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  1. Those of you suggesting a 2v2 ranked playlist... Can you please share what you're smoking? WTF map in this game could possibly be used in 2v2? Every single map in the game has over 9000 walls between you and your opponent. Can you imagine 2 players camping behind the counter on Streets, one of them with the rocket launcher? Imagine being down a few kills and having to play hide and seek on Bazaar. 2v2 has been dead since Halo 2. Hell even FFA doesn't really have a good map option.
  2. I know most people here didn't like Halo 5... But do you not remember this: Just weeks after Halo 5 launched pretty much any player that above average at the game couldn't find matches. So you can't use the excuse that too many playlists would only dilute the player base in MCC because we've seen literally the exact same scenario play out in Halo 5 which isn't a collection of 6 different titles.
  3. The match composer only really "works" if you're selecting already popular options. Go into the match composer, select Halo 1 and Big Team Battle and then have fun staring at a searching screen for 2 hours. The match composer only "works" because 99% of MCC players are only interested in playing Halo 3. If I select Halo 1, Halo 2 and Halo 3 I end up with Halo 3 almost every single game. A match composer CAN work (see Rocket League), but the way it works in MCC is honestly not that good. It has too many options so the players that want Halo 3 + Slayer will get literally nothing but Halo 3 + Slayer. The people that select Halo 3 + Slayer + Objective will get Halo 3 + Slayer 99% of the time. For those of us that like playing less popular games (Eg, Halo 1) and playing less popular game modes (Anything apart from Slayer), the match composer is merely offering an illusion of choice. It's more of a "select to play CTF and you have a 1/10,000,000 chance of playing CTF." I'm really not sure why people think this is the pinnacle of match making. I end up starting custom games and waiting for them to fill instead so I can actually play something different.
  4. Meh, that's how the game should work IMO. If people really want to play SWAT or Snipers or whatever they have custom games. That's why custom games exist. League of Legends handles this really well. I can't play the Ultra Rapid Fire or One For All modes in match making right now. There's usually 3-4 game types available at a time (although perhaps with ranked and unranked queues) and that game has sustained an enormous player base for over a decade now. Rainbox Six Siege has done the same thing when they temporarily had that zombie mode and stuff like that. I think adding every single casual game type such as SWAT and Snipers and Fiesta and Grifball and Infection and having them as permanent playlists fragments the player base waaaaaaaaay too much. Pretty much no other game does this, so I'm really not sure why people think 343 should do this, especially in [current year] when Halo can't sustain a population long term for the past decade. The entire point of match making is to: 1. Get players into a game QUICKLY 2. Have players play against other players their skill level. The purpose of match making shouldn't be to create a playlist for every single persons favourite game type or map. It shouldn't completely replace a custom game browser.
  5. The Shock Rifle is kinda cool and reminds me a lot of the Lightning Rifle from UT which makes it even more awesome... With that said however, I think landing a no scope with a Sniper Rifle is already hard enough, so I don't really see a real reason for it to exist unless 343 gives it a zoom that is more suited for mid range combat and then leave the Sniper Rifle for BTB maps with a higher power zoom. Getting those instant kill no scopes with the sniper rifle is 10x more satisfying than the shock rifle because of how quick it happens and it also just gives for more visual and audio feedback. As it currently stands it really is just a less powerful sniper rifle that is harder to use in a game filled with BR's and AR's that require no skill so it means you really do need power weapons that can kill quickly. Bare in mind I've played most of my games using M/KB, so not sure if it's a lot easier or harder to aim with controller.
  6. Do you want 20 playlists or do you want fast matchmaking with even teams on decent ping. You can't have it both ways.
  7. The fastest TTK doesn't matter. What matters is the average TTK. The average TTK is longer while the optimal TTK is the same leading to a slower game. The BR is harder to use but this slows down the game. 343 needs to lower the TTK to compensate for the BR being harder to use. I hate it so much. Makes the pick up almost worthless as most the time you'll have to fire at least one rocket immediately after you pick it up since enemies will be contesting it. Other than that if you die with rockets there's often no hand over to the enemy team so they're not rewarded for killing the rocket guy. Lol no. Middle should be reserved for high silver. It should be: Bronze: Bottom 25% of players Silver: bottom 50% of players Gold: top 50% Platinum: top 25% Diamond: Top 10-5% Onyx: top 1-2% of players I've played games all my life and could never get out of Silver V in League of Legends solo queue. If I can't get out of Silver in LoL we shouldn't be rewarding thumbless morons Gold or Platinum rankings in Halo. Ironically, the best way to make the AR harder to use is to make it MORE accurate. The reason it dominates so much is because the reticle takes up half the screen, making missing near impossible. Give it a tighter spread cone and a smaller reticle and it would be harder to track a target than the BR. We can see this in with the Minigun in Quake 3 and the Minigun in UT. Just because a gun is rapid fire doesn't mean it has to be easy to use.
