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  1. not necessarily that problem, though I know what you're talking about. the issue I run into is everything just goes silent when the post game scores come up and it usually takes me a few moments to even realize it since there isn't much sound going on when searching for games
  2. mcc is the only game I've played where all audio will cut out while in a party chat after the match ends. not sure if there's a correlation but it seems fishy and I always have to restart my controller when it happens
  3. There are no hoops to jump through for installing this. It's literally download the files and run the exe. The guys who put this together made the whole process of installing to playing very user friendly.
  4. This is pretty neat but would be better if every server wasn't swat or infection.
  5. I'm finding that I like a maps a lot better when they have both a rocket and sniper. I don't care much for the plasma caster or fuel rod cannon. Hydra seems pretty lame too.
  6. If we could figure out how to reproduce that, this could be another reload glitch similar to H2's backpack reload. What if it's just as simple as pressing reload as a shot is fired or a nade being tossed?
  7. I've noticed my base movement speed increases when I switch from BR to Sword. I didn't bother checking to see if movement speed is different for other weapons yet.
  8. Who do we need to talk to about making Slayer respawns 5 seconds instead of 8?
  9. Start timing or continue to have a bad time. If you aren't timing, you're probably also not doing a bunch of other H1 things as well.
  10. halocetimer.appspot.com Free timer that works on most smart phones (I haven't seen it not work on any platform). It's an html timer that visually counts up and audio that states seconds remaining (50 second, 40 seconds, etc), then a countdown from 10 seconds. The audio is the same voice as the old plastic talking timers from radio shack.
  11. The old Electronic Gaming Monthly issue that covered Halo 2 the year before its release mentioned sprint. Described it just like in the video too. There were also other features mentioned that didn't make the cut such as holding the left trigger to throw plasma grenades that wouldn't explode until the trigger was released.
  12. Woot ranked matches finally
  13. Thread needs a bump now that Smite has moved to open beta and anyone can download it from the dashboard. I got a group of guys who regular play most week nights. We like to switch up roles a lot, so there's room for anyone who'd like to play. GT: Walker SOTO
  14. I like how the Faruq thread became the battle bots thread. Did anyone play Robot Arena? I remember liking it as 14 year old. Could never get multiplayer to work though.
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