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  1. Looking to join a positive minded team that will do anything to improve. Free Agents feel free to hit me up too. I may just start my own team. I don't care about your experience or even skill cap. I care most about your mindset and preparedness to grind. contact me @ Gamertag: Zested twitter: @zested
  2. Me, simply put Contact me @ www.twitter.com/zested XBL: Zested or Skype: Zested1
  3. just thought I'd see if I could get this fire fueled a little gonna name drop some and see if we can get AZ lans active feel free to add anyone I've forgot Agent apok BigTimer Bryce Captain Anarchy Chouncey Chromium Double A Eyev Fate Flawless Free Glue J smooth Jukebox K Kamp Kezug LifeStyle Nairfy Neily Panda potato Proof Trey Dougies xziety Zero Shot Kill Zested
  4. I believe in the hype~!!! oh so real is the hype team classic for life!! - Lethul
  5. ^ lol Halo 3 shat on numbers for both of those games. H2 was glory days but back then the mlg community was even more of a minority of the population than it is now. H3 made MLG pop, online it could be frustrating but on >LAN< it was an amazing game all around. we compete on lan not online btw
  6. I hope its not h2, It wouldn't be my first choice to watch or play those old graphics, but regardless of the choice I will play. I also think Halo 3 has better maps and game play for the competitive scene, I'm interested to see if online game play improves with this new release. IMO h3>
  7. I'm not sold until we can buy passes...
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