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  1. So will the ranks launch with ALL of H2A or just a certain playlist on H2A?
  2. I agree with everything you said.
  3. Idk how big the population will be considering a lot of people still don't have an Xbox One. Christmas time will see a big boost in numbers though.
  4. I will not be purchasing this at launch due to the lack of 2v2/ffa playlists. Truly pathetic how 343 could mess up something so promising.
  5. Reach is by far the best Halo ever made.
  6. They're both stupid and don't belong in Halo.
  7. First thing I'll do is jack off. Then maybe play some Halo 2 or something.
  8. Well, 343 already mentioned that the Ascension sniper rifle was just a placeholder. I'm wondering if the Sanctuary sniper rifle is the final product or not. It DOES look a lot like the Reach's sniper.
  9. My fondest memory is trying to get my 28 in Head to Head.
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