I disagree, if they add an h1 playlist without making drastic improvements to the netcode then I'd rather not have it yet. 2v2 is very competitive already without ranks, so having to deal with a inconsistent netcode and tons of bugs will make it feel worse than it already does. I'd rather wait and get a better netcode to play 2v2 for the next 5 years than they release it now and forget about it after the h5 beta comes out
  7. I don't blame them, CE 4v4 is really fun, so is ffa. Ideally we should get 2v2 ranked and 4v4 social I'd be extremely surprised if casuals stick with the 2v2 playlist after the first few weeks. IMO, the more casuals that get into CE the better chance of competitive CE staying alive.
  8. That was me and its the LEAST they can do at this point. Who knows if Microsoft will actually spend the money tho
  9. The very least 343 could do for us after they fix this mess is give us dedicated servers for customs
  10. Thats the worst part about this whole mess If the launch went great and there were minimal issues with mm then CE would be focused on more.
  11. I think its a good sign the CE playlist was delayed, it means 343 is at least privy to some of the netcode issues and hopefully they see our issues and suggestions. It really comes down to time and money if these problems will be fixed. Bravo did use the word "investments" when he announced the CE playlist was going to be delayed after launch. Which to me, means they are using more time and money on CE.
  12. What i don't understand is why CE doesn't have a competitive playlist like H2C, H3, and H2A? All they have to do is make a dedicated 4v4 CE playlist and a hardcore 2v2 CE playlist
  13. agreed, what sucks is that the launch playlists are the base and there's not really any room to remove some that don't have the population and add new ones. Basically if they add 4v4 CE they have to add other playlists to each game too.
  14. CE 4v4 definitely deserves its own playlist, hopefully they add it in later on after they fix all of the issues with CE
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