  8. I hope everyone has enjoyed the variety actually playing objective games because your days of playing anything apart from Slayer are numbered unless you want to play Ranked. As per usual, /r/halo BEGGING 343 to make objective and slayer separate playlists so that players that enjoy objective modes will NEVER play those game modes as those playlists will be ghost towns and we're left with 20 different variations of slayer playlists in match making. Sounds good to me! I honestly don't understand this strange hatred of objective game types. You still kill other players in CTF and no one is FORCING you to touch the flag and even if you do end up touching the flag that's probably close to 2% of the in game time. Oh no, you actually have to move around the map and you can't just hide in a corner with a shotgun all day... If anything objective game types make it even easier to stat pad because you can just bait objectives and players will often tunnel vision objectives making them easier to kill.
  9. There are dozens of indie devs that could crank out a Halo style arena FPS in a year or two in Unreal Engine without even trying. The issue is based on the popularity and longevity it seems like a pointless exercise. It might have a good sized population for 2 weeks and then go down to literally zero players. There are plenty of Quake clones like Nexuiz, Xonotic and Warsow that have player counts in the double digits. We had Toxikk that was similar to UT2K4 which died in a month. Tribes: Ascend failed. There's really no reason to make a Halo clone, sell 50,000 copies and then no one ever hears about it again. The other factor to consider is that Halo isn't only multiplayer. Many players came for the campaign and co-op and stayed for MP. A campaign on par with Halo just isn't possible for a small studio, especially one that incorporates huge open maps with AI enemies fighting each other and vehicles. Making a small scale 4v4 focused Halo clone isn't hard, but now try to add all the crazy game type variations, vehicles, etc. A small studio would likely need to choose one or the other. Many great games have not gotten the attention they deserved. Dirty Bomb is 10x better than Overwatch could ever hope to be and requires way more skill. Battlerite is essentially WoW arena with skill shots and no equipment grind. Instead we're left with fucking Battle Royale tournaments of all game genres... The best hope for competitive Halo might be a pro mod. Even Quake and UT many tournaments used mods to make the game less random or improve some areas, however I'm not holding my breath on decent mod support, especially in a free to play MP game that literally relies on you NOT modding the game to buy cosmetic unlocks. If Halo 5 comes to MCC maybe a pro mod could be made for that?
  10. 343 decided not to implement this on PC because they believed hackers would use the reticle turning red as an easy method of programming aim bots.
  11. I know it's still a bit early and some people are still in the honeymoon phase right now, but how do people think this game compares to early Halo 5? It was so long ago, so my memory might be foggy (plus I had more time to play since I didn't have 3 children lol), but I think on release I was having much more fun in Halo 5, even despite the thrusters and ground pound and movement crap in the game. Hell the real reason I stopped playing Halo 5 was because it became impossible to find matches thanks to a low player pop in AU/NZ, a factor not helped when 343 FORCED region restrictions on us, not because I didn't have fun in it. I could go into casual playlists and actually have fun since you spawn with a gun that can kill people more than 10 metres away. Warzone was a lot of fun at first (it eventually got ruined when people had over 9000 REQ cards farmed up and could call in a million Scorpions every game...) and the TTK's were much faster and I felt way more powerful as an individual. In this game I feel absolutely worthless. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this shit or maybe I'm getting wrecked by kids on a 300hz gaming monitor and an RTX 3090 while I'm struggling to get decent frame timings but I just don't feel like I can have a strong impact on the game as an individual. In Halo 5 we FINALLY had some sort of consistency between starting weapons in a Halo game we hadn't had since Halo 1. I can't believe 343 back flipped on this and decided to segment the player base again. Now I go into casual playlists which not only have radar on, but I'm also spawned with a trash weapon. It's like playing a different game entirely. In Halo 5 I had to put up with radar in casual settings, but that's not so bad when you have a gun that can actually kill people across the map off spawn. What's worse is that the only way to have fun in Halo Infinite is to play ranked games with BR starts. Don't feel like playing ranked because maybe you might get called away from the game or you just want to play with friends casually? Have fun with your assault rifle! I also think Halo 5 had the better maps. I think Recharge is good in Halo Infinite, but maps like Streets, Aquarius and Bazaar just don't have enough long sight lines and too many 90 degree corners for players to hide in while Halo 5 had much more open maps. That's not to say Halo Infinite doesn't have some good features. The repulsor is the closest thing we've had to Quake 3 style rocket jumping and I've already done some sick outplays using it and the grappling hook allows for some very creative plays, but overall I feel like Infinite might actually be worse than Halo 5. Infinite has potential, but it would require quite a few changes for me to feel like it's the better game and I really doubt 343 would be willing to do them. As a note, I'm currently ranked Diamond 1 in Open and Solo/Duo using M/KB. Not a brag or anything since it seems pretty easy to get to Diamond, but I'm obviously not completely trash at the game, so it's not like I dislike the game because I'm bad at it. I think I had similar ranking in Halo 5, I might have been Onyx in the first season and I think I had a few Diamonds in later seasons when it became harder to get games.
