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  1. Which one of the 3? Or did you just mean 'world'?
  2. Yea, Dedis are not the problem. Incompetent/rushed money greedy managers and publishers are the probelm. I bet the techies down below who actually do the work warn it's not ready and it falls upon deaf ears. No doubt in my mind.
  3. I posted this before it released. I had read the Game Pass FAQ and it stated it was not supported on Windows 10 so I thought that meant "Play Anywhere" was underuled. If you had read a couple more post you would see the confusion was cleared up.
  4. We will be able to see that beautiful spread like never before!!!! Spready to the Gods
  5. I was going to give it a second try this evening. Now I am getting lavenedarbeard error. LOL what a joke.
  6. Yea. I played solo last night for an hour because matchmaking wasn't working and I want that hour of my life back. I'm glad I did not pay for it. Definitley not my cup of tea. Untill there is more "play anywhere" games I will be canceling game pass before my two weeks is up. More like free to play.
  7. So much for scaled stress test https://www.seaofthieves.com/status
  8. Sea of Thieves matchmaking is failing. Keep getting "Greybeard" error. It's all over twitter. Feels like MCC all over again.
  9. 19 Gee Bees. Definitely shallow. At least if by 343 standards..... They are using 110 plus Gee Bees and it's still shallow AF.
  10. It's like a fart. Whoever supplies it denies it. Whoever does the posting gets the demoting. Whoever does the producing gets the reducing in force. Whoever withheld karma prolly wears a tiara.
  11. Just did the two week trial. I guess it should be downloadable tomorrow? I wonder if they have preloading working on the windows store? Is xbox live gold a requirment?
  12. ah cool. I just saw in the FAQ it was only supported on console so i thought that meant no "play anywhere"
  13. Game pass does not work for Win 10 PC games. Guess I won't be giving Sea of Thieves a try. Oh well Farcry 5 looks more fun anyway.
  14. Has there ever been a thread page were ever single post was "Popular"?
  15. Like I said, they have a long way to go.
  16. Throwback is the most fun I've had in H5 since my evolved days. Still a loads of room for improvement but it is refreshing. Here's 1:17 vidya to celebrate
  17. QuietMan

    OT Thread of OT

    Going to New York city for the first time. Priority Visits?
  18. I have yet to play Oddball in the throwback playlist. It's all I have wanted. Yet, alas, I get Slayer on Epitaph and Snowbound no problem. FML
  19. It's funny how good marketing can build hype. Remember to always hunt for the truth.
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