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  1. Hard to argue with that. What about sound design and map design? Ranking system?
  2. Still not as bad as putting a butter knife in the OG Xbox's disc tray to stop the disc from spinning so you only get the DLC maps. Modders did that all the time because you could only mod the DLC maps and they were on the HDD, not disc.
  3. What is Reach GPMA and do you have a video of the gameplay?
  4. I think it's the best looking console ever made. No joke. I want to build a PC in it so bad.
  5. I saw that clip years ago. Wasn't it OGRE 2?
  6. Dude, no joke. This wait better be worth it, if it's anything similar to a Halo 5.5 it will be a massive disappointment. I've been pretty much done with Halo for awhile now but could easily become the Halo superfan I once was again if Infinite is good. I just fear there will be sprint and by default be a terrible Halo game.
  7. Great points. Agreed with all of it. The only thing I can see it doing better than others is the crossplay between Xbox and PC players. Seamless controller/mkb MM with the ability to share maps, game modes, VoDs, etc between each other. But that's still nowhere near as game changing as the H1-H3 era allowed them to be. Ironically if it has a great splitscreen experience that could be a big deal in the overall value more than anything else.
  8. I think it's a little bit trying to make the game easier so 5 year olds can kill people and trying to hide bad netcode.
  9. Hmm, how about this. The person who doesn't miss gets to add a point to their score whereas the person who misses doesn't?
  10. Sprint in Infinite will guarantee it's early death just like 4 and 5.
  11. But no Gold Pro settings?! The true Halo Reach experience.
  12. Reshade can be awesome. Saying that, I haven't watched the whole video yet but taking notes while watching Rogue One has got to be the nerdiest thing I've ever heard.
  13. Quick, someone photoshop Chief with bat ears.
  14. I don't think there is a better feeling in all of Halo than a perfectly executed double melee. Not really counting getting a 4v1 Overkill and stuff though.
  15. Last update 2016. Big oof for me dawg.
  16. I know you're just spitballing but that is one of your worst idea ever.
  17. Would be awesome in a BTB Clan match setting! Or I suppose just a regular Warzone queue.

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