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  1. Decrease auto aim on all weapons. Decrease spread on automatic weapons. Reward players that are able to use slower projectile based weapons. Cull half the shit from the game (at least in arena settings). Ensure player speed DURING COMBAT and fast and responsive to allow dodging. While Quake and UT don't really have a "utility" weapon like the BR (the closest thing maybe the Shock rifle in UT), they have plenty of automatic weapons that require skill to use and kill quickly. The Lightning Gun requires you to track your target really well while the Plasma Gun not only does a massive amount of damage with it's slower ROF and slow projectile speed, but it can also be used as an area denial weapon. Eg, you'll see players fire random bursts of the Plasma Gun at door ways to prevent opposing players getting powerups, etc. I'd really like to see weapons like that in Halo that make close-mid range combat a bit more interesting while providing some utility. As an example, the Plasma Rifle in Halo is pretty shitty because it's range is trash, but up close it's deadly. But what would happen if you extended the range, decreased the autoaim and decreased the spread? Well, it would make it better for sure, but would it break the game? Probably not IMO. The plasma is really easy to dodge at longer ranges so the pistol would still win a mid-range encounter unless you were caught in a narrow hallway or something (in which case you were dead already). TL;DR - Take all the automatic weapons in Halo and just replace them with guns from UT or Quake. The end.
  2. Counter Strike does this. You can join games through match making or the server browser. No reason it can't be a combination of the two. Just allow any public custom game using default rule sets to be joinable by match making players. This is what "quick match" used to be in the early days of XBL, before proper playlists, etc.
  3. The 30 seconds it took them to get to the OS spawn wasn't already plenty of time?
  4. Nah the LG gets frequent use because it's a hit scan weapon so you can guarantee your shots will hit unlike many other slow projectile weapons in the game or other hit scan weapons with a slower ROF.
  5. You never seen the lightning gun in Quake 3? Time stamp: 150S
  6. Anyone else agree that Halo 5 got completely screwed when it had a lot of potential? Even now 343 continues to neglect Halo 5. There's no Halo 5 in MCC but we get the garbage that is H4. There's no mouse and keyboard support for Halo 5 on Xbox but MCC on Xbox gets full mouse/keyboard and other options like FoV sliders. The options already exist on Halo 5 Forge for PC FFS, just port them to Xbox!!! Halo 5 Forge on PC has no match making, no campaign and no war zone. (apparently Halo Infinite players on PC that don't own an Xbox will just have to skip an entire game in the story???) It seriously pisses me off when you look at just how much potential Halo 5 had to be a great game with just a few changes. Yes, the game was never going to be a 1:1 copy of classic Halo, but it was far superior to Halo 4 and Halo Reach and could have easily held onto a decent population if 343 bothered to support the game... Like, I dunno... Making ACTUAL BTB maps and not just giving us some fan made forge maps? It feels like 343 pretended the game doesn't even exist after its first year, despite Halo Infinite taking so long to develop.
  7. But then what's even the point of the grappling hook? Oh, you can use the grappling hook to grab the rocket launcher from a platform! Ummm, ok? So why add the extra step and not just make the grappling hook pickup a rocket launcher instead? Let's be completely honest here... It's in the game because it's the trendy thing to do. Every other popular FPS right now has a grappling hook (I'm looking at Apex Legends, Doom Eternal, Battlefield 2042, I'm sure there's plenty of others). It's no longer a cool new unique feature, instead it's just becoming another "standard" in FPS much like sprint is. Halo already had a way to get extra vertical movement... It's called rocket jumping/grenade jumping. Oh wait, that requires too much skill so we better replace it with a pickup a 7 year old can use. Note I think it's a cool pickup for big team battle to counter vehicles, but IMO it doesn't serve a good purpose in arena.
  8. It's a way to improve monetisation. Little Timmy doesn't want to spend his 1200 VBUCKS on a totally radical purple and green skin, only to play as a red/blue spartan in most games. But hey, if that means more money for extra maps and stuff fine, but an option to force red/blue skins in tournaments or something might be a good idea to ensure player models are obvious, especially with 343's obsession with putting glare on every surface of the game making it impossible to see anything any time you're next to a light source. With Halo Infinite going F2P 343 needs to make sure cosmetics are "valuable" because todays "gamers" aren't really gamers, they're just kids looking for a dopamine boost through skinner boxes.
