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  1. I know 343 are supposedly addressing the lag issues, but thought I'd share this lovely occurence.
  2. That one is sick, will have to try it! I like doing this one too
  3. I'm a H2 Kid, but I have to say that in H5, picking up a BR after using pistol feels like im picking up a power weapon. It's a guaranteed 4 - 5 shot every single time. That shit cray
  4. I can't believe they removed slideboosting, they are so moronic. Arena breakout still in the team arena playlist? STOP JAMMING YOUR SHIT GAMETYPES DOWN OUR THROATS. If this was a CSGO update and it copped backlash from the competitive community, they would apologise and reverse it, just like they did with ak/m4 nerf and the stupid revolver pistol. But not with 343, they are making some social/comp hybrid that caters to neither, GG. On the positive side of things, I heard the H3 BR is coming out in the next update, its going to have this feature where it refunds your bullets and you can only 4 shot one out of every 50 battles. Can't wait!
  5. I assume this jump is old news by now, but I saw someone the other day you can boost off objects you "bump into". The easiest way to explain it would be that I sprint and jump so that as my jump is elevating, my shins hit the edge and I hit boost immediately.
  6. Why did I think of Phoon when you said speed demon? hahaha
  7. Just thought I would post this in here. I have been playing this hard out lately, trying to learn the game. I am pretty happy with the results I got with the USP-S in the clip below https://youtu.be/EWVatd_I_8Y https://youtu.be/EWVatd_I_8Y
  8. Games for Gold Australia should make MCC free for a month or at least HEAVILY reduced, along with a message that the game is not the bowl of broken dicks it was at launch. Maybe then we will get some damn games...
  9. I would just like to thank 343 for giving me no option other than to jump to PC. I have been very slowly been picking up csgo, however last night I unlocked a Huntsman Fade $$$ Cheers Kents, that's about half the cost of my doorstop of a console back
  10. Why do I keep checking this thread. It's just like seeing whats in your fridge every 10 minutes. The only difference is I would rather eat 2 month old Chinese take out than play MCC in it's current state. FML
  11. Why do I keep checking in on this thread/game?
  12. Hey peasant, is this not a thread for feedback on the CU Beta? Because I am pretty sure someone's opinion counts as feedback. Maybe you should be running out of patience with a company that creates setback after setback after setback, not with fellow Halo players who have waited months for a decent experience. Just admit that this game is currently a bowl of broken dicks and let hate roll in until we have been silenced by a working update. Cheers
  13. To quote a great man, this game is a bowl of broken dicks.
  14. You haven't played halo 2 though, you have only played the half dead baby in a dumpster that is MCC
  15. Regardless of what 343 say, I am currently assuming that zero work was done between the 24th of December and the 1st of January. I would obviously be happy to be proved wrong, I am just really not expecting much from them anymore. We are nearly 2 months in and the game is just so sub par
  16. "...team is working hard on the next CU." *rushes back into the office to start working on said CU*
  17. I am loving H1 more and more everyday. Trying to master the pistol is so rewarding xboxdvr.com/Bulk+XIII/9d56bad6-d49c-46c4-bb18-454afdd43519
  18. I resent that m8. H2a is boring and there is no incentive to play. H1 2v2 customs are the shit right now.
  19. LOL saw a few old friends in there, so I linked the vid to them. Hahaha
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