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  1. What's ESO? And shouldn't people who already downloaded the game be able to play it as soon as the game goes live?
  2. I kind of wish the gold ranks looked shinier, especially since silver looks so bright. Other than that they do look great!
  3. Is there going to be a social slayer playlist? I think it would be nice to have a "fun with friends" playlist that's other than warzone or potential infection/action sack. Like in Mcc if I don't feel like playing ranked or I am playing with a friend who isn't as good I can just go into the Team Slayer playlist and not worry about anything.
  4. Liking the way the ranks are looking. I like how they took out the pro and semi pro rankings for Champion and Onyx. I also love the way the badge things look. Super Excited
  5. Those are great. Going to be a fun whale pit!
  6. On the reddit AMA, Ducain says he added "some space whales" to his map. Does this mean we can litter our maps with whales? I can't wait.
  7. Wouldn't that be really easy though? It's a cool idea though, if only we had offline bot matches. Love to make myself feel good at games by jumping in with some bots lol.
  8. We also need a big "iconic" map such as Valhalla and/or Blood Gultch. Wouldn't be halo without those even if they came as dlc imo. I don't know which one I'd prefer to have though.
  9. I had the chance to play a match of Warzone at a convention called Fan Expo in Toronto. The gamemode was fun, but I personally don't think it beats BTB. I also think I might find myself getting bored of it quickly, but that is just me. And who knows, maybe when the full game comes out I will have a better experience with it. Aside from that, I liked the REQ system and buying weapons. I thought after every life I would have to buy my battle rifle again, but it just always stayed in my loadout after buying it just once Was very happy with that. Also it seems like you can't buy some power weapons more than one time in a row. I bought a sniper rifle, and the next life I tried to buy it again (I didn't have enough REQ points anyways) but it wasn't on the list, not even greyed out, just not there. Bosses also seem to kill you fast if you're not being careful, you can't just beat it to death. I learned the hard way sadly because my brain wasn't turned on. As a side note, I think the pistol does need a buff, used it maybe once or twice in the game and I found it shot a little too slow. Also the sniper still feels big, slow, and clunky. Not sure what build I was playing, but there was a delay between YYing and scoping in, also ROF seems a bit slow too, but I can get used to it. Overall I had a pleasant experience, always cool to play games before release :grunt:
  10. Off topic, but speaking of Halo Online will it ever be available to non Russian people without any special modding or anything of that nature?
  11. It looks like jump and clamber paradise, which I kind of like. It also gives me an adrift vibe, I guess it's just the colours and the UNSC look.
  12. On a side note will there be double XP Mountain Dew and Doritos?
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