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  1. Actually, what is competitive vs. not competitive is not a matter of subjective opinion. "Fun" is subjective, but "competitive" merit can be fairly well defined objectively, with some room for subjectivity. For example, we can all agree that, objectively, basketball is more competitive than rock-paper-scissors. That's a fairly clear example of OBJECTIVE reality in determining what is or isn't competitive. However, we can't objectively say Soccer is more competitive than Basketball, but we can acknowledge that they are both competitive. Just because someone disagrees with something doesn't mean the discussion is subjective. Someone can claim the earth is flat, but that doesn't suddenly make the geometry of the earth subjective, it just makes them ignorant.
  2. You think Halo 5 pushed the skill gap too far? We're on different wave lengths man.
  3. Why should someone less skilled be able to kills someone more skilled than them in a competitive game?
  4. Adding to what others have already said, I'm sure most CE players would be fine with removing bloom from the Pistol. I don't think anyone has ever defended the bloom, other than to mention that it's negligible (unless you're holding down the trigger, in which case the nuances of bloom are probably the least of your concerns).
  5. The ratio of average to perfect kill-times has very little to do with weapon speed outside of the extreme sides of the spectrum (1 shot kill and 100 shot kill); it has everything to do with how difficult the weapon is to use. What CE players want is not the discrepancy of perfect/average to be the same as it was in CE, we want a weapon that slays quickly but is difficult to use well. No other Halo game has had that. I don't care what the ratio is, because that doesn't tell the real story. I could have a weapon that takes 10 seconds for a perfect kill and 10.6 seconds for an average kill; that doesn't mean its going to be a good utility weapon.
  6. The beautiful thing about CE's shooting mechanics is that its the only game where I've ever truly felt "flow" when it comes to shooting. The subtle nuances are things you naturally learn as your play more and you begin to subconsciously adjust your aiming to account for them. Shooting begins to feel like an extension of your body and you be in the zone unlike any other game I've played. When your rhythm is working and your shot is on, it's like making sweet, sweet music.
  7. I would rather play 8v8 Chiron than play Halo 3.
  8. Gameplay variety is much different than just what weapon you have in your hands. Gameplay variety refers to how many different viable strategies can be employed by players. The CE pistol grants the greatest flexibility to an individual player, which in turn leads to more gameplay variety. Just because Halo 5 has a lot of different weapons used doesn't mean it actually has greater gameplay variety. The actual strategies employed are largely the same due to a lot of factors, weapons being one of them.
  9. I'm not denying that the CE pistol is the most prolific and useful weapon in the game. However, to assume that translates into the only weapon necessary is misinformed. You can win a game against lesser skilled opponents using just the pistol, and you can win a game of chess using just the queen. Sure, the likelihood of that happening is far greater in CE than in Chess, but it's still possible. Regardless, moving away from the analogy, let's assume the pistol is used 900% of the time. Is that a bad thing? Does lack of weapon utilization indicate lack of gameplay variety? I would argue that CE has greater gameplay variety than any other Halo game in large part due to the pistol, even though weapon variety is lower.
  10. The CE pistol is a lot like the Queen in chess. Sure, that is the most powerful piece on the board due to it's flexibility; as long as you have the queen, you still have a chance. She is also most likely the piece that moves around the board the most. Does that mean the Queen is the only piece you use? Is the Queen the only piece that can win a game? Is the Queen the only piece that can capture another? Of course not; the support pieces are equally useful in their own right, and using them effectively is the provenance of a true master.
  11. But you do realize you can have different spawns, weapon placements and power-up placements for different modes, right?
  12. I was referring to the map design itself. Halo 3 is shit-tier, so if you actually wanted the game to play well then yes, you would need some gameplay adjustments.
  13. With proper weapon placement and powerups (along with static timers), it doesn't have to play terribly for slayer.
  14. I think Social should prioritize matching parties with other parties first and foremost. After that, the skill-based parameters should be pretty wide. Social should be the area where you can match against superior or inferior opponents; it would be the best place to actually determine where you are on the "skill" spectrum. One of the best feelings in any competitive endeavor is when you put in the work and effort to get better and then it shows in an actual match. If you're always matching against players in the same skill-spectrum as you, it will never feel like you're getting much better. Every game will be sweaty, and that's not a good thing. Sometime's it's fun to be flung out into the wilds and play against anyone and everyone out there, good or bad. Getting dominated or dominating other players is part of the charm of playing competitive games.

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