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  1. At this point, "a unique spin" on a Halo game would be no sprint and no abilities with a fast base speed and strafe. Le sigh.
  2. What? Of course opinions can be wrong. Opinion: "a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." Opinions about objective reality are oftentimes wrong. Opinions about subjective preference cannot be wrong.
  3. Or just get rid of the sentinel beam and have an actual functioning Assault Rifle. In past Halo games, and I'm going to assume it's the same in Halo 5, there is an actual hard limit to the range of most weapons. The bullets will literally disappear. I'm suggesting removing that for the AR, tightening it's spread pattern and bloom, but also reducing Aim Assists to balance that out. There's no need for a sentinel-beam-like weapon if another weapon can serve the exact same purpose while also functioning in it's own role. Under that design, both good and bad players might consider holding the AR as their secondary (or primary in the case of poorer players). Good players for the versatility it provides, bad players because it's a bullet hose that allows them to have a reasonable chance of doing some damage.
  4. Here's an idea for consideration that can potentially solve a few issues. Make the Assault Rifle have very low aim assist, high ROF, projectile, large magazine, but also very long range. Tighten up the spread but increase the distance bullets travel. By being a long-range bullet hose, it could serve a new purpose as a descoping tool and to ping camo players. It wont do a ton of damage (unless you are skilled enough to keep it on target for a bit), but it would still be very useful up close and have utility outside of being a mindless noob weapon.
  5. Late to the party here, but I just played a game of MCC for the first time in a long while. Did they speed up the in-game timer in CE? My manual timer was behind by several seconds each minute, but the power-ups spawned correctly based on the in-game timer (which was faster than my manual timer). The manual timer used to work properly. Probably already mentioned in this thread, but I've been out of it for a while.
  6. Except loot grinds also serve the purpose of feeding the egos of people who can't really compete at a skill-based game. Instead of actually getting better at a physically challenging, skill-based game, they just play a lot and, by default, improve based on RNG loot drops. Why have progress measured by competing against other (potentially better) players when you can just grind your way to it?
  7. I remember playing the Beta and thinking... I can work with this. And then the final game came out. Turns out, no, I could not work with that.
  8. Honestly, probably has a lot to do with the simple fact that odd numbers didn't work well on split-screen. 2 players got a quarter screen and one had half. It was an awkward setup, and so 2s and 4s became the norm.
  9. This Forum was in the news recently! Someone was actually able to take a picture of these forums and put it into visual form. It's incredibly impressive and the first of it's kind!
  10. Except for industry definitions of "competitive" differ vastly from our definition of "competitive."
  11. Radar should be off for competitive play. This isn't a debate. If you want radar for casual play, fine, but make it only show people who aren't moving.
  12. Actually, what is competitive vs. not competitive is not a matter of subjective opinion. "Fun" is subjective, but "competitive" merit can be fairly well defined objectively, with some room for subjectivity. For example, we can all agree that, objectively, basketball is more competitive than rock-paper-scissors. That's a fairly clear example of OBJECTIVE reality in determining what is or isn't competitive. However, we can't objectively say Soccer is more competitive than Basketball, but we can acknowledge that they are both competitive. Just because someone disagrees with something doesn't mean the discussion is subjective. Someone can claim the earth is flat, but that doesn't suddenly make the geometry of the earth subjective, it just makes them ignorant.
  13. You think Halo 5 pushed the skill gap too far? We're on different wave lengths man.
  14. Why should someone less skilled be able to kills someone more skilled than them in a competitive game?

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