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  1. http://youtu.be/Z20CR3dtkKQ
  2. I don't doubt they plan on doing their own tournaments, if the game is good that is...
  3. You should check out the documentary on Ramanujan
  4. Only 3 months, They said they're releasing all 6 remade anniversary maps, ranking information, playlists…etc I imagine we will be flooded with information every month until it drops.
  5. I hope they bring back the MVP and Hit Percentage Stats
  6. I try to ride my bike about 70-80 miles a week, close to 20 miles a day
  7. Ok let me hop on the "slob all over over Ghandi's dick bandwagon" He might come back better, he's older/wiser, Halo 2 is everyones favorite Halo. A lot of the old cats are probably coming back which are his friends. That's already a lot of motivation for anyone to compete again.
  8. Started off with getting a blistering sun burn, been stuck inside all day with Aloe vera lotion
  9. He Knows! On a side note:
  10. I feel like Uncle Jesse, Your girl wanna undress me, You look like Danny Tanner, My Bitch look like Rebecca, Your bitch like Kimmy Gibler.
  11. Any cutscene where you can see Cortana's ass in H4. Seriously though...
  12. Only the Forgers would be excited to play Halo 4 for the MCC
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