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  1. Imbalanced games cause quitting. No one is quitting out a nail biting game that is tied 90-90 on Damnation just because the game has been going for 9 minutes, they're quitting out of games 60 seconds in because they got sniped off spawn 5 times in a row on Prisoner. LoL games can go for 45+ minutes and quitting isn't exactly common. People don't quit games if they're having fun. The only way to fix this is for more players to play the game so that match making can be more restrictive based on skill.
  2. No, because the longer range gives you more time to find cover if you're targeted and if you're running around in the open areas of that map then you're just as likely to die instantly to 4 BR's trained on you anyway. There's no way the PP on Sanc is anywhere near as bad as BC for example, where it can be used to easily camp the portals or instantly negate the overshield on other maps. Don't get me wrong, the PP is OP as hell in H2 and it should have received a nerf when they gutted the magnum, but it's no where near as bad on Sanctuary as other maps. MLG had a pretty good track record of turning garbage default settings into a great competitive game despite no help from Bungie. Reasoning for keeping the PP was probably to allow players to be more aggressive during pushes since the map was very team shot and sniper focused. The PP would allow a lone player to break through defences. Good call IMO despite hating the noob combo.
  3. Probably because the size of the map means the PP isn't so over powered.
  4. Because 5 dedicated H3 playlists wasn't enough, we needed a 6th.
  5. No point. You'll be lucky to get 5 upvotes. Meanwhile someone with a post titled "Hey guys, I've taken a picture of a Halo book that thousands of other people have also bought. Upvotes to the left please" will get instantly shot to the top of the page for the next 48 hours. ... HAHAHA, as I was posting this I went to /r/halo just to see what was the most popular thread and this is sitting at the top with 1.6K upvotes: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/9j74fh/i_am_blinded_by_their_majesty/ I can't even make this up. I predicted the top post and I haven't even been on the Halo sub for a few days. If the game had a decent customs browser that would be great. But judging from the Halo 5 customs browser, when MCC finally gets one (by this time the peak player population will be in the hundreds) it's going to be garbage anyway. I mean, FFS, in Halo 5 you can't even filter custom games by ping... LITERALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT FUCKING INFORMATION YOU'D WANT TO KNOW when joining a custom game. I think it's player count and map? That's it. Like, wow. How about game type? How about max players? How about region? I mean, it's not like 343 has well over 2 decades of online games they can just copy/paste ideas from... You can say just organise with friends or whatever, but when you've got other responsibilities and limited time to play that's a bit of a hassle when other games make this so damn easy... and have since the 90's. The few organised custom games I've played have been fun, but it's also nice to run into new players and you don't know their play style or how good they are.
  6. Yup. What's the saying? Give an inch and they'll take a mile? SWAT used to be some stupid goof off game people played in customs. Bungie catered to this group and now there's literally an entire group of Halo players that play Halo ONLY FOR SWAT. They're literally playing dumbed down Call of Duty. I don't understand why. Call of Duty does everything SWAT does except 10X's more refined. Same shit with Grifball. We already have a game that does this 100000X's better than Halo ever could. It's called Rocket League and it's only like $20. Infection? See where I'm going with this? These game modes are just copy/pastes of modes from other games which might be cool to see in a rotation, but instead Bungie and 343 have made these into permanent game modes which is spreading the playerbase thin across so many different modes. Now all of these may not be perma playlists in MCC, but I'm pretty sure they're all in H5 which also has population issues. There's a good reason LoL doesn't have Ultra Rapid Fire as a permanent playlist. Because it's stupid and fun as fuck. People love it. But Riot understands that if they kept this mode a huge portion of casual players would never queue for normal games again and so it needs to be handed out in moderation. A lot of players that want to play normal games would be annoyed if queue times were doubled or tripled because another mode became too popular. A good analogy would be giving kids candy. Too much candy is gonna make a kid fat, but kids love the sugar so they're always going to ask for it. As a parent you have to tell your kids no, eat your vegetables and other crap instead so you don't turn into a whale. Bungie and 343 are the crappy parents that can't be bothered to be parents so they just said "fuck it kids, here's the entire pantry stocked up with junk food, go nuts". Also, I'm trying to get into streaming and Halo is making it impossible. I get a bunch of people into the channel and can't keep them entertained because I either wait 10 minutes for every game or I get a bunch of leavers in every game and it turns into hide and seek. I think I played 8 games tonight. In half of these it turned into 1v4. The amount of quitters in this game is unbelievable. I'm quitting out of games I'm winning because I can't be bothered to look for the final player that just refuses to quit. 1v4 should be automatic game over.
