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  1. Take the Kinect out of the box and make a new bundle for $399.99 and were done. I would buy it even with the used games issues if they weren't slamming me in the mouth with the "Eye Of Sauron" in the living room.
  2. Thank you guys sooo much! Halo! I love you again <3
  3. Oh you just had to go here didn't you Sassy Sauce?!? :saucey:
  4. Think I'll just leave this here: http://redd.it/1g8t5e "I'm sick of seeing all the misinformation going around the gaming subreddits. It's really frustrating to see people furiously hating the X1 without having all, if any, of the details. I'll try and break this down for you guys so here we go."
  5. Yeah! This just happened with @AilieGreen! If your not following me @MavensChapstick your missing out on moments like this from AGL7! Thanks to Maven for taking me out of that hot pocket. **NOT the cheesy kind**
  6. Could have thrown my own cap at Brad! Perfect timing (to mess things up) #FailFish As for the brackets... Things are really starting to get dialed in. Looking to be a great tourney.
  7. Maven always has backup sticks. Just-in-case *
  8. It really sucks being stuck in a pocket. At least I'm at the event, even if I'm not getting to see most of it :saucey:
  9. Just a friendly reminder from your favorite tube of lips moisturizer!
  10. Enjoying the hell out of the quad stream http://teambeyond.net/streams/ Sucks about Onyx not being used for FFA though. Was really looking forward to that. #XboxIssues
  11. I liked that time at that one even when the top player stood up and yelled "Let's GO!" :saucey:
  12. sUP sUP sUP.. Wait.. wrong forums :/ Sorry
  13. Agreed Hulk! It would be great to get a picture of that. Maybe he would be kind enough to upload one or send one to my twitter. @@MavensChapstick Just started doing **Pocket Updates** for people that would like to know what it's like in here. https://twitter.com/MavensChapstick/status/342690699700998145
  14. No follow back no follow man. That's just how it goes.
  15. If you don't already have a photo site try this one.. http://photobucket.com Once you have an (FREE) account made you can upload pics that you take from your maps. Link them here in the forums by simply clicking the "image" link at the top of the message box when you are composing a new post or making comments. It's that easy! Oh.... and welcome to the teambeyond.net forums!
  16. Should you need hydration I'm here for you! I assure you Maven doesn't have herpes, so it's ok to share his chapstick.
  17. Just wanted to let everyone know that my hero just started following me on Twitter. Ok... back to your regular surfing of "adult related" internet sites. Thank you,
  18. I hangout with Maven's phone (in his pocket) all the time. I'll ask if he is planning on downloading the game and get back with you guys on it.
  19. If you could please include a button somewhere on the site that will help me find my missing (chapstick) cap that would be greatttt. Thanks.
  20. I would strongly suggest you looking at this vid from APK. :apk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3lEdyUW_r0&feature=share&list=PLpUO_Oeeif21QxznXNDW-1htevkU5yBgF He shows how to align map spacing "line by line". Really helps to remake maps this way. ~This message is :Beyond Ent Logo: approved ~
  21. Before you know it we might see Fizzor playing Halo4 again.
  22. Yes, they started to conspire against me to get a "new tube" of pink colored chapstick. Needless to say they had to go after that. #Broken #Busted #LostForEverrrrrr
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