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  1. Frank O' Connor never came and asked questions or looked for honest feedback. He came to spew sarcastic, snide comments and mislead people about the games. When he was met with the same tone, he threw a fit and quit. He picked up his ball and went home. We weren't the ones acting like "Tommy" here.
  2. Wait, people are now actually wanting their aim to feel like OG Halo 3?
  3. I don't care what Infinite uses as a baseline for it's gameplay or if it has sprint. If it has a utility weapon with a fast TTK and low aim assists that isn't completely outclassed by lesser-skill guns, it will already be better than 80% of the past Halo games.
  4. Not sure what the infatuation is with having a "Pro Team" helping on Halo Infiite. Current "Halo Pros" eat, sleep and dream Team-shot Halo. That's what they grew up on and what they're good at. Why would I want them further pushing that kind of play?
  5. Don't worry, Frankie's been working on a thorough explanation for quite some time now. It should be incredibly in-depth, given the time it's taken him to write it.
  6. You're right about the term "casual" being slightly misused. However, I would just say that they are casual in their appreciation of the game. They enjoy the game for the temporary enjoyment of playing rather than for the deeper appreciation of personal accomplishment and development that can come from a truly skill-based game. Think of it like a casual drinker vs. a whisky connoisseur. A casual drinker might really like whisky for the effect and appreciate the taste on some level, but a connoisseur appreciates it on a deeper level. A connoisseur doesn't want to drink a cheap, crappy whisky while the casual doesn't really care, they're just trying to get a buzz and enjoy all whisky on approximately the same level. The same is true of a Halo game. Casuals can enjoy the game at a fairly superficial level regardless of the underlying systems and skill-gap. A hardcore gamer really can't. They need something deeper and more "meaningful" to truly engage them.
  7. People have been playing with radar on for 17 years because with every new game, people are saying, "we can't take it away now, they've been playing with it for xx years!" At some point you need to rip the band aid off. Now is the best time. At this point, what have you got to lose? Designing a game around the casuals has done exactly what everyone expected it to; ruined the core gameplay for people who actually cared about the series and constantly lost population because casual gamers jump to the newest shiny game.
  8. What's frustrating is that I search the CE 2's playlist solo a lot, and it takes forever to find a game. A lot of times I'll jump over to the 4v4 CE list just to get a game, which effectively lowers the population on 2's list even more. It's a reinforcing loop. They need to do something about the search parameters on the 2v2 list to ensure you're finding games quickly, even if the the ranks are dramatically different. Personally, I think once your rank is 15 or above in the CE list, you should be matched with anyone from 10 to 50.
  9. I'm really curious to see if any of the CE registration updates actually improve things. If that happens, CE will be in a pretty darn good place. Glad to see they are fixing a few of the other issues as well.
  10. I think the desire for cross-game playlists is vastly overstated. Who actually goes into a playlist and is completely ambivalent about what game they play? Players and parties go into a playlist with a specific game in mind that they really want to play. Why make everything so complicated with cross-game playlists that very few people actually care about or want? If you want variety in your play session, then switch playlists every few games; personally that has no appeal to me, but it's certainly better than pretending like a cross-game playlist is a good idea for anyone. A cross game playlist really serves no one.
  11. Its not a great map, but it's made much worse by the hit detection/registration of MCC. Some players are almost unhittable and other times shots that have no business landing turn into tsk.
  12. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/bigshow36/video/59940964 I will say, this patch has fixed starting games late for me. It's nice to be able to get my timer started at the right time now.
  13. Why are decent gametypes and settings such a conundrum for Halo developers? Especially for older games where the accepted settings are clearly established.
  14. Looks like it's gonna be impossible to navigate all that open space without sprint.

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