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  1. When Ghosts Fly. A Dank Film. Enjoy, https://youtu.be/oQPpeK0-8eI
  2. Ayyy I am in first so far. Fucking Purdue man. Had them in my sweet 16 too. Other than that game so far so good.
  3. It's no surprise people want breakout gone. I would say the reasoning behind not nerfing autos is they don't trust 343 to get it right this close to Champs. I also think some people want to keep radar because of abilities like ground pound, spartan charge, and thrusters/sprint. I think also if radar was removed that autos would become more OP. I think that 3 needs to happen before 2 does, and even then the sandbox might work better (unfortunately) with radar.
  4. The best at being the worst.
  5. Yeah winning isn't guaranteed (I mean they are EG, but still). Both a job and Halo is optimal. Now if HCS plays their players an actually salary like LCS then MAYBE... (but halo might not be there yet)
  6. Ranked: Team Slayer Team Doubles Team HCS/Hardcore/MLG/whatever the fuck u wanna call it FFA Team OBJ (with breakout as a gametype) Swat Snipers Squad Battle/BTB (6v6/8v8/12v12 whichever fits maps best) Social: Multi-Team Warzone (I'd like to see this ranked if it is balanced, and add a custom games option) Action Sack Social Slayer (either 5v5 or 4v4 irdc) Living Dead (maybe have this only be double xp weekend idk) Social Objective Big Team Battle (I'd rather this playlist be ranked, but that may scare away ppl who might play if not) Rumble Pit Double Exp/Rotational: Race Griffball Fiesta Mythic Brawl Grab-bag (A community custom featured playlist similar to action sack) Holiday themed playlist Additional Thoughts: The playlists would have to be monitored and if they simply aren't being played or taking too long to find games then they can be removed/replaced with something else. I'm a fan of more ranked playlists because casuals won't really care about ranked and they will stay lower levels and won't get stomped as often, and higher skilled players will have more competitive matches regardless of the playlist. That being said, social playlists are needed because even "try-hards" want to fuck around sometimes. Initial launch population and whether or not the game actually works will be a huge factor in the amount of playlists. [Edit was to add warzone]
  7. I would be in favor of Carbine starts, from what I have seen it is a fairly fast kill time and is a skillful weapon to use with "outplay" potential if you will. You could throw in pistol secondary or no secondary idc. If not that then Pistol/AR starts imo, the BR just seems way too weak. I love my BR but we need to not sacrifice better options for nostalgia's sack.
  8. If he wanted $$$ he probs shouldnt have turned TSM down lmao
  9. Astro mixamps have a daisy chain, which connects to your teammates mix amps so you can hear them. It's like LAN for headsets.
  10. I think Third Party controllers are fine, but controllers w/ macros and extra programmable buttons, should, but wont (sponsors) be banned.. I like the idea of custom control layouts. As long as u cant duplicate a button i dont see why custom controls should be an issue. It gives no advantage tbh.
  11. (TL;DR)- Walshy is the man. Case in point-
  12. Yeah, learning spawns and map/weapon control is def more important.
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