  12. lol, you don't need to look hard... They've already done it. They're not releasing Forge for months after release... Who knows if they'll even stick to that time frame. Plenty of time to get all the kids hooked on their battle pass and purchase the season 2 pass. Once the season 2 pass is out they've probably got most the money they can get from the whales and they no longer care about the remaining 50,000 peak player population. At that point custom games isn't an issue for them and they leave the game on life support when Microsoft realises that few people are gonna spend hundreds of dollars dressing up a faceless spartan when the industry is full of weeb bait with cosmetics that are actually unique in some way and not just a slightly different angle on the chest plate and a different coloured visor. Look at the Legendary skins in Overwatch and compare that to what Halo is offering. In Overwatch they have themed cosmetics, seasonal cosmetics, etc. You can get fire fighter outfits, bikinis, halloween skins, pretty much an infinite variety on top of different colour shades... Halo is offering a slightly different shade of blue and grey, plus your shoulders are slightly pointier. Wow, where do I sign up for the battle pass?
  13. There are no covenant maps at all and no ancient forerunner structures like Sanctuary or Warlock. The lack of covenant maps means every wall is a right angle. No curves at all any where like Midship or Truth, etc. The forerunner maps that DO exist are all huge and not suitable for 4v4 tournament play unless you want to count Behemoth... Meh. It's less about the recoil and more about the lack of aim assist and red reticle range. I have been playing M/KB mostly so haven't really played with the Commando a huge amount with the controller, but from the flight I found the aim assist was almost non-existent compared to the BR which rewarded headshots far more easily. I barely ever saw pro players use it so figure they must think it's either crap or very situational. I've had a few good kills with the Commando that absolutely melted people using the mouse that I couldn't see myself doing with a controller, especially at longer range.
  14. This campaign is going to need to blow your dick off if the game is still going to be relevant before the 2nd season starts. Losing about 10k peak population every day. Since release date it's gone from 270,000 to 170,000. If that trend continues there will be less than 100K players during peak hours right before launch. Now obviously the population will settle a bit as the ADHD randoms leave the game for the next shiny thing after a couple of weeks, but I hardly see how the campaign is going to bring a huge amount of players back to multiplayer when they can play it for free right now. It's completely normal for a game to have a huge spike on release date obviously, but a new multiplayer Halo title that is supposed to be bring Halo to the next generation of gamers should have a chart that mirrors this. If this game had serious hype from streamers and word of mouth like a game such as PUBG, Fortnite, etc, I'd expect the trend to be going up, not down. Games that gain an organic following usually start off small and then get popular due to a few streamers and then they blow up. In the case of Rainbox Six Siege the game was awful on release but after some major changes the game slowly picked up players until it became huge. This chart isn't reflecting that at all. Microsoft might have seriously screwed up thinking they can sell cosmetics for a free to play FPS and make bank just like Overwatch... Microsoft forgets that half the Overwatch demographic are furries that jerk off over their Mei skins and read Widowmaker fan fiction. Not many people are gonna be spending $20 on skins for a Spartan when they can spend $20 on some fan service skins from other hero shooters. There's a reason Overwatch gets more attention than Team Fortress despite the fact it's essentially the same game... Hint: Female characters and thirsty 13 year old boys. Halo doesn't have spartans running around in bikini armour so I think Microsoft has potentially invested a stupid amount of money into the wrong franchise.
  15. I love how THIS is what modern Halo fans gets upset about. No mention of how you can't even see who the fuck is talking in game without pulling up the scoreboard and covering your entire screen. No mention of how the game just kicks you straight outta voice chat when the game ends, making this one of THE most ANTI-SOCIAL multiplayer games I have ever played. Can't continue talking and party up or anything like that in the post game lobby. Nope. Instead a bunch of 16-30 year old "men" are complaining about the fact that they can't dress up their Barbie Spartan. I mean, nothing wrong with making your avatar look cool and all, but if THAT is what you're going to complain about and not the fact that the driving physics in this game make the Warthog feel like driving sections in shovelware action games your grandma bought you for Christmas 15 years ago then maybe Halo isn't for you and you should play The Sims instead. I got absolutely ROFL-stomped on Streets Slayer just before. It was literally 4 people walking around the map holding hands the entire time doing laps of the map. What do you do against that aside from do the same thing yourself? Rockets come up on the field every 2 minutes but only have 2 rockets in them... Barely worth dying over. There's no OS and 90 degree turns all over the place. It wasn't fun at all, just rage inducing. If I managed to single out a single player I'd immediately have at least 2 other people on me within 2 seconds while they sprinted away with no shields. Probably why so far my favourite game type night now is Strongholds. Not particularly because I like the gametype itself, more because it forces people to split up so you can actually have individual BR battles without getting cleaned up constantly as soon as you get a kill.
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