  9. The absurd autoaim? I really hope with the game launching on PC as well as console that they make the hitboxes tiny like other arena shooters. This. The great thing about having camos and OS activate instantly on pick up is that it allows counter play in many different ways. For example, you have an idea of how far a player can travel with the camo so you don't need to worry about a camo player just appearing behind you in a BTB map because they snuck through some caves and activated it right before they entered your base. With the OS it means players have to use it or lose it, they can't just camp in a corner with an OS and activate it when they need to because while they're not using it their OS is ticking down. I imagine with the current setup you're going to see this ridiculous scenarios in competitive play where teams are timing the OS, it comes up and half the players end up dying trying to activate the OS in some weird pile on with the last person standing eventually getting it. I'm really struggling to find out what was wrong with the OS and camo in the original Halo and what they're trying to fix by making them pickups. As for the rest of the trailer, I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited to play a new Halo game because it's been so damn long and despite sprint and clamber, Halo 5 did do many things right and it's biggest let down is actually the fact there was no third party rule sets like previous Halo games and the fact that there was no proper Halo PC version because if I could play Halo 5 on PC with matchmaking I'd still be playing it today. People seem to forget that Halo 2, 3 and even 1 to an extent were GARBAGE with the default rule sets and then they compare that to Halo 5 which was played with 343's rules in competition. Halo 5 has been handicapped by 343 setting the competitive rules when there was so much potential to play around with different starting weapons, removing abilities, etc. The grappling hook really doesn't appeal to me at all. It just seems cheap and obviously just copying off current FPS trends. Any sort of vertical movement enhancement breaks map design and doesn't allow for counter play. Every map now needs to be balanced around some player with grappling hook getting to areas they shouldn't be able to access or getting weapons they haven't earned. The best thing about Halo Infinite is going free to play... This means the game needs to last longer than launch because monetisation will come from micro-transactions... I am worried this might mean no mod support though as modding would remove the ability to nickel and dime people. Hopefully we get Steam support again and don't have to put up with the garbage MS store only.
  10. "other people like it, that means it's good" Wat. Block the IP ranges on your router or run your Xbox through your PC or any other device and send those connections to No guarantee 343 won't come down on you in future for doing this though. Pretty sure some Aussie players that enjoy 2 hour queue times do this in some games. She's not wrong though... Halo 2 autoaim is absurd. The PP does 90 degree turns. You can't complain about autoaim in Halo and imply other titles are worse than Halo 2.
  11. So, 343 were crazy enough to invite me into the MCC beta again for H1. Really, the quality of games I have had so far just make me want Halo 5 on PC already. Let me explain... Playing Halo 1 on American host goes one of two ways... Either you play people that run around with AR's while you time every power up and dominate them or you play people that still LAN Halo 1 to this day and absolutely smash you because the latency makes killing them with a pistol literally impossible. Sometimes you die on the server before your client even spawns you into the game. Halo 1 will NEVER become popular or an esport again outside some small local tournaments and most the people looking forward to Halo on PC just want to play the dog shit that is Halo 3 anyway, so if any Halo game were to become popular again on PC (before Infinite that is) we're looking at Halo 3... Joy... Halo 1 is just too clunky compared to modern FPS standards. Hell, we can't even make Quake popular again when adding champion abilities, cosmetic loot boxes and other crap, so what hope in hell do we have of people coming back to a game where a team can force an entire team to spawn directly on top of grenades by abusing the spawn system? Yeah, think about it... I've played more than a dozen games at this point and every single one has been US host. I get it's the beta and there's probably few Australian players in this flight, but I have no delusion that when Halo 1 is officially released on PC that players are going to flock to the game for any more than a week just to satisfy their curiosity. Really, this whole Halo PC experiment has been done backwards. We should have started with Halo 5 to draw PC gamers into the Halo universe with a modern title that has far more customisation and isn't such a crazy departure from modern FPS. They've already released half the game as well as a dedicated server for PC's... FFS just give us the rest of the damn game already! Halo 5 with mod support actually has potential to revive arena FPS on PC. Halo 1 does not. 343, just give us H5 FFS. Don't get me wrong, I still look forward to playing low latency Halo 1 with the full release, but I know it's probably going to be a short trip down nostalgia lane and not a long term sustainable player base for a competitive game. That is what we really need.
  12. Imbalanced games cause quitting. No one is quitting out a nail biting game that is tied 90-90 on Damnation just because the game has been going for 9 minutes, they're quitting out of games 60 seconds in because they got sniped off spawn 5 times in a row on Prisoner. LoL games can go for 45+ minutes and quitting isn't exactly common. People don't quit games if they're having fun. The only way to fix this is for more players to play the game so that match making can be more restrictive based on skill.
  13. No, because the longer range gives you more time to find cover if you're targeted and if you're running around in the open areas of that map then you're just as likely to die instantly to 4 BR's trained on you anyway. There's no way the PP on Sanc is anywhere near as bad as BC for example, where it can be used to easily camp the portals or instantly negate the overshield on other maps. Don't get me wrong, the PP is OP as hell in H2 and it should have received a nerf when they gutted the magnum, but it's no where near as bad on Sanctuary as other maps. MLG had a pretty good track record of turning garbage default settings into a great competitive game despite no help from Bungie. Reasoning for keeping the PP was probably to allow players to be more aggressive during pushes since the map was very team shot and sniper focused. The PP would allow a lone player to break through defences. Good call IMO despite hating the noob combo.
  14. Probably because the size of the map means the PP isn't so over powered.
  15. Because 5 dedicated H3 playlists wasn't enough, we needed a 6th.
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