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  1. Thanks Chunk, appreciate the kind words! Had high hopes for Underwood as it gotten so close to be put into the HCS settings back then. Doesn’t bother me much though as asym maps always have had it tougher than symm maps in these types of contests.
  2. Winners of the H2A forge contest, these will most likely be put into the H2A playlist. Winners in spoilers below.
  3. So, the top 10 maps have been announced that are being sent to 343 for internal testing to potentially be implemented in the H2A playlist with the new update. In no particular order: - Underwood (Eden) by me - Lacuna by CommandorColson - Spacejunk by Soldat DuChrist - Heatstroke by Kell of Scots - Inheritor by Squally DaBeanz - Pulse by a Chunk - Blockus by MartianMallCop - Select by Nokyard & SecretSchnitzel - Diamond by Minister Muffin - Epic by Xandrith & a Chunk More info can be found here: https://www.forgehub.com/threads/h2a-forgetacular-finalists.158181/
  4. Forgehub is going to select their top 10 now and send those over to 343. Then the top 3 (if approved by 343!) will be added to matchmaking. So it could very well be possible that 343 only deems one map fit for the playlist. Although in my opinion there are more than enough solid maps to pick from, so it doesn’t seem likely to me that only one map would be added.
  5. They are adding forge maps in the H2A playlist for the next big update. Forgehub is hosting a contest for it right now. Submissions can be found here: https://www.forgehub.com/threads/h2a-forgetacular-submission-thread.158097/
  6. There is actually a Forgehub contest going on right now for H2A maps. Top 10 is being sent to 343 for testing and if good enough will be implemented in the playlist with the MCC update. So finally more than 3 maps to play on. Something to look forward to as well.
  7. That Dragonball game looked super clean. Had that MvC feel to it, really looking forward to it.
  8. What about Zealot with the top space area? Even better! But I'd probably choose a forge map from Reach or H2A to fit the classic gametypes.
  9. Ugh so rough being an EG/RoyBox fan.. Rooting for Contra/Ryanoob now then.
  10. Doesn't T2 own the rights to the Str8 name and therefore they can use it?
  11. Do Station 9 and Dispatch count? God, those were awful.
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