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  1. I'd be more concerned about not having an open Beta if 343 had a bad track record. Like, say, a history of launching broken games that didn't work. Fortunately, I can't think of any recent games that had those issues. 100% confidence here.
  2. That's not really a meaningful question, because "ideal" TTK is inextricably linked with other facets of gameplay, namely aim assists and strafe/movement speeds. In my opinion, an ideal TTK would be somewhere close to 0.5 seconds, but that would also require lower aim assist and much better base movement.
  3. Because that's a reasonable assumption given everything we've seen.
  4. The campaign reveal should tell everyone what they need to know about the philosophy of the design team. That's not going to magically change for Multiplayer.
  5. I'm sure the crowd of 10 viewers would go wild.
  6. Watching the drop wall or whatever getting deployed just reinforces the vast chasm between what I view as "Halo" and what 343 views as Halo. To me, combat in Halo, campaign or MP, was all about fluid movement and aggressive, strategic play. You always had to be pushing or moving or strafing in thoughtful, deliberate ways. If you sit stationary for any period of time, you rightly got obliterated. The drop wall is the antithesis of all that. It essentially anchors you to a spot, but doesn't punish you for it. In fact, it encourages and rewards you for doing it. It's a massive hiccup in the flow of combat that flies in the face of everything Halo has going for it.
  7. So can anyone tell me what I'm getting with Halo Infinite that I can't find in another modern shooter that probably does it better?
  8. And the bubble shie... sorry, the "drop wall".
  9. That's like a reflection of me watching the trailer.
  10. Deployable shield wall, grappling hook, clamber, sprint.... Just like I remember it.

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