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  1. This recent playtest has made me depressed more than I expected. This is truly the death of the utility and precision weapons of Halo; there is literally no precision weapon that is even remotely balanced in the current build. I'm just glad this game is FTP. Sad day.
  2. We often ask ourselves, what is "Core" Halo? While the weapons may change and sprint may come and go (lol, JK), there are certain things we can always count on with each new Halo game. The things that resonate with long-time players and new players alike, and make all of us say in unison, "this is Halo." As someone who started with the OG and played each and every game since, I've taken the time to outline what core Halo really is: A developer who cheekily hints at and hides basic facts about the game while in development for no logical reason, Every game will have strange alterations to basic functions of gameplay, aiming, or movement that actually make those functions worse, Weapon balancing that deliberately destroys the core balance of the game and actively attempts to decrease the skill required to play well, Willfully ignoring any and all lessons learned from past Halo games, especially when it comes to weapon starts and gameplay settings. These are, as far as I can tell, the only true tenants of the core Halo experience.
  3. Bungie shouldn't get a pass on this. They literally said after Halo 2 that "SMG starts were a bad idea" and then put AR starts in Halo 3.
  4. I like how every Halo game has AR starts for the first three years of it's existence while we tireless fight to get precision weapon starts, the developer finally relents and says "yeah, AR starts was a bad idea, we'll fix it now", and then the next game gets released with AR starts. That's core Halo right there.
  5. Halo's integrity was violated 16 years ago, why bother now?
  6. I can't tell if the last 5 pages of this thread are serious or not. However, let me join in so I feel better about what I just watched: All you motherf***ers are gonna pay. You are the ones who are the ball-lickers. We're gonna f*** your mothers while you watch and cry like little b*tches. Once we get to Seattle and find those 343 f***s who are making this game, we're gonna make 'em eat our sh*t, then sh*t out our sh*t, then eat their sh*t which is made up of our sh*t that we made 'em eat. Then all you motherf***s are next. Love, BigShow36
  7. So the question is, are button glitches good for Halo, or were they merely necessary because the core gameplay was so dumbed down?
  8. To be fair, the original story was good and had the potential to be more in future games. As far as video games, it was great. The universe itself wasn't anything original, but the main character being the unwitting instrument of the universe's destruction, your AI companion slowly going crazy, and the mystery of the Forerunners could have been something good. The problem is they put 1980's Arnold Schwarzenegger level dialogue into the game and then failed with the Forerunners. At this point, them trying to make this into some sci-opera is laughable, but there was the potential for much greater. Now it's just cringe.
  9. Then you should realize that you have shit taste.
  10. Precisely. Which is also why locked animations, like clamber and assassinations, are not "immersive", despite what developers want us to feel. It's jarring and takes me out of the game.
  11. It's not misunderstood, it's misapplied by developers. People use "immersion" as a dirty word because developers display a disappointing willingness to weaken the underlying gameplay to provide a puerile form of immersion. I know what immersion means, but I also know what's most likely happening when a developer uses "immersion" in their PR talk.
  12. They should just code it so everyone else sees default coloring when in the actual game and get rid of the outlines. For the pre-game catwalk bullishit, whatever.
  13. Why should we sacrifice the viability of a game on the alter of the "Sandbox?" In basketball, do they force the players to dribble with a baseball glove on once they get past half court? In soccer, do we force players to suddenly walk on their hands when they get in the keeper box? Boy that would be some variety, am I right? The purpose of the sandbox is not to be the gameplay variety, but to support it. Give the individual player the tools necessary to be creative and skillful and improvisational. You don't do that by giving them a vast array of niche weapons, because then their entire strategic opportunity set is reduced to the parameters of their current weapon. In a game where you are forced to react to different encounters across different geographic locations in rapid and often unpredictable succession, it's not "strategic" to limit a player to only being effective from a certain range or a certain situation. You would be throwing out the influence of a player in exchange for "weapon variety". We want strategic variety, player variety, team variety. That will only come from giving individual players the ability to influence the outcome of encounters through their individual skill and strategy, not by forcing them to limit their effectiveness to a niche.
  14. It's overlapping perfectly with the Pistol, so you just can't see it.
  15. At this point, I'm more curious/enthusiastic about Infinite with a 120% damage modifier, Pistol starts and no ARs.
  16. If they don't change the burst spread and aim assists, I don't think I want a faster TTK on the BR. I'd much rather have a more powerful pistol with a larger magazine.
  17. The pistol feels like a paintball gun. That needs to be a 6 shot kill with a 14 round magazine.
  18. Why does my Halo look like CoD?
  19. That's great, in theory. The problem is that playing the ball is rarely "strategic", it just means you're the last man standing and you're in a bad spot. This could be remedied other ways, like better map design, but the decision to play ball is rarely a super involved strategic masterpiece.
  20. Why not just make "play ball" add 20 seconds to the opposing team? Like a delay of game penalty in Hockey. Ideally it would remove 20 seconds from the team that tossed the ball off the map, but then we would get teams stretching games out to pad their stats. Maybe -10 for the team that played the ball and +10 for the opposing team.
  21. Yes, but give the sword a 10 use charge. If you use it as a movement enhancer, fine, but you're losing a charge. Also make the lunge more responsive. There, you just made the sword skillful and unique without making it a cheap kill.
  22. You've shattered my dreams and my day is now ruined.
  23. You could also make it do minimal damage but slow a player's movement speed with each shard. Similar to the Plasma Rifle, but it is cumulative and lasts for a few seconds. Another alternative would be to have the supercombine on a delayed trigger (or trigger when you switch weapons). This could create some interesting scenarios, but they may end up being more cheese than anything.
  24. I'm fine with it being a humiliation weapon in MP, because it's really a campaign weapon. The issue is that you literally can't balance a weapon like that for MP. The core functionality is that it's a homing projectile that explodes; it's either going to be too weak, where it doesn't track well enough, or way too overpowered.
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