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  1. Look if people vote for PR Starts on Midship, I'm not wasting my time.
  2. No date for the game fixing patch yet stay tuned! Meanwhile here's some watercolor pictures of Relic to hold you over!
  3. The last moment of happiness this community had.
  4. xboxdvr.com/Saustin/fbef0091-555e-4307-9611-1899d0374c78 Got this from that game. My third teammate had no thumbs lol.
  5. It's not the greatest connection, but I've never had issues with any other games PC, Xbox or otherwise. Also I've only been getting these spikes since the last patch.
  6. xboxdvr.com/Saustin/67419f86-87a7-4859-b9ca-6f7c1ce9f8c1 This is my experience when playing H2A. Halo 3 is the only game that runs smoothly in this entire collection.
  7. Find out more on next week's episode of The Content Update!
  8. 1 month in and I still can't play 4v4. Seriously, fuck 5v5.
  9. Every title. I was fine before the patch too. Stable internet.
  10. Anyone else experience terrible lag? Constant black screens and rubber banding since the patch.
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