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  1. Hey guys! It's been forever since we've posted here, but today we are excited to bring you a project that has been in the works even before our former groups, Tenacious Tricking and Terminal Velocity joined forces. Over the past three to four years of countless hours, attempts and vigorous work at these tedious launches, we are proud to present a journey that has been in the making for such a long time. This is definitely one of our biggest videos yet and we are all so happy to share this with you. No mods were used in any content at all, and all was performed using the Tilt and Cowbell skulls. We hope you enjoy!
  2. Today we bring you the final installation of the Meta Stability campaign tricking series, the successor from one of our former groups, Terminal Velocity. Every trick relates to the A.I. unit and the multiple ways to maniputlate that biped through various tricks throughout the game. The tricks in this video cumulatively took over 150+ hours of in game campaign time. This project has been in the works since the unification of Terminal Velocity and TenaciousTricking, over two years now, and we are all beyond proud to present this incredible journey of hard work, dedication, endless memories, and the conclusion of the Meta Stability series.
  3. Hey everyone! Today we have another neat trick for you guys on Long Night of Solace. The Savannah is seen as blowing up from the Corvette window and is normally unreachable, but from prior knowledge of various tricks, we were able to reach it and get on it and explore as it is initiating it's detonation sequence and eventually blowing up. We hope you enjoy!
  4. What's up everyone, it's been a long time since I've posted here on behalf of our group, Termacious Trickocity. Today we're stoked to show you the completion of a special trick. Getting in these Banshee Rooms located in the hangar of Long Night of Solace was thought to be impossible due to the lack of resources and countless failed attempts of spawn bumping. Since we can board a Seraph in the space area after discovery a few months ago, we were able to take it to the next step to assist us with getting in the room. After 5 years, we present you, the Banshee Room. Enjoy!
  5. Hello everyone. Today, we show you how to spawn an AI that has never been spawned before in Halo: Reach. We don't even think the developers have spawned this Elite before. The reason why BOB 28 has never been spawned before is because his spawn triggers before the area in which he spawns in, is loaded, causing him to die in solid space, leaving no trace of his body. Lord Friendship posted a BOB kill guide showing how to kill each and every BOB Elite on every difficulty. The only one that was missing was BOB 28. We are proud to show you guys how to spawn him, as was never thought to be possible. That's not the only interesting thing about this Elite. BOB 28's code is messed up so that he rarely disappears, allowing him to stay on the map as long as possible. This was found by accident as well, we had no intention on spawning him, but we had knowledge of him prior to the discovery. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy. Good luck on your hunt.
  6. Hey everyone! We are back again with a trick that's loads of fun. This is the first time anyone has ever gotten a mini spartan on this mission. People have gotten them on other missions such as the Package and Exodus. This mission is fun to do it on because there are lots of vehicles to drive around have fun with. We got into the Cutscene room on this mission as a mini spartan and got ontop of ONI Swordbase. We hope you enjoy this tutorial and definitely recommend trying it on your own.
  7. We have so much in store, you have no idea. We can't wait to show everyone.
  8. Awesome! It's nice to see old school viewers.
  9. I'm in search of someone who can make this song instrumental and to have it play smoothly and nice as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5gE_M_SeDU I would greatly appreciate it! PM me if you need to
  10. Hey everyone, it's been a while! But we're back with one heck of a trick to show off. The glass floor is located at the end of the mission, Floodgate. Under that floor is an unexplored area that nobody has gotten to because there are no resources to setup a clip or spawn bump. Getting under the floor and into the area has been a challenge since the release of Halo 3. Seven years! Luckily, you only need two things in order to get inside the area; that being a dead Elite body and a Sword. How does this work you might ask? We're about to show you. Enjoy!
  11. Hey guys, if anyone has a 360 beta code to spare, could you PM me it? I'd really appreciate it
  12. Hello everyone, another tutorial from TT. This trick is definitely in my top 5 favorite tricks done. Mainly because these tricks are skilled based and required crazy communication between the players. So anyway, on the mission Long Night of Solace, you fly a Sabre (Which normally you can get out of unless you hold X or whatever right before you spawn). While you are fighting with the Sabre there are Seraphs and Space Banshees flying around which you normally have to blow up. Because we overloaded the map with Sabers, there wasn't enough space for an AI to pilot the vehicles. And because we could only survive in the first Space area for a slit second, we have to overload to the point where we weren't actually spawning with a Saber. So we got a checkpoint when i was near the AIless banshee and supersekela was spawning without the Saber and when he spawned right next to the Banshee he was able to quickly get in. The Space Banshee is a new vehicle in this game. Same with the Seraph. This Space Seraph is completely different from the Seraphs at the mission start area. The Space Seraph has rapid fire fuel rod cannons and actually says "Hold X to Pilot Seraph", not "Hold X to Pilot Banshee" like the mission start one's do. Enjoy.
  13. Hey guys, who would think that I would ever speedrun? I've been enjoying doing these fun little trick runs. Hope you enjoy, this is nothing serious, just doing this for a little fun. The video glitches out at a couple of points, just dropped frames I assume. The following was used for the run: - Tilt Skull Enabled - Cowbell Skull Enabled - Easy Difficulty
  14. Thanks for the feedback! We will continue to impress.
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