  7. LMFAO. Let's remove Halo CE 2v2 but keep: Halo 3 BTB Halo 3 Arena Halo 3 Team Doubles Halo 3 Hardcore FFS, at this point can we just call MCC: Halo 3 Anniversary? How fucking incompetent can you get?!? The match making system needs to be completely revamped and built from scratch. We waited 4 years for this?! No region filter options, no way to queue for multiple playlists... Shit that is SORELY NEEDED in a collection of 5 different games and for some reason they've designed match making as if it's only one game (at this point it might as well be) Of course no one is playing Halo 2 Hardcore when you have Halo 2 Arena AND Hardcore both ranked and the only option to play H2 casually with decent settings is hoping to get it in casual playlists mixed with H4 and other games. EDIT - Also, these playlists would be more active if people outside NA could actually find games in them... Just saying. I streamed tonight for a few hours and the only playlist that worked for me was social. GG.
  8. Yes, but unfortunately I don't think 343 CAN fix the quitting problem. Any solution to prevent quitting just won't work with a tiny population. What can we do? Give 24 hour suspensions for quitters? They'll instantly uninstall and go back to playing Fortnite and then the game has even less players. Most the reasons for quitters is probably caused by the ridiculous skill difference between players. I've literally watched players run around HeH with the AR as a primary weapon. Hell, half the time I'm HAPPY when my team mates quit in Halo 1. They just go negative 20 and hide in corners giving the worst spawns. Can you really blame them for quitting a game they literally spend 80% of the game looking at a death screen while getting spawn camped? I think a compromise wouldn't be a bad idea. 75 kills for small maps and 50 for maps that play slower. Unfortunately you've got to design these settings around the lowest common denominator. Having the playlist be ranked would be nice, but it's already hard enough to find games in as it is.
  9. Has anyone else had a hard crash? I just played a game on Prisoner, was about 30 kills in and my Xbox completely froze and audio was making the BSOD buzzing sound. After a few seconds it crashed to the dashboard.
  10. PC in general is just way more popular now for lots of different reasons. Moore's Law is dead. I can play latest games on a CPU from 2011. Steam and other distribution platforms have made buying games cheap and easy and always kept up to date. Consoles no longer have advantages they once did. You buy a game and have to download a patch so big it takes a day to download. Games require like 20% of your Xboxes HDD. You buy a console and then 2 years later there's a new one with better hardware. At this point you might as well just buy a PC you can use for work and play. Also, lol at mouse not having a big advantage in Halo... Just wait.
  11. I hear so many complaints about Halo 1 rego, but seems a lot of people forget the game was never designed for online and you used to have to lead your targets EVEN ON LAN. On XBC you had to lead by a metre. Maybe it's not perfect, but if you had the REAL original Xbox experience the game would pretty much be unplayable online.
  12. I like 100 kills on some maps, but on others it feels like too much. Derelict, Wizard and maybe Prisoner it makes sense but on maps like Damnation games can draw out for an eternity. I think it should be based on each map. 50 for Damnation, 75 for HeH, 100 for Wizard, etc. Best way would be to get average game times on each maps and then try to get them all to last roughly 7-8 minutes or something, that's probably the sweet spot for the average TS game.
  13. So, as for region locking bullshit? I've been playing between roughly 1pm Sydney to 3pm. Actually getting games fairly quickly in H1 4v4. Searching solo if that makes a difference, not sure. Whether or not I'll find games during 7pm onwards will be interesting though. I'm pretty happy, although holy shit, how are there still people playing Halo 1 that don't know the basics? I've had games end where team mates have been lucky to have a single fucking kill. Quitters and AFK still an issue. Link to VoD? Can't imagine why red names would annoy anyone. It's a pointless change, but fuck it, if I have to put up with red names in order to play Halo 1 online then I'll do it. lol, get fucked. I've actually been finding games all day today and my back is almost broken from trying to carry your Yank friends that can barely walk and aim at the same time. I'm putting up figures of +20 while team mates go -20. On 200+ ping mind you. You wouldn't even realise if there was people with high latency in the game. Could very well be your team mate carrying your ass is actually doing it while playing on garbage latency. You're welcome.
