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  1. I think it's a little bit trying to make the game easier so 5 year olds can kill people and trying to hide bad netcode.
  2. Hmm, how about this. The person who doesn't miss gets to add a point to their score whereas the person who misses doesn't?
  3. Sprint in Infinite will guarantee it's early death just like 4 and 5.
  4. But no Gold Pro settings?! The true Halo Reach experience.
  5. Reshade can be awesome. Saying that, I haven't watched the whole video yet but taking notes while watching Rogue One has got to be the nerdiest thing I've ever heard.
  6. Quick, someone photoshop Chief with bat ears.
  7. I don't think there is a better feeling in all of Halo than a perfectly executed double melee. Not really counting getting a 4v1 Overkill and stuff though.
  8. Last update 2016. Big oof for me dawg.
  9. I know you're just spitballing but that is one of your worst idea ever.
  10. Would be awesome in a BTB Clan match setting! Or I suppose just a regular Warzone queue.
  11. When someone thinks weapon balance means "all weapons are equally useful".
  12. That's on a Ben Shapiro level of stupid as far as arguments go. Strafing should be removed if you think thrusting should be removed. They are both movements after all.
  13. I'm almost 32 and play FPS more than any other 5 genres combined. I have 257 Steam games alone, the majority being FPS by a wide margin. So don't even try with that. Halo 4 is flat out a terribly made game. It might not be THE worst FPS obviously, but it is up there. The audio in H4 on the other hand is 100% the worst I've ever experienced. In any game, in any genre.
  14. Halo 4 might very well be the worst FPS I've ever played, let alone Halo game.
  15. I think a two fire mode is fine, three might be too much and get confusing to players to be honest. What about instead of a different zoom level dictating dmg there is an option between firing a semi-auto shot when zoomed and charging that shot up a bit to make it the 1sk capable shot you describe? Could be a quick tap v hold of the trigger.
  16. Wait, I haven't been following this thread, are there people saying the H5 pistol is more skillful than CE's? Just, wow. If that's the case. The premier competitive Halo forums sure have fallen.
  17. CE frags as a "power-weapon". Vote Yes or Yes and explain why or why.
  18. Some people have obviously never played 16 player BTB CTF on Boarding Action. Good fucking times right there.
  19. Other than bug fixes, which isn't really "adding" to CE, I'd add Forge or a full blown Map Maker.
  20. That's a hefty list. We talking top 10, or top 50 dumbest?

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