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  1. I would argue that it still wouldn't solve the map issues due to how the sandbox is designed. The sandbox and weapon design is what makes everything else work, and even with fast spawning, static power items on extremely vulnerable points of the map, as you suggest, the issues would still remain. In fact, placing them in vulnerable points on the map would likely exacerbate the issue. The problem with post-CE Halo games and their maps is the ease of gunplay and slow TTK. Everything else stems from this. High aim assists combined with slow TTK leads to the inevitability of what I call "teamshot Halo," where the only effective strategy is to have more guns pointing at an enemy player than they have pointing at you. Essentially, an individual player cannot be effective against multiple opponents without a power weapon. The dynamics of static powerups don't work very will with that, because a powerup can only be used by 1 person. If 1 person is forced to grab a powerup in a vulnerable position, they are essentially exposing themselves to even more extreme teamshot with zero ability to fight back. The game would still stagnate into stalemates around those powerups, because any individual who attempted to reach the powerup would get melted.
  2. Creek has always felt too random for my taste, and conversely I've always enjoyed Rat Race. Derelict is decent on LAN, but online it's nearly unbearable with the registration issues compounding the inherent snowballing on that map. Same is true of Hang Em - I like it on LAN, online it's nearly unplayable. Prisoner is probably the purest manifestation of core CE; pistol and nades, weapon timing and spawn control. Making a mistake with any one of those components can sway the match in an instant. I'm not saying that means it's perfect, but if you wanted to see the most granular example of the components that make CE work, 2v2 prisoner is probably it. Also, like @Aphex Twin mentioned above, the core gunplay and gameplay of CE can make any map work. That's also why so many maps in the later games seemed like trash; the gameplay is so dumbed down that the maps need to be perfect for them to work.
  3. I'd be more concerned about not having an open Beta if 343 had a bad track record. Like, say, a history of launching broken games that didn't work. Fortunately, I can't think of any recent games that had those issues. 100% confidence here.
  4. That's not really a meaningful question, because "ideal" TTK is inextricably linked with other facets of gameplay, namely aim assists and strafe/movement speeds. In my opinion, an ideal TTK would be somewhere close to 0.5 seconds, but that would also require lower aim assist and much better base movement.
  5. Because that's a reasonable assumption given everything we've seen.
  6. The campaign reveal should tell everyone what they need to know about the philosophy of the design team. That's not going to magically change for Multiplayer.
  7. I'm sure the crowd of 10 viewers would go wild.
  8. Watching the drop wall or whatever getting deployed just reinforces the vast chasm between what I view as "Halo" and what 343 views as Halo. To me, combat in Halo, campaign or MP, was all about fluid movement and aggressive, strategic play. You always had to be pushing or moving or strafing in thoughtful, deliberate ways. If you sit stationary for any period of time, you rightly got obliterated. The drop wall is the antithesis of all that. It essentially anchors you to a spot, but doesn't punish you for it. In fact, it encourages and rewards you for doing it. It's a massive hiccup in the flow of combat that flies in the face of everything Halo has going for it.
  9. So can anyone tell me what I'm getting with Halo Infinite that I can't find in another modern shooter that probably does it better?
  10. And the bubble shie... sorry, the "drop wall".
  11. That's like a reflection of me watching the trailer.
  12. Deployable shield wall, grappling hook, clamber, sprint.... Just like I remember it.
  13. Shit, what does that even mean anymore. Especially to Ninja? Team shot BR halo?
  14. If I created the atrocity that is MCC CE, I'd want to bury it as well.
  15. Best montages around. Would buy again.
  16. Problem is they've backed themselves into a corner on several fronts. The biggest problem is the incredibly slow slaying power of the weapons. You can't have faster movement unless you also decrease the time to kill. From a gameplay perspective, doing all of that would be amazing and vastly improve virtually every aspect of the game, but they've created a fanbase that expects slow, plodding gunfights with lots of aim assists. They would need to sacrifice their boner for sprint, slow time-to-kill, and low-skill gunplay. I just don't see them doing all of those things, so instead we'll have sprint.
  17. But then you can just spam nades into a crowded room and do damage to enemies and heal your teammates. Not terribly "tactical."
  18. Most of my issues with it stem from the shitty registration on MCC. People can cross map like it's nothing or they can't land a shot at all. It's much more enjoyable on LAN.
  19. None. Everything else is either a skill-based utility weapon, a niche weapon, a power weapon, or worthless.

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