  14. This is completely irrelevant. You seem to think I'm making the argument that this is going to happen overnight. I said 5-10 years. In 2005 Australia launched ADSL2, capable of download speeds of 12Mbps, before that ADSL1 could only reach 1.5Mbps - 10x faster. Now many houses are connected with Fibre and get speeds of up to 100Mbps and that's likely to get upgraded to 1Gbps in the very near future. From ADSL1 to NBN Fibre is almost a 100x's increase in barely over a decade. Yes, a good percentage of the population hasn't caught up to those speeds yet but they will in just a few years. Do you really think 10 years from now a data cap is going to prevent you from doing anything? In the span of 10 years we've gone from 2G cell networks to 4G and Australia will have 5G next year. Want to know how fast that is? In just over a decade our cell network speeds are going to be over 100x's faster than they were before the launch of 3G. Yet. Do you actually believe this? It literally takes no effort to put LAN into a game. Having online multiplayer is 100x's harder to put in the game. Fuck, indie studios with like a dozen devs can put LAN into a game. Stardew Valley is a game made by a single guy and that game has LAN support. CPU resources... what? And if no one was demanding these features it's kinda funny that 343 brought these features back for both Halo 5 and MCC as well as other devs back-flipping on LAN removal. CoD was one series and the GoW devs fought with Microsoft over it and won in the end. LAN removal was done to push Xbox Live subscriptions and as a DRM measure since you could play pirated games over XBC and similar services. Bro... Really? https://www.vinjatvideogames.com/files/3419/products/9786880/final_fantasy_viii_platinum_01.jpg http://ff7.fr/screen/achat5.png Games have been coming on multiple discs/disks forever. Just off the top of my head Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Unreal Tournament 2004, World of Warcraft, Command & Conquer. Holy shit, back in the early 90's pretty much every single game came on multiple floppy disks. But anyway, I think you're missing my point a bit. I'm not saying ALL games will be subscription only. I expect smaller companies will always let you buy their games. I'm talking about big AAA franchises. Think GTA, Assassin's Creed, Madden, Forza, etc. We'll probably see AA games rise up to take their place as games you can actually own. I'm basically saying microtransactions have led to this. We've constantly seen publishers push this further and further. EA did it with Sim City. They claimed the game needed to be online for calculations to be done in the cloud. They were full of shit and were called out on this. Next time calculations WILL be done in the cloud and then they'll get us used to the idea that the games need to be online always. We won't be able to complain because... Hey, better games, right? Then they will take the next step.
  15. Mate, if the fucking CEO OF UBISOFT can't convince you, then I'm not really sure what to tell you. You keep saying I have no evidence the industry is heading this way when the most powerful people in the industry are saying this is where we're heading. This isn't some random dick head on a forum telling you that there will be one more generation of consoles, it's the CEO of one of the biggest game publishers. This shit wasn't even possible until very recently due to internet speeds and processing power limitations. We now live in an age where we're rolling out 5G and you can watch 4K Netflix on your phone. Do you REALLY think it's fair to look at the past? FFS, watching videos on tiny hand held devices used to be reserved for SciFi set in year 2150. Hell, even streaming video at all used to be a pain in the ass. Remember trying to download a video and you had to click on a dozen mirrors until you found a link that actually worked? YouTube came into existence 13 years ago. Before then you had to pay massive amounts of money and have a stupid powerful dedicated server and a crazy amount of bandwidth if you wanted to serve video content to a large amount of people. Now you take a 4K video on your phone, hit upload and then share it to a million people without even thinking about it. This is a completely new age. No one has been able to offer game streaming services... Did you watch this years E3? https://www.cnet.com/news/i-saw-a-live-demo-of-eas-new-cloud-gaming-service-and-it-totally-works/ It's already here. And what are you talking about their biggest market has terrible speeds and data caps? These pricks won't even put a full game on a physical disc any more, lol. Halo MCC had a 20GB day one patch or something. Pro tip: They've never given 2 shits about people that lack internet access. That's why they've removed LAN support from pretty much every modern AAA game and put always online DRM into games that didn't need it. Did you miss the whole Sim City fiasco or somehow didn't hear about Diablo 3? And also, internet speeds are evolving rapidly. I can get faster internet on my phone than my fixed line ADSL2 connection. You don't need 50mbps to stream video. The vast majority of people in 1st world countries can already stream video just fine. Obviously they're not going to offer streaming exclusive games unless they can reach 99% of their target audience... But that's not exactly far off into the future. But there is in the software industry - which is entwined with the gaming industry. But like I said, don't take my word for it, just ask the people in power. Oh... Also, another reason this is going to happen... https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-06-15-xbox-one-x-selling-at-a-loss Console hardware has commonly been sold at a loss. Why would Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo want to continue this trend of selling you hardware at a loss when they can just charge you a subscription fee instead?

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