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  1. If I created the atrocity that is MCC CE, I'd want to bury it as well.
  2. Best montages around. Would buy again.
  3. Problem is they've backed themselves into a corner on several fronts. The biggest problem is the incredibly slow slaying power of the weapons. You can't have faster movement unless you also decrease the time to kill. From a gameplay perspective, doing all of that would be amazing and vastly improve virtually every aspect of the game, but they've created a fanbase that expects slow, plodding gunfights with lots of aim assists. They would need to sacrifice their boner for sprint, slow time-to-kill, and low-skill gunplay. I just don't see them doing all of those things, so instead we'll have sprint.
  4. But then you can just spam nades into a crowded room and do damage to enemies and heal your teammates. Not terribly "tactical."
  5. Most of my issues with it stem from the shitty registration on MCC. People can cross map like it's nothing or they can't land a shot at all. It's much more enjoyable on LAN.
  6. None. Everything else is either a skill-based utility weapon, a niche weapon, a power weapon, or worthless.
  7. The point of an AR should not be to "compete" with something like the pistol in a Halo game. The point of something like the AR is to give new players a weapon to play with against other new players. It's a "noob" weapon because it's easy to land shots with. For that very reason, it should have no chance against a better player with the utility weapon. You can't balance it otherwise. When noobs play against other noobs, they can spray each other with the AR and still have fun. They can also attempt to pick up a more skilled weapon and try to get better, but it will be more challenging for them (and help ensure that it's not just about getting the better weapon, but also becoming a more skilled player). Not every weapon will be equally useful at every skill level, and that's OKAY. All of this, unfortunately, relies on an actual skill-gap in aiming and controlling a weapon, as well as starting players with the utility weapon and the noob weapon.
  8. Overpowering aim assists are a significant problem for console players as well.
  9. We're still suffering the ramifications of SMG starts to this day. People have convinced themselves that SMG or AR starts are the best way to play because Bungie did it that way 20 years ago (who later actually admitted how bad it was, which for Bungie is unheard of). There is literally no other justification, yet every new Halo game the developer insists on starting everyone out with a shit weapon and it takes months and months of the same arguments to finally have them cave and let people start with a utility weapon.
  10. Clearly you've never designed a Halo game, because if you had you'd know that the only way to fix poor weapon balance and map design is to not fix any of those actual issues, but instead add more random shit into the mix in an effort to fix the core issues. This always works unless you actually look at the results.
  11. Yes, my passion was for complaining about a thing. I don't seem to recall doing it much when I was lanning Halo CE and enjoying an actual skill-based, competitive console FPS, but what do I know. It's weird how everyone's passion for complaining about a thing coincidentally manifested itself right when Halo 2 was launched. We just loved complaining and never knew it until Halo 2 came out, so thanks for that Frankie! You helped us all find our passion.
  12. I like how proper aiming is still some impossible conundrum for new Halo games.
  13. How can I change your mind when you've just clearly displayed to us that you've lost it?

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