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  1. I don't feel any compulsion to grind because the interface is so bad in Infinite, I don't even understand what I'm supposed to be grinding for.
  2. Everything good about the "base" game of Infinite is just legacy Halo stuff that they haven't touched (yet). Everything else is not good, and basic fundamentals of aiming and weapon balance are terrible.
  3. No, power positions disrupt map flow. The reason map-flow is dogshit in Infinite is because 1) The maps are shit, 2) the power items/powerups are shit, 3) the individual player is shit. 3 for 3 in shittines.
  4. Which just reinforces the notion that the cringe-ass intros are only there for people to look at their Halo doll dress up shit. We have to sit there for 30 seconds before each match just to people can high-five themselves for buying stupid cosmetics in an FPS.
  5. I think the cosmetic uproar is hilarious, but I honestly took one look at the menus to "customize" your spartan and they were so convoluted and confusing I just backed out. I will never look at them again. I played for 2 hours this past weekend, which was my first time with the game, and I have no desire to get back on. Spawning into each match immediately became "find a teammate and stick close to them". I am not an individual player in this game, I am just an interchangeable "teammate". I'll probably touch the game a few more times, but it's pretty sad how little interest I have remaining.
  6. Holy shit this UI is bad. How can you navigate this for more than 30 seconds and think this is a good UI? Who the hell designs this kind of crap?
  7. Glitch? That seems to be default 343 aiming.
  8. Maybe he just has actual standards for a game. Halo has been garbage over the years so negative opinions should be expected.
  9. A good competitive title is one that rewards a player proportional to their ability, strategy, and execution. Just because something is played in a competitive setting does not mean it is actually a good competitive game. For example, rock-paper-scissors is played "competitively" but it is not a good competitive game, because it is basically luck. There are obviously different degrees of "competitive" viability and while anything can be played "competitively", it doesn't mean it should be. Every Halo game rewards players to some degree for their ability, strategy, and execution. However, intentional caps to the skill gap will skew the skill-to-reward ratios and make a game less and less competitively viable. Bloom and random spread diminish the competitive viability of a game. Movement abilities that lessen the execution requirements to traverse areas in unique and interesting ways lessen the competitive viability. Poor weapon balancing that restricts an individual player's ability to be effective decreases the competitive viability of a game. Of course BTB can be competitive, but that's totally missing the point and I'm not sure how you made that connection to what I said.
  10. I honestly don't even view myself as an "Esport" proponent or part of that group at this point. I even view them as part of the problem, because they accept any Halo game that comes out and try to make it into an "Esport". Whether or not the game is actually skill-based and competitively viable doesn't even come into play, at all. If you're really trying to be the competitive center of videogaming, have some damn integrity and say, "yeah, no thanks. Your game isn't a good competitive title." It's almost like the only requirement to be an "Esport" title is to have certain features, rather than to actually have skill-based gameplay.
  11. It looks like something a developer would use as a "Sandbox" tool to actually design interesting encounters and situations in a real game.
  12. Open world is overrated in an FPS.
  13. Game designers are FURIOUS at this ONE trick for controlling bloom.
  14. The best part of the video was where Chief says, "I need a weapon." And the guy hands him a pistol and says, "Weapon? This is all I got." Then Chief claims "it's enough." Nice try 343. Not buying it.
  15. Poor weapon balance and poor aiming mechanics are way, way more damaging than Sprint is at